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Are you in search of an attendance management software which can let you do more than just take attendance? With growing operational requirements, it has become essential to have an attendance tracking software that helps with accomplishing more tasks than attendance registration. Such tasks are overtime management, leave management, imparting controlled accessibility while allowing real-time reporting, along with compatibility with your biometric system. You must ensure to incorporate an attendance software that allows customized reporting and scalability. To help your search for such a software, GoodFirms has compiled a list of robust attendance management systems. Here, you can compare and choose based on core features, and the platforms supported and more.

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List of Attendance Management Software | Best Attendance Software

Biometric Attendance Management Software

Time Dynamo - the new age Biometric attendance software is a boon for entities as it can help put an end to the vexatious employee time recording and monitoring infrastructure. Being transparent and fully tamper proof TimeDynamo gives a 360 degree view of the attendance, leave, permission position of all employees at the touch of a button. The new age biometric attendance systems can be convenie... read more

Tvisha Technologies Incorporation
Tvisha Technologies Incorporation
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2. greytHR

#1 HR & Payroll Software is now available in an All New Avatar

Greytip Software is India’s largest provider of cloud HR & Payroll software solutions. With a customer base of over 7000+, we touch the lives of 900,000+ active employees daily. Our mission is to improve people-centric practices and performance in SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) through our cloud solution, greytHR.

Jerin Joy
Jerin Joy, Business Development at TECH INNOVATIONS TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED (ti Technologies)
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3. HR-One

One HR Software.

An intelligent enterprise-ready HCM suite that automates HR processes, simplifies human interactions and delivers actionable insights to build better workplaces. We believe that we are India’s first HRMS company that has successfully developed an HR product that mimics the way humans work to get more done efficiently & faster. Inbox-for-HR is a tech-savvy and bold-new approach to human resource ... read more

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4. TSheets

Time Tracking Software That Simplifies Your Business

Easily track time on any device to streamline payroll, send accurate invoices, and save thousands each year. Unlock valuable business insight with TSheets online time tracker software. Employees and admins use the TSheets mobile time tracking app to capture, submit, and approve time from their smartphones. TSheets Time Clock Kiosk is a simple way for employees to clock in from one device.

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Timeclock 365
Cloud Based Attendance Management System

Timeclock 365 is intuitive user-friendly with an attractive look and feel offering your total flexibility on how you track time for your employees, be they remote workers or a purely office-based.

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Time tracking, Attendance and Billing Software for your tasks and projects

primaERP is a cloud-based time tracking application. Ideal both for freelancers and teams. Allows tracking of time according to projects, tasks, clients, etc. Calculates the cost of your working time and generates accurate reports and bills. It can also be accessed via native applications for iPhone and Android devices. Time tracking software with detailed reports, stopwatch, mobile apps, etc. Fr... read more

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7. Jibble

Time & Attendance Tracking For Teams

Jibble is a cloud-based time tracking and attendance management solution designed to help businesses and organizations to maximize the time of their employees and ensure that they are paying for actual time spent on work. Jibble helps management closely monitor team productivity with cloud-based time sheets and reports. With just a quick view, managers can see who is working on which task

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Keka HR
Employee Experience Platform

Product made with love and passion to solve the real pain points of the HR world. Keka is a simple and intuitive HR software unlike the traditional HR systems.It all began with the frustration of using software that sucks. Prior to starting Keka, our core team was a 100 person business that needed an easy to use software for managing employees.

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Time attendance software is one of the simplest, powerful way of controlling costs

Timelabs provides you an elegant solution in the form of web based salary and attendance management software. Timelabs offers you time and attendance system that allows you to maintain a record of employee's working hours and attended days. Our payroll software will set you free from the daunting task of calculating salary at the end of the month.

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10. Qandle

Smart HR for the Modern Workplace

Qandle is a smart, cloud-based HR Solution for forward-looking organizations. It is very comprehensive and covers the entire gamut of HR activities, right from hire to retire. The platform is intuitive and user-friendly with an intelligent mobile app available for users on-the-go. Qandle is built as a modular and extremely flexible solution for HRs looking to deliver the next-generation experience... read more

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HRMantra saves 30 min per emp per day giving over 10 times ROI

To succeed in today’s era, your entire business will depend on recruiting, retaining and motivating the right leader. HRMantra helps you in the same. HRMantra manages staffing, induction, HRIS, attendance, leave, payroll, training, appraisals i.e. all such HRMS activities from candidate entry till employee exit.

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ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll
Looking for an integrated HR & payroll solution

ELMO is ISO 27001:2013 certified and our commitment to security is a core aspect of our business operations. We provide innovative cloud HR, payroll and rostering / time & attendance technology to more than 1000 organisations across APAC, helping them to manage, engage, and inspire their people.

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13. sumHR

Simple, Affordable & Powerful HR Software

sumHR is a SaaS based new-age product which handles the mundane processes for HR teams, reduces paperwork for managers and improves engagement for employees. While doing all this, our ML algorithms will power an AI engine which helps management teams take informed decisions for the future of their organisation.

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14. FinClock

FinClock Attendance Management System

We have a long-term understanding of business technology requirements in the across the world and have established a strong team of software developers.Our team shall provide business management solutions, based on the requirements of our client.Having a strong network and dealership agreements with IT solutions companies, we can automate systems in the region.

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15. MyAT

Attendance Tracking Online: MyAttendanceTracker

MyAT is much more than just attendance tracking! Teachers and instructors can report grades online, track student progress, message parents, manage classes and more, all in one FREE online app.

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Easy to Use, Powerful Time and Attendance Tracking Software

Employee attendance tracking shouldn't be an administrative nightmare. With, we’ve created the next generation of our customers’ favorite attendance calendars as an easy-to-use online software application.One central calendar is the heart of this intuitive web-based attendance tracking software.

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Time tracking that saves your time

We make work more fun and make employees more engaged. We get rid of the mundane things at work so that everyone can focus on what's important and achieve more. We want to make people and enterprises the best version of themselves.Set up shift schedules and manage time off, availability and shift trade requests. Features • Create custom leave types • Remote working statuses • Announ... read more

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The New Way to Pay & Get Paid.

Fingercheck is the modern workforce solution that transforms the way small businesses work - making them run smarter. Our All-in-One HR platform, lets businesses easily manage Payroll, Time & Attendance, HR and much more through our easy-to-use, automated software, Fingercheck delivers the tools to simplify and streamline workflow for employees & employers using a single platform so everyone can w... read more

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Complete leave management bot for slack.

LeavesOnBot+ is a Complete tool for Teams for managing Employee Leave Requests! It has an approach to the world of HR activities which breaks it down to a level your whole team can understand. By combining a brand new way to work with Automatic Leave Calculator and Inbuilt Employee Attendance System - not to forget Organisation FAQs Management - LeavesOnBot+ for Slack is your all-in-one tool to te... read more

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20. Worksuite

A Complete Project Management Solution

Worksuite creates a space for every team, department, or major project to share knowledge, information and keep work organised.

e-school ERP
Comprehensive School Management ERP

e-school ERP Software is developed as the easy to use and most user-friendly which directly connects parents, teachers, students, admin, drivers, accountant, librarian, and super admin on a single platform. that has been designed and developed by desi design technologies. e-school ERP has +25 modules to manage Attendance, Timetable, Transportation, Examinations, Gradebooks, Notice Board, Hostel, L... read more

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22. ATTO

You run your business. We’ll make sure timesheets are filled painlessly and on time.

Atto is the simplest timesheet app for small businesses. Tap a button to clock in and start tracking your time. Your work hours turn into simple, accurate timesheet reports automatically. Detailed insights into your team's daily activity give you actionable knowledge that helps you grow your business. Find out instantly who’s on the clock, on break, hasn’t showed up for work yet or is enj... read more

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23. MobileHR

HR Wherever You Are

MobileHR is the first and only 100% mobile HR APP designed for small US businesses (

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Time Card

24. Time Card

Employee Attendance Tracking App

Time Card is an Employee Time Clock App. It is utilized for employee time monitoring and tracking by different organizations. The application works like an employee time tracking software and employee attendance tracker system. When used, the attendance tracker app would ask and facilitate an employee to take a picture at the Clock-in time. The app would then take a step further to enable the exac... read more

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BatchMaster HeRd
Human Resource Management Software

HeRd is a one-stop solution for effortless and efficient management of organization’s most important resource- people. It focuses on each area to streamline company’s structure and eliminates manual and time-consuming processes. In a bid to achieve this core objective, the system is crafted with a wide array of features. This digital platform is a perfect suit to all types of businesses with a... read more

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Check Time
All-in-one Attendance management System

Check Time is a powerful tool in managing your employee’s attendance real time. Our Attendance processing is effective and it’s real-time.  Attendance Management Software captures Attendance data in real time, from bio-metric sources. This is crucial to cut down on human error and costs. Create any number of leave types Annual leave, sick leave, casual leave, maternity leave, marriage le... read more

Time And Attendance Solutions

EasyClocking provides unmatched time and attendance software with features such as job costing, scheduling, time off management, online time sheets, mobile solutions, as well as the best in bio-metric employee time clocks.

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28. EddyHR

The Complete HR Solution

EddyHR is the all-in-one HR tool built with you in mind. The robust features and ease of use will benefit your company both inside and outside your HR team.

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29. Workful

Payroll & Employee Management Software Built for Small Businesses Like Yours

Workful gives you everything you need and nothing you don't. It's your simple, all-in-one small business management solution - human resources and payroll all work together to help you own your business. You can keep track of changing regulations, your people, and your company from anywhere, at any time.

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30. Facetek

Face Recognition & QR Code Attendance Software

Facetek, face recognition & QR Code Attendance Software which works on Mobile & Tablet Kiosk. The software provides we Application, Android & iOS Mobile App. It has the following key features:  Mobile based attendance  Kiosk Attendance  QR Code Attendance  GPS Location for Attendance  Shift Management  Leave Management  Contractor Attendance  Holiday Calendar ... read more

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Attend HRM
World-class HRMS to manage your workforce

Lenvica supplies comprehensive Human Resource Software Solutions for complete HR Management. With years of experience specializing in development of HR software, the Lenvica software portfolio include Attendance Software, Payroll Software, Leave Management, Shift Management, Project Management solutions, developed to solve complex HR software needs of small to large organizations.

Smart LAP

32. Smart LAP

Zero Contact Leave & Attendance App

Smart LAP replaces Biometric Attendance devices - which is unsafe as all employees must touch it and this can lead to the transmission of diseases. Smart LAP is a zero contact mobile app for managing employee Leave & Attendance It uses the employee's own phone to record In/Out time - with Face Recognition AI and Geo Fencing to ensure 100% accuracy. Each employee takes a selfie, and only if h... read more

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33. Factorial

Streamline cumbersome human resources processes with Factorial's HR software

With Factorial's HR management software you can streamline cumbersome HR tasks, digitalize your processes, and focus more time and attention on strategizing for your business. Features Include: - Time Tracking - PTO Attendance Management - Payroll Summary - Document Management - E Signature - Applicant Tracking - Onboarding - Performance Management ...and more! Step into your co... read more

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