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A culture of experimentation is always beneficial for a data-driven business. Testing an assumption and optimizing based on that is one of the top accepted marketing tactics. When it comes to your online digital presence, you need to fix those elements that work and eliminate those isn't and gather new ideas to improve.

One way to optimize the higher conversion rate is A/B testing. One can make significant UX improvement with A/B testing. It is also referred to as Split testing or Bucket testing. Well-planned testing procedures using advanced A/B testing software solutions help your business to add greater precision. It helps in targeting your audience and eventually enhances customer engagement.

This article will highlight the need and importance of A/B testing practices to all the businesses. It will also introduce you to some of the best free and open-source A/B testing software solutions.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is basically a strategy to understand and implement the best possible solution. It involves testing two ideas and evaluating. The process will help you to retire all those that do not go well with your audience. The test result will help you enhance the conversion rate percentage along with some other complementary metrics.

A/B testing

How to run an A/B Test?

To perform A/B testing on a particular content, you have to create two different versions of that content changing a single variant. Then, you have to distribute these two versions of content-materials to two similar sizes of audiences with analyzing which performed better than the other over a specific period of time.

Some examples are given below to understand how we can run A/B testing for a website from the marketing point of view.

  • Two different headlines are created to understand what readers would like to read.
  • Call-to-action possibilities.
  • Graphics and images used in both the versions of the websites and confirming whether they are in direct correlation to their sales efforts.
  • The product descriptions or the copy length of a website’s text.

What are the types of A/B Tests?                                          

A/B testing lets you observe how one version of a marketing asset performs in front of the other. It becomes the base on which further decisions are made for the marketing and sales campaigns. There are two types of A/B tests that you can conduct to increase the conversion rate of your website:

  1. User Experience Test – It includes testing different aspects of UX to determine the best way in which a website and its elements can interact with its audience. In B2B, B2C, e-commerce, or service-oriented online businesses, user experience testing helps in spotting areas of weaknesses and allows you to iterate them.
  2. Design Test – Running quick tests on the designs that are still in progress. It can include printing screens on paper or sharing the blueprints online. It helps in getting user feedback early in the process so that you can shape your designs according to the audience or market preferences.

How can A/B Testing benefit the Businesses?

A/B testing offers huge benefits to a marketing team. These tests are valuable to a business as they are low in cost, but yield enormous rewards for what they are undertaken. Qualitative free and open source A/B testing software solutions make your way through such tests much more comfortable than ever. They offer a convenient and cost-effective solution with an assurance so that your purpose resolves to the most extent. Have a look at the image below to comprehend the benefits.

A/B testing

What is the Scope of A/B Testing in the Industries Today?

Check out different industries can leverage A/B testing.

  • Media Companies – To increase readership, the number of time readers spend on their site and amplifying their articles on social media. Their test variations can include email signup models, recommended content, and social sharing buttons.
  • Travel Companies – To increase the number of successful bookings via the web or their mobile app, and to increase revenues from ancillary purchases. Their test variations include homepage search modals, search result page, and ancillary product presentation.
  • E-commerce Companies – To increase the number of completed checkouts, increase holiday sales, and average order value. Their test variations can include home page promotions, navigation elements, and checkout funnel components.
  • Technology Companies – To increase high-quality leads for their sales team, attract a specific type of buyer, or increase number of free trial users. Their test variations can include free trial signup flow, lead form components, and homepage messaging and call-to-action.

Popular A/B Testing Examples

Have a look at some of the companies that took total advantage of this process and benefited.

  1. Discovery Communications – A global mass media and entertainment channel.

Discovery Communications adopted A/B testing process to test the components of their video player to utilize with their TV show ‘Super Fan.’ It brought a 6% increase in video engagement for the company.

  1. Secret Escapes – A flash-sale luxury travel company.

Secret Escapes adopted A/B testing technique to test variations of their mobile signup pages, doubling conversion ratio, and increasing lifetime value.

  1. ComScore – An internet analytics company.

ComScore A/B tested testimonials and logos for increasing social proof on a product landing page and this brought an increase of 69% for the leads generated.

Let us check out the list of the best free and open source A/B Testing software solutions that are ruling the market.

List of A/B testing software​​​​​​

Now, let us compare all of the above listed software solutions as per their different features.

Comparison chart of A/B testing software

Here comes all the software in detail.

1. Convert

One of the highly recommended free open-source A/B Testing software – Convert offers you an excellent solution to optimize hundreds of marketing and promotional experiments to the businesses. It provides a trusted GDPR compliant tool that helps businesses to improve their website.

(Source: Convert)


  • No code WYSIWYG editor, free onboarding consultation, and 80+ third-party integrations.
  • Unlimited projects, sub-domains, collaborators, support, and variations.
  • A/A testing, code and error check, and Google Analytics integration.
  • 99.99% uptime, personalization, rich reporting, blink-free testing, and third party goal tracking facility.

2. Nelio

Nelio offers A/B testing facility for all WordPress-based websites. It is open-source A/B testing software that is easy-to-install and activates to your system to create, delete, and monitor your website’s progress and other related experiments.


(Source: Nelio)


  • Nelio is not just a WordPress plugin, but also offers a conversion optimization service.
  • The software allows you to test the alternative versions of WooCommerce projects.
  • It helps you to create catchy headlines that can achieve the highest click-through rates.
  • The Nelio software offers testing new layouts, new designs, and tweaking finer details using CSS experiments to redesign their website.

 3. Appium

Appium - an open-source test automation framework for native, hybrid, and mobile web apps. It drives the Android, iOS, and Windows apps using WebDriver protocol. It is a cross-platform testing tool that enables code reuse between Android, iOS, and Windows test suites using the same API.


(Source: Appium)


  • The Appium software supports multiple programming languages like Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, C#, etc.
  • The software uses UIAutomator tool that is used to inspect the mobile elements on the mobile interface.
  • Dynamic device reflection offers an easy-to-use visual interface for easy Appium testing.
  • The Object Spy tool helps in creating new tests and editing recorded tests.

 4. Cucumber

Cucumber is a combination of open-source and commercial test tools, with over 30 million downloads all across the world. It is also ranked as the number #1 tool for Behavior-Driven Development.


(Source: Cucumber)


  • Cucumber is available for multiplatform programming languages including Node.js, Java, C++, Ruby on Rails, Python, and so on.
  • Cucumber software can work well with third-party API automation tools to make your tests faster and less flaky.
  • Stable version ‎3.1.2 of the software was released on July 13, 2018, and is licensed as per MIT licensing.
  • Reporter plugins are available to produce reports informing what scenarios are passed or failed.

 5. Vanity

Vanity is another free and open-source experiment-driven framework that works on rails. The vanity framework allows users to measure multiple metrics. The stable version of the software is Vanity 1.4 that is licensed as per MIT licensing norms.


(Source: Vanity)


  • While proceeding with A/B testing and code testing, the Vanity software provides Metric for monitoring hypothesis.
  • It measures the effectiveness of each alternative and divides conversion by participants to give the conversion rates.        
  • Components this software offers include true or false, multiple options, and interpretation of results.
  • Vanity dashboard enables users to track the results or run the common for following the result.

6. GTM Testing

GTMTesting offers a free and lean A/B Testing solution to its users using Google Tag Manager Facility. It is open for unlimited page-views and tests. Google Tag Manager is used to run A/B testing with GTM Testing software at large scale without much difficulty.

GTM Testing

(Source: GTM Testing)


  • The Pre-test Analysis option with the software lets the users pre-calculate their A/B tests.
  • Reports for Google Analytics are available to download for digging up the test results.
  • A/B Test results visualization can be downloaded in Excel.
  • Easy to create tests, quick to set up, and powerful insights are some other excellent features of the GTM Testing software.

7. SiteGainer

SiteGainer is one of the most popular all-in-one A/B testing and conversion optimization platforms. It comes with more straightforward set-up requirements to use and create everything from a simple A/B test to pop-ups, surveys, and more in an intuitive manner.


(Source: SiteGainer)


  • Every website gets a unique script for fast loading the A/B tests, and the tests can be accomplished for an unlimited number of sites.
  • The A/B test variations can easily be created using pure CSS or jQuery as a smooth implementation tool.
  • Easy to use interface is facilitated whether you are making a banner, a popup or an A/B test.
  • A/B testing facility allows SiteGainer an opportunity to change their website in minutes without disturbing the source code.


Crazy Egg, a popular company that helps businesses to build better websites, mentioned recently about a very interesting joke going around in the marketing world. It said that A/B testing actually stands for "Always Be Testing." True, unless you compare, you cannot arrive at the best solution.

Appropriate A/B testing measures help in reducing a lot of risks involved while undertaking an optimization program. They also help in significantly improving UX of your website by eliminating all destructed or weak links and bringing forward the most optimized version of your website. A/B testing software solutions make you fully equipped to plan your own optimization roadmap and get success in the promotional arena.

Remember, if you want to increase your sales and boost conversions, you have to make data-driven decisions. Guesswork may put you at disadvantages, especially in the long run. So, start testing! Go for A/B testing software solutions.

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