Court Management Software

The Best 7 Free and Open Source Court Management Software

The Best 7 Free and Open Source Court Management Software

There was a time when the legal profession was considered distinctly lagging in technology. Earlier, Courts, lawyers, and legal practitioners & firms depended on paper-based methods for their business operations and documentation. Currently, the advancement in technology has encouraged the legal and judiciary system organizations to appreciate the ease it has brought in terms of speed, efficiency, and accuracy and have exceedingly integrated it into their business processes. Today, several best court management software are available that can help make legal processes quick and easy to perform and transform the traditional methods of managing court cases.

Despite that, many legal firms and organizations still use manual methods or apply outdated tools for managing the data, communication, billing & invoicing, accounting & finance, and other business processes. Manual methods are highly prone to errors, and using multiple tools results in repetitive data entry and spending too much time getting even a simple task done.  Due to that, professionals in legal sectors are facing several challenges as given below -

Legal Sector Challenges

So how to overcome these challenges? The answer is simple - deploy the best court management software compatible with your legal practices.

In a survey conducted in March 2020, around 490 law firm practitioners were questioned, out of which 49 percent thanked technology for enabling their attorneys to get more time to focus on higher-level tasks. Also, embracing technology enabled law firms to save money that was utilized in employee training and technology investments.

A court management software not only allows you to manage all the tasks relating to legal case management from a single interface but also helps you in maintaining accuracy in your business processes, remaining compliant with the current legal & regulatory policies, delivering better services to the clients, and reducing risks simultaneously.

With the accelerating number of court cases and complications in managing legal matters, deploying court management software has become mandatory for legal firms these days. Now, it is not about whether to use a court management software or not. On the contrary, the question arising is which court management software should be deployed to ensure the growth and sustainability of the legal business.

As so many options in court management software are available, the task of selecting the one might have become difficult for you. So, here we have intricately curated a list for the best 7 free and open source court management software that you can customize as per your business needs and deploy without any huge investment.

But, before we look into the details about these free and open source court management tools, let's go through some basic information about what exactly is court management software, the benefits of using it, and the features to look for while selecting one.

What Is Court Management Software?

Court management software is a tool used by courts, lawyers, and legal firms to manage court cases, starting from filing to post-resolution. It allows digitally filing the court cases, and in that process, the details about each court case are stored in a centralized system that is easily accessible to all the users. Also, it helps in scheduling meetings with the clients, sending reminders and notifications for court hearing dates, maintaining financial records, and generating reports. The court management software is used to centralize information about the court cases and process them in a stipulated period. Moreover, many court management tools also integrate with payment gateway systems so that the clients can directly pay the court & legal practicing fees while e-filing their cases. To elaborate further, below-mentioned are the capabilities of the best court management software -

Court Management Software Functionality

A court management software is useful to the specific type of organizations as mentioned below -

Court Management Software Users

In the case of any of the organizations mentioned above, the legal practitioners, lawyers, and attorneys working therein, need to regularly monitor cases, answer their respective clients' queries, complete necessary documentation, and attend the court hearings on a specific date and time. It is impossible to achieve efficiency and accuracy in the legal processes without an automated court management system. Using court management software, the legal businesses & organizations can expedite the resolution of complex issues and ensure that they provide the best quality and well-optimized services to their clients. Not only that, a court management software brings along with it various other benefits as mentioned below -

Benefits Of Using Court Management Software

After looking into these benefits, you would agree that deploying a court management software is a necessity for every court and legal organization. But, there are some important features that you need to ensure your court management software possesses as given below -

Important Features To Look For In A Court Management Software

Case Management

The court management software should allow you to manage the case related information easily. It should help you create a case, add all the details relating to it, attach documents, and make updates relating to each case separately. This would help you in managing the different cases of every client systematically.

Schedule Management

You should be able to manage the court hearing dates, meetings with your clients and team, and your daily to-do-list with the court management software's help. This would help you identify the court hearing dates falling on the same day, avoiding the last-minute rush and ensure that your schedules never clash.

Documents Management

Many documents are required to be organized carefully when it comes to managing court cases and legal issues. Losing even a single document can create a lot of chaos. The court management software should allow you to digitally store and manage the documents for each case separately in a centralized location accessible from any place.

Clients Management

The court management software you choose should allow you to add an unlimited number of clients and all the information relating to them in an organized manner. You should be able to match the case pertaining to its specific client accurately. It should also enable you to send invoices, emails, notifications to the clients to execute flawless and quick workflows.

Team Collaboration

Whether it is a court or a law firm, the team of lawyers, clerks, and associates are required to work parallely on the same legal cases and issues collaboratively. The court management software should allow multiple users to register, store information, assign and manage tasks, view reports, and stay updated with the team activities to work effectively in a synchronized manner.

Self-Service Portal

The court management software you select should allow you to launch a self-service portal for your clients so that they can register their legal issues, pay court fees, and other charges and track the status of their court cases. This would help your clients get a personalized experience, get their issues resolved quickly, and save your time.


Every user using the court management software should get a 360-degree view of all the details about the court cases in process and the ones that have been resolved. This would help lawyers, clients, and everyone working on the court cases to monitor and analyze the hurdles they face or are likely to face in the future and plan accordingly to achieve their goals.

Centralized Knowledge Repository

Every legal case is different and provides a unique experience to the lawyers, judges, and everyone else involved. The need may often arise to recall the past resolved cases and use that information for the new pending cases. The court management software should help you store important information about the resolved cases in a centralized repository that is easily accessible by the users.


In the legal services sector, the possibility of frequent changes in laws, acts, charges, and penalties is higher. Your court management software should be customizable to easily adjust to the changing legal compliance, regulations, and structure quickly so that delay in case management can be avoided.

Reporting and Analytics

The court management software you select should allow you to generate customized reports as per your business workflow. This would help you analyze the past and current data pertaining to each case and make informed decisions for the future.

So, these were the features that you need to look for in your court management software to make the most out of it. But, are you still perplexed about which court management solution you should choose? We can help you with the below-mentioned list of the free and open source court management software, followed by a comparison chart enabling you to make a quick and smart decision.

The Best 7 Free and Open Source Court Management Software

#1 ClinicCases (Free and Open Source Software)

ClinicCases is a free and open source court management software that you can download and run on your own server. You have full control over your data and client information. It is a perfect option for small law firms and lawyers who have recently started practicing, as it doesn’t require a huge amount of investment. Moreover, being a mobile-friendly court management software, you can take your court cases with you conveniently and work from anywhere. 


Key Features

  • Stores case data securely
  • Manages files in an organized manner
  • Schedules appointments and court hearing dates
  • Includes knowledge repository
  • Ability to generate reports
  • Is mobile-friendly and thus allows working on the go
If you have already used ClinicCases, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#2 CaseBox (Free and Open Source Software)

CaseBox is a free and open source court management software specially designed for lawyers and their teams to organize files and collaborate efficiently to focus on intricate details of their court cases. It helps the law firms and courts store and manage all the information in one centralized location providing the convenience of quickly accessing the details whenever required.


Key Features

  • Drag files from your computer and drop in CaseBox folders easily
  • Includes powerful search feature allowing you to search for information quickly
  • Allows organizing folders according to your preferences
  • Includes document management system allowing you to add documents, instantly preview them, and control version of the files conveniently
  • Allows adding customized forms that help in storing information the way you need
  • Can track the communication between the team members and help them collaborate
  • Includes high-end security features enabling you to protect the privacy of your data
If you have already used CaseBox, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#3 ArkCase (Free and Open Source Software)

ArkCase is a free and open source court management software that can help you manage your content records, customers, and business processes from a single interface. It is a flexible case management software that can be used by law firms, courts, and independent lawyers also. Also, it can be customized to suit your law practice needs and preferences. You can also view a personalized demo of this case management software so that you can deploy it with confidence.


Key Features

  • Allows managing entire case lifecycle starting from registration to resolution
  • Includes auto-assign functionality to prioritize cases based on workloads
  • Can integrate with Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange
  • Ability to sync with your customer relationship management applications like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, etc
  • Can generate versatile reports helping you to analyze the factors negatively impacting the business and act on them promptly
If you have already used ArkCase, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#4 CaseFox - (Cloud-Based Software Having Free version)

CaseFox is a cloud-based court management software, including a basic version that is free and is limited to allowing 2 users to manage upto 4 cases. So, if you own a small law firm or a startup, the free version of this software would perfectly suit you. Otherwise, you can go for its other affordable packages depending on the functionality you require. As it is a mobile-friendly case management software, you can easily manage your court cases from any location without carrying your heavy paper-based files.


Key Features

  • Enables managing the data of each client and court case
  • Allows tracking time and money spent on different court cases
  • Facilitates role-based access to the data to maintain the confidentiality of the information
  • Allows you to schedule meetings and court hearings so that you don't miss an important date
  • Includes dashboard providing you a 360-degree view of your pending and resolved court cases
  • Allows generating invoices and sending them to the clients digitally
  • Enables managing tasks and tracking the pending requests and complaints
  • Ability to store the backup of the information regularly
  • Allows managing case notes
  • Can import/export data, so no manual data entry is required
  • Enables you to store documents in an organized manner
If you have already used CaseFox, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#5 CaseWizard - (Cloud-Based Software With 60 Days Free Trial)

CaseWizard is a legal case and practice management software that can be a perfect tool to manage your growing number of court cases. It is a cloud-based software with 60 days free trial period, and so you can check all its features before subscribing to it. This court management software can help you organize the documents and information relating to your clients and cases. Moreover, it allows you to automate generating invoices and sending them to the clients for flawless payment collection.


Key Features

  • Allows maintaining calendar with appointments and events
  • Includes powerful search feature allowing you to find the information quickly you require
  • Enables the team members working on the same court cases to collaborate on a real-time basis
  • Allows customizing the information database relating to the type of cases you handle
  • Enables you to track the expenses and settlements
  • Allows billing the clients based on the time spent by your employees on their particular cases
  • Provides at a glance view over the timesheets prepared by your employees
  • Can create easy-to-read invoices automatically
  • Allows generating customized reports to plan successful strategies

If you have already used CaseWizard, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#6 Visual Court Management System - (Web-Based Licensed Software With Free demo)

Visual Court Management System (VCMS) is a well-featured court management software that offers a free demo so that you can determine whether its features suit your business requirements or not. It includes a visual dashboard interface that enables you to view all your court cases' status from a single interface. Also, it facilitates signing electronically and attaching images, documents, and other media, allowing you to digitally gather the data and store it in a centralized location that is easy to access.

Visual Court Management System

Key Features

  • Extremely user-friendly software with a systematic navigation system
  • Includes advanced search capabilities
  • Provides on-screen calendar to manage your court hearings and appointments
  • Includes simple docket scheduling system
  • Allows fund calculation and complete money management
  • Enables printing & tracking of warrants
  • Allows attaching documents to the court case information
  • Enables you to reschedule notices
  • Allows generating customized reports
If you have already used Virtual Court Management System, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#7 FAMcare - (Web-Based Licensed Software With Free Demo)

FAMcare is a court management software that is available in cloud-based and on-premise deployment options. It offers a free demo so that you can check its features before you purchase its license or subscription. Moreover, it has versatile features that allow you to customize and personalize it as per your business preferences. It includes role-based access to the users enabling you to maintain the privacy of the important client’s information.


Key Features

  • Allows team monitoring and coordination
  • Enables you to plan and prioritize your tasks
  • Includes dynamic scheduling features for clients and case managers
  • Enables GPS tracking in case of clients’ home visits
  • Allows capturing and tracking updated legal information
  • Enables electronic billing management for collecting payments flawlessly
  • Includes advanced security features
  • Allows generating over 100 pre-defined reports
  • Can work on Mobile, iPad, and Tablet

If you have already used FAMcare, please feel free to share your reviews here.

The Best 7 Free and Open Source Court Management Software Comparison Chart

Court Management Software Comparison Chart

So, these were the free and open source court management software. But, if your budget is not limited and you are looking for advanced features that are not offered by these free options, we would recommend you to go through one of the most popular court management software with versatile features - C-Track. Although it is not a free tool, being a comprehensive and highly configurable court management solution, it can drive your specialized legal business towards high growth and success.

C-Track - (Web-Based Licensed Software)

C-Track is one of the most popular court management software that enables you to manage your legal business workflow efficiently. Whether you need to process cases, enter and organize the information about each court case you are handling, or attend to every court hearing promptly, C-Track can be of great help to you. It allows you to change the court rules and business processes easily without any technical support. It is a highly scalable software that can evolve with technology. So, no more using outdated systems to manage your legal proceedings when C-Track is there to implement the most streamlined processes for your law firm or legal business.


Key Features

  • Allows your clients to file court cases digitally
  • Enables you to store, track, and archive legal documents in an organized manner
  • Can integrate with various internal and external systems for quick processes
  • Allows scheduling courtroom appointments, hearings, and internal staff meetings
  • Provides quick and reliable access to electronic docket information from your desktop
  • Enables you to review case notes, documents, case records, files, and memos even from a remote location
  • Allows you to collect and maintain clients' information easily
  • Enables you to provide role-based access to the users for maintaining the confidentiality of the information
  • Can generate, save, and schedule extensive reports and distribute them to the authorized users
If you have already used C-Track, please feel free to share your reviews here.


Thus, court management software, including comprehensive functionality, can help legal businesses and courts to address many issues and streamline their entire workflow. For example, allowing access to all the important information about the court cases to lawyers and clients and everyone associated displays the court's technological progress and builds confidence towards the country's legal system. A court management software also enables e-filing court cases, facilitating your clients to conveniently lodge their complaints from the comfort of their home, office, or the location of their choice. This would help you attract more clients and escalate your legal business at a higher level. Last but not the least, below is the final checklist -

  • Is your court management software user-friendly?
  • Is your court management software capable of integrating with other systems being used in your organization?
  • Is your court management system scalable enough to adapt to changing legal requirements and growth of your business?
  • Is your court management software customizable?
  • Does your court management software vendor provide enough training and after-sale technical support?
  • Do you have the required infrastructure and technical staff necessary to make the court management software work as per your workflow?

We hope that this article has helped you choose the right court management software that suffices your needs. You can also go through some paid and freemium court management applications like FastCourt, eCourt, Synergy, Mayors Court, and many more mentioned in this complete list of court management software for more options.

If you have used any of the court management software mentioned in this article, please leave your valuable feedback here.

Also, browse all software categories if you are looking for well-featured tools and applications used for other business sectors.

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