Gym Management Software

The Best 8 Free and Open Source Gym Management Software

The Best 8 Free and Open Source Gym Management Software

Starting your gym and maintaining it comes with a lot of challenges. Of course, external matters are affecting the gym business to which you don't have control, like the growing competition and consumer demands. But, there are some operational tasks like marketing & promotion, payments, administration, schedules, activities, memberships, customer services, reporting, and many more, if not handled properly, can create chaos in your gym business.

Gym Management Challenges

Some of the key challenges in gym business include -

Members Satisfaction & Retention

As a gym owner, you would always want to satisfy all the gym members and retain them for a long period. But, as each member has different needs and preferences, it becomes a challenge to satisfy all of them and ensure their retention.

Hiring Trainers and Employees

To make the gym successful; it is essential to hire skilled trainers and employees who can serve your members and help them achieve their fitness goals. Thus, finding the right people for your gym is important and, at the same time, a challenging task you need to overcome.

Attracting New Members

As competition is fierce in this sector, it becomes quite difficult to add new members consistently; otherwise, your gym business may fail miserably. Through the right marketing & promotional activities, you can attract new members and ensure the growth of your business.

Managing Bookings & Collecting Payments

Managing bookings & collecting payments accurately; it is quite important for the success of a business. One wrong entry in a booking or payment register can spoil the reputation of your business and even result in a financial loss. Using the right gym management tool can help you in overcoming this challenge.

Financial Planning & Analysis

Finance is the main concern for all businesses. After all, systematic financial planning helps in paying your employees, maintaining gym equipment, paying for electricity bills and overheads, etc. Preparing accurate financial plans and analyzing it properly; can help a gym business to generate profits.

Some of the best gym management software are designed efficiently to help in overcoming these challenges and grow your gym business exponentially.

Here, we have listed the top 8 free and open source gym management software which you can use without making a huge investment. Before you go through the details of each of the gym software solutions listed here, let us have brief information about what exactly is gym management software, its benefits, and the features to look for while selecting one for your gym business.

What is Gym Management Software?

Gym management software is a solution for niche-specific needs for businesses like gyms, fitness studios, health clubs, wellness centers, etc. It helps these businesses to automate processes, streamline tasks, and provide excellent services to their clients. 

What is Gym Management Software?

Many gyms still use manual methods or common software programs like Google drive, and excel spreadsheets to perform these functions. But, this approach can be prone to errors and probably not suffice the specific needs of your business, which requires high-end efficiency, accuracy, and productivity to succeed.   

A single mistake in scheduling the appointment or sending a bill with the wrong amount to a single member in your gym can result in losing several members, which can be harmful to your business in the long run. Moreover, with the growth in the number of gym members, the automation of tasks becomes highly significant to save time, avoid confusion, and achieve accurate results.

What Does Gym Management Software Do?

Gym Management Software Functionality

Precisely, gym management tools help the gym owners or management staff to deliver the best experience to their members. That itself proves to be quite positive in terms of retaining the members and earning their loyalty, which is beneficial for any gym business. Satisfied members of your gym can help you get additional new members, which can help you in achieving your revenue goals.  

Adding to that, below are some benefits of deploying gym management software for your business -

Benefits of Using Gym Management Software

Benefits of Using Gym Management Software

So, these were the benefits of deploying a gym management solution for your fitness studio. But, if you are confused about the features to look for while selecting a gym management tool that suits your business, then please read the following section to have a wider understanding of the same.

Must-Have Features of a Gym Management Software

Centralized Database

The gym software you select should have a centralized database to store information like the contact information, schedules, tasks, etc., of your members and employees. Additionally, it should be easy to access the information from that database using multiple devices and platforms.

Appointment Booking and Management

The gym software should allow you to book the appointments, reschedule, and cancel whenever required. It should send automatic notifications relevant to the appointments booked or canceled through mobile, email, or private messaging using social media platforms.

Marketing and Promotional Activities

Whether it is about sending gift cards or discount coupons to the members or posting a new update on social media, all the marketing, and promotional activities can be done using the gym management tools. It should allow you to schedule email marketing and social media marketing campaigns regarding offers and promos you are offering to increase the members of your gym and grow your business.

Payment Processing

The gym management software you select should either have a built-in online payment system or ability to integrate with external payment gateways, which allow you to accept online payments through debit/credit cards, net banking, etc. This would provide convenience to your gym members and your employees both.

User Access to the Members

The gym management tool you choose should allow your members to view their attendance history, check-in and check-out using barcode scanning or biometrics, fee payment, manage schedules, book equipment, modify training sessions, etc., using an intuitive interface.  


Generating reports relevant to the members, business trends, appointments, attendance, etc., becomes quite significant when it comes to making crucial decisions for your gym business. The gym management software should allow you to generate customized reports on a real-time basis to get a clear overview of the present position of your gym business.

These are the features you need to look for in a gym management solution. Again selecting the right gym management tool can be a laborious process. To ease this for you, we have added the details of the top 8 free and open source gym management software, including the comparison chart.

The Top 8 Free and Open Source Gym Management Software Comparison Chart

Gym Management Software Comparison Chart

The Top 8 Free and Open Source Gym Management Software

#1 Serpent Gym ERP

Serpent is a free and open-source gym management software that can help you in managing operations for a single and multiple locations of your gym. It is a complete gym ERP application that can handle your day to day business, starting from members and instructors management to managing appointments and schedules. It takes away all the stress relating to operations and administrative tasks so that you can focus on core gym activities that can help you in flourishing your business.


Key Features

  • Allows recording the members' task details, measurements, and keeping track of various stages of membership lifecycle
  • Enrolls a member to a membership plan
  • Allows viewing and editing membership type, fee, and duration
  • Helps in analyzing BMI using a graphical presentation and tracking the performance of each member
  • Allows managing the information of the trainers including their HR details
  • Helps in managing gym equipment including service and maintenance schedules
  • Allows configuring exercises with required steps to follow and its benefits in the form of images and video links
  • Helps in creating customized workout and diet plans for the members
  • Allows members to view their workout and diet plans

If you have already used Serpent Gym ERP, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#2 OpenStudio

OpenStudio is a free and open source software for businesses dealing with classes, events, training, subscriptions, etc. As it is an open source software, the businesses can modify it as per their requirements. It includes many useful and time-saving tools that can help in managing the members, trainers, schedules, training workouts, and diet plans in your gym easily.


Key Features

  • Allows managing the complete information including the payments involving the members and employees both
  • Helps in managing different programs and subscriptions running within your gym or studio
  • Allows scheduling classes and tracking attendance
  • Includes event management features
  • Can create invoices automatically when something is sold
  • Helps in creating and tracking tasks
  • Can generate reports showing a clear overview of your business

If you have already used OpenStudio, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#3 RhinoFit

RhinoFit is a well-featured and user-friendly membership management software specially designed for businesses like gyms, boot camps, dojos, CrossFit, and personal trainers. It includes powerful business management tools required to run operations accurately and efficiently, saving time and money both. Being responsive; it can be worked on using any platform or device.


Key Features

  • Can create customized gym membership accounts
  • Allows billing and collecting payments online
  • Helps in creating custom product store for your gym, track inventory and sell online
  • Allows scheduling and attendance management for the gym members
  • Allows launching and managing email marketing campaigns
  • Allows setting up automated notifications and messages to be sent to the trainers, members, and staff
  • Allows generating reports providing an overview of your gym business

If you have already used RhinoFit, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#4 Gym Clock

The Gym Clock application helps gym businesses in handling gym operations quickly and efficiently, resulting in the growth of the business. It improves the engagement level of the members and ensures their retention by enhancing their workout experiences. It also helps in providing the best gym services and enabling members to access valuable content on fitness trends. Precisely, it is an all-in-one gym management solution that helps gyms and fitness centers of all sizes to manage their business from anywhere and at any time.

Gym Clock

Key Features

  • Multiple gym owners can be added
  • Gym owners can add multiple gym members
  • Helps in adding and updating details of program type, training schedules of each member
  • Allows checking-in/checking-out and updating the attendance of the gym members
  • Can track the BMI details periodically
  • Includes intuitive dashboard allowing to review the statistics of the gym members and trainers in the form of graphical presentations
  • Can create discount codes and offers to attract new members

If you have already used Gym Clock, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#5 Omnify

Omnify is a gym management software that can help in scaling up your business by automating the booking process. You can now streamline all your bookings, customer data, sales & payment information all from a centralized location. It helps you in enhancing your customers' booking experience. It frees up your employees' time by automating all the marketing and promotional activities like sending emails, booking information, reminders for renewals, promotional messages, and collecting feedback. It comes with a free trial period so that you can determine whether it suits your business or not before purchasing it.


Key Features

  • Allows your clients to login and get a glimpse of their appointments and schedule
  • Helps you in accepting online payments from your clients
  • Helps in managing calendars and schedules of each member individually
  • Allows managing bookings done by your clients
  • Can generate sales reports showing an overview of your sales & revenue
  • Allows you to add and remove trainers
  • Allows trainers to view schedules and manage appointments
  • Can help in sending automated promotional emails and messages
  • Helps you in providing live chat support to your clients and prospects

If you have already used Omnify, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#6 Jivine

Jivine is a versatile gym management solution, including features for customers, front desk, class management, reporting, and many more activities running in a gym or fitness studio. It is a cloud-based gym management tool that helps fitness businesses to manage online bookings, marketing activities, check-ins/check-outs, attendance, payments, sending automated reminders and many more functionalities which can help you in growing your business in the fitness industry. You can get a free trial of this software before you invest in it.


Key Features

  • Stores all the information relating to members & trainers at one place
  • Allows you to access your gym business information 24/7
  • Includes lead management tool helping you to gain quick conversions
  • Allows sending automated emails and text reminders
  • Can integrate payment gateway enabling you to accept online payments
  • Helps in managing daily tasks, and sending automated reminders to the staff
  • Ability to generate reports helping to make informed decisions

If you have already used Jivine, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#7 Virtuagym

Virtuagym is an all-in-one gym management software used by fitness & health professionals to streamline their operations, provide better client services, and grow their business. It saves time and helps your business earn more revenue by automating client communication, administrative tasks, and eliminating all the errors about appointment booking & scheduling. It also helps you in selling your gym merchandise to your members using the webshop and takes your business online. You can avail of a free demo of this gym management tool to get an idea of whether it suits your business requirements or not.


Key Features

  • Allows you to store and manage the members' information in a secured manner
  • Allows you to accept payments online
  • Helps you in launching your webshop and selling your merchandise online
  • Allows you to provide role-based access to the users]
  • Provides access to information about different exercises and nutritional diet
  • Helps in managing appointments and schedules
  • Includes online community to share information and knowledge

If you have already used Virtuagym, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#8 Mindbody

Mindbody is a gym management solution that can tackle all the fitness management needs at your facility. Starting from member enrollment, class schedules, trainer roasters, to payroll management; everything can be automated and streamlined by Mindbody. It also allows you to launch your online store and sell your merchandise as well as collect membership fees online. Being an extremely user-friendly software, it becomes easy to deploy in the business. Moreover, quick customer support is available in case you get stuck while using it. Get a quick demo of this software to know whether it works as per your business logic or not.


Key Features

  • Monitors progress of the gym members
  • Automates sending client reminders and notifications
  • Enables accuracy in sales tax calculation
  • Generate reports relevant to attendance, retention levels, expenses, etc., providing an overview of your gym business
  • Allows trainers to check and manage their appointments and schedules
  • Automates and streamlines promotional activities, helping you to get more business

If you have already used Mindbody, please feel free to share your reviews here.

Deploying any of the gym software mentioned above can help you in harnessing the right technology to take your gym business to the next level. If you still think that these free gym management tools do not include the features you require to overcome your business-specific challenges; you can consider deploying one of the most popular gym management solutions named GymERP.


GymERP is a popular gym management tool that can help in automating all the tasks and activities in a gym or fitness studio seamlessly. It can save time and improve efficiency in the operations of a gym business. Whether it is about tracking the attendance of the members, collecting the fees, or sharing the knowledge within the members and gym trainers, everything can be done with a few clicks by using this versatile gym management software with high-end features.


Key Features

  • Manages the data of all the members from a centralized location
  • Includes interactive dashboard providing instant insights into your gym business
  • Can integrate with payment gateway allowing you to collect payments online
  • Helps in tracking revenue collected from different programs running in the gym
  • Monitor the skills and achievements of the gym trainers
  • Allows you to configure as per your business requirements
  • Manage, schedule, and reschedule appointments
  • Allows you to generate reports relevant to sales, warehouse inventory, etc

If you have already used GymERP, please feel free to share your reviews here.


The success of any business depends on how happy their customers are, and gym business is not an exception in this matter. A gym management solution not only helps in streamlining the operations of a gym systematically but also helps you to keep your members satisfied by providing them the control over their workout schedules and ensuring that they achieve their fitness goals.

We hope that the above article has been helpful to you in terms of finding the best gym management software as per your requirements. We would also recommend you to go through gym management tools with advanced functionalities like Easy Gym Software, GymMasterEZFacility, Glofox, PerfectGym, Membership Integrity System and many more mentioned in the complete list of gym management software intricately curated by the GoodFirms team.

If you have used any of the gym management solutions mentioned above, please leave your valuable feedback here.

Also, browse all software categories here if you are looking out for the latest software used for other business sectors as well.

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