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The Best 7 Free and Open Source Presentation Software

The Best 7 Free and Open Source Presentation Software

There was a time when department managers and speakers had to prepare detailed and lengthy notes to create a presentation. They had to draw the images, flowcharts, and tables to illustrate a particular topic. The presentations almost became monotonous, tedious, and lagged audience engagement. But all these have become a part of history now. 

Human communication has become digitized and sophisticated, thanks to the emergence of smart devices and disruptive technologies. The video calling facility and the ability to share data in real-time has streamlined business operations. Furthermore, the advent of high-end interactive presentation software tools has enhanced audience participation to exchange ideas and views simply and seamlessly. 

Today, online presentations aim to improve engagement through storytelling methods, attractive videos, animations, and visuals, conduct live polls, use vibrant and distinctive colors, etc. All these have brought a significant transformation in how products are demonstrated, the training sessions are performed, and online classes are carried out. 

The Purpose of a Presentation 

Each presentation is carried out with a specific purpose or goal in mind. Hence, it is essential first to answer the question: “what is the purpose of a presentation?”

A viable presentation helps to suffice the following purposes-

  • Persuade the audience- You want to persuade your potential customers or clients to buy the product or service. This type of presentation is usually presented by the sales or marketing teams. 
  • Inform the people- Most presentations are given to inform the audience or group of people about a particular topic. For example, HR may hold a presentation to tell new employees about its policies, terms, conditions, etc. 
  • Entertain the audience- Some presentations focus on entertaining the audience by adding elements of humor and sarcasm. You may add narrative videos that entertain the audience. These are usually personal presentations, such as displaying your wedding pictures. 
  • Educate people- Teachers and training professionals make presentations to prepare lessons for students and train people. Here the audience is also asked to understand and analyze the topic presented and ask questions if there is any doubt. 
  • Inspire or motivate listeners- Presentations can also inspire and motivate your audience through motivational speeches supported by inspirational videos and content. Here the presenter aims to evoke the emotions of listeners that can bring a change in their lives. 
  • Activate or stimulate people- Sometimes, you just don’t inspire or pursue audiences, but you prompt them to take action. Content plays a crucial role in making this presentation successful—for instance, presentations are given to raise funds or awareness amongst people

Types of Presentation Styles

Different Kinds of Presentation

There are various other popular online presentation styles, such as educational style, connector style, persuasive style, Lessig style, etc. 

Tips to Prepare for a Presentation

Once you define your presentation’s purpose, it’s time to get ready to face the audience and present your topic to accomplish that goal. Just follow these preparation tips.

Presentation Preparation Tips

Tips to Make an Effective Presentation 

Designing a stunning and visually appealing online presentation provides a viable opportunity to connect more robustly with the audience and effectively communicate your ideas. So, let’s get down on the tips on how to make an exceptional presentation. 

  • Prepare for the Presentation-The first step is to prepare for the presentation, which includes choosing the right topic, knowing your audience, researching, designing the slides, practicing, and presenting your topic. 
  • Present in a Story Format- Craft an engaging or motivational story so that the audience can quickly connect or correlate the incident with your relevant topic. It also inspires the audience to commit the action, which helps to solve your purpose. 
  • Involve Your Audience- The expert presenters view that audience participation plays a significant role in defining a presentation’s success. Hence, you need to involve your audience at all levels. Talk to them, answer their queries, and make sure you clarify their doubts as much as possible in the given time. 
  • Adding Visuals and Images- Adding attractive visuals, videos, images, and animations helps improve your presentation. It makes your content more engaging, and you can explain your points in a precise manner without losing your audience’s attention. 
  • Make Your Presentation Conversational- Try to make your presentation conversational rather than just a series of slides displaying some information. You need to use the projections wisely. The content should be meaningful and appropriate. Don’t add anything, which is not related to your topic. 
  • Use Tools and Technology Smartly- Another vital decision you need to make is implementing smart presentation tools. You have to use technology intelligently to maximize its benefits. Also, get abreast of the tools and devices that you will be using in the presentation. 
  • Evaluate or Take Feedback- A good presenter never forgets to take back the audience’s feedback after the presentation. It merely helps to evaluate the performance and derive whether or not the audience liked the presentation. Also, you can take critical points on improving the presentation.

Major Issues with Making and Giving Presentation

Presentation Challenges

You can effectively resolve all these challenges and problems by implementing the best free and open source presentation software with several core features and benefits.

What is Presentation Software?

Presentation software is a digital and advanced tool that allows you to create stunning presentations using a sequence of visuals, images, animations, texts, and graphics to present a set of information or explain any topic. The presentation tools are also known as a presentation program. You can define your topic using various presentation styles and implementing different next-generation multimedia authoring tools. 

The innovative software application program helps you to create sides precisely and quickly. The content becomes much more engaging and interactive, enabling the audience to swiftly and efficiently connect to the presentation. 

There are types of presentation software-

  1. Business Presentation Software
  2. General Multimedia Presentation Software

What is the Purpose of a Presentation Software?

There are different scenarios and used cases to maximize the benefits of free and open source presentation software. These include-

Use of Presentation Software

Key Features of Presentation Software

  1. Serves as a Collaboration Tool-  The collaboration tool in presentation software allows different people to work on the same presentation and prepare slides together. 
  2. Audio and Visual Content- The free presentation tools help you easily integrate audio and visual content into the presentations. It means that you can add YouTube videos and other audio files to simplify your explanation and make your presentation more engaging.  
  3. Comment and Feedback- The presenters can receive feedback, comments, and reviews from the audience once their presentation ends. It helps them to improve their skills and make better presentations based on the suggestions. 
  4. Offline Presenting- Slow or no internet connectivity interrupts your essential presentation. Don’t worry; presentation software allows you to continue even in an offline mode. So, go on! 
  5. Offline Editing- With presentation applications and advanced programs, you can edit your presentations and make changes in your slides with ease, even if you don’t have an internet connection. 
  6. Customizable Templates-  Do you want to design the presentation using all your imagination and creativity? Well, here’s your opportunity with customized templates and themes that make your presentation all the more attractive.  
  7. Sharing Option- Easily share your presentation with anyone in the team or client directly to get instant feedback. You can even control access to who can view your presentation. 
  8. Visual Analytics- Using visual analytics features, you can seamlessly interpret complex data into your presentation and simplify it further for your audience to understand with ease. This becomes helpful in scenarios where companies have to make faster and accurate decisions. 
  9. Transitions and Animations- Presentation software enables smooth transitions; you can quickly move from one slide to another. Animations allow you to move objects on and off within a slide. 
  10. Media Library-  The media library helps you control and manage all your uploaded media files and content. You can even remove it permanently from the server. 

The Advantages of Presentation Software 

The various advantages of presentation software are as follows-

  • The best presentation tool allows you to visually present the information with ease, which helps the audience to understand the topic better.
  • You can embed the slides with relevant videos, images, GIFs, texts, audio files, and animation links. 
  • The free presentation software is incredibly simple, allowing you to create slides within the shortest possible time.
  • You get access to an extensive and rich library of customized layouts, templates, and background themes. 
  • Edit your presentations at your will even when you are offline from anywhere and using any device. 
  • You can summarize your topic and facts in the best possible manner.  
  • Presentation software proves an excellent option when you have to showcase a project’s progress report through graphical charts and diagrams. 
  • You can choose your preferred style while giving a presentation. 
  • You can easily communicate with the audience by maintaining constant eye contact. 

What Are the Best Free and Open Source Presentation Software?

Presentations have become an integral part of the communication process through which businesses interact with prospective clients to increase their customer base. Also, free and open source presentation tools tend to simplify a plethora of tasks, whether it is presenting a report or demonstrating a product. The presenters can express their ideas more emphatically and clearly. The audience can grasp the content more easily. 

Besides, when you plan to opt for free presentation management software, you don’t have to invest a single penny, and you can customize the slides according to your theme and topic. 

List of Free and Open Source Presentation Software 

  1. LibreOffice
  2. Google Slides
  3. Apache OpenOffice
  4. Calligra Stage
  5. reveal.js
  6. DeckDeckGo
  7. Prezi 

Comparison of the Best Free and Open Source Presentation Software

Presentation Software Comparison Table

LibreOffice (Free and Open Source)

LibreOffice is an extensively used OfficeSuite that offers powerful free and open source tools to streamline and simplify various office tasks. LibreOffice is an all-in-one solution providing the best-in-class documentation management tools, productivity software, vector graphics application, remote working system, and spreadsheet tools. It has also been identified as one of the best free and open source presentation software with simple and user-friendly features. 

The Impress tool in LibreOffice allows you to make impressive presentations using various views and editing modules. The software offers five types of editing and view modes that include Normal, Outline, Notes, Handout, and Slide Sorter. All these modes perform different functions to help you create fast and versatile slides. 

Impress also provides advanced drawing and diagramming solutions to add sophistication to your presentation. You can add animation effects and even add 2D and 3D images with the Frontworks tool’s help. 

You get more control over the slide display sequence during presentations so that you can stay focused on the audience. Also, the LibreOffice template repository provides an array of creative tools, taking your presentations to the next level. The software is free for download.

LibreOffice Demo

Image source: LibreOffice


  • LibreOffice allows you to create meaningful and versatile presentations with best-in-class editing and view modes. 
  • Draw images and other diagrams with ease with drawing tools. Add the animation effect along with 2D and 3D figures depicting various shapes, objects, and pictures. 
  • Get more control over how you want to display the slides. 
  • Impress also supports different monitors. The Presenter Control extension provides more control over the slide, where you can showcase the upcoming slide, time to display slide and view slide notes. 
  • You can even create and control 3D scenes.
  • You can build powerful customized charts using trend graphs, 2D and 3D images. 
  • You can download a variety of templates from the LibreOffice template repository, saving time.

Google Slides (Free and Open Source)

Google Slides is a part of Google Docs Office Suite, one of the leading free and open source presentation software. The other Google Office suite tools include Google Docs, Google Sheet, and Google Forms. 

You must note that Google Slides is usually accessible as a web-based application. The best presentation tool also supports various popular operating systems, such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, and Google Chrome, as a desktop application. 

Google Slides enables you to craft and edit presentations. You can even collaborate with other users in real-time. The software allows you to track revision history and view changes made in the presentation. Each of the edits is highlighted explicitly with a different color or cursor. You can give permission access to only a few people to view or edit the presentation’s content. 

Google Slides is embedded with innovative technologies such as machine learning that provides suggestions for layouts, images, and content. The ‘Action Items’ allows you to assign the task to others easily. You can even start a free trial version.

Demo for Google Demo

Image Source: Google Slides


  • Get a plethora of presentation themes, an array of fonts integrated with various animations and videos. All these are free to use. 
  • The software also provides a wide range of portfolios and pitches from pre-created presentations that can contemplate your work.
  • Create, access, and edit presentations from anywhere, anytime, using different devices. You don’t even need an internet connection. 
  • Efficiently collaborate with the team to work jointly on the same presentation. 
  • All changes made in the presentation get automatically saved. It means that you don’t have to press the save button every time you edit content. 
  • Google Slides can easily integrate with Microsoft PowerPoint, allowing you to convert PowerPoint presentations into Google Slides and vice-versa. 
  • You can also give a wireless presentation with the help of Chromecast Hangouts and AirPlay. 
  • You can make presentations using a browser or downloading the free application on your device. 

Apache OpenOffice (Free and Open Source)

Apache Office is an established free and open source productivity suite providing an extensive array of handy office tools. These include word processing, spreadsheet, useful databases, intuitive graphics, presentations, and more. Furthermore, the support supports multiple languages. 

If you want to create the best free presentation, it’s time to look at Apache OpenOffice Impress tool. This is a unique and fantastic application that helps you carve eye-catching multimedia-based presentations with ease. The presentations are empowered with 3D and 2D clip arts, animations, special effects, and high-end visual diagrams. 

Apache OpenOffice provides Master Pages that play a pivotal role in designing your materials efficiently. You can also download the template of your choice from the repository to save a lot of valuable time. Furthermore, the presentation tool supports a comprehensive range of Views. These include Outline, Notes, Slides, etc., that can suffice the needs of any presentation. You also get an additional multi-pane view that brings all the tools under your control. 

The multiple monitor support provides you access to various materials or notes that may prove useful while giving a presentation. The software is further embedded with the Presenter Screen, allowing you to view the upcoming slides and display the time while interacting with the audiences.

Demo for Apache OpenOffice

Image Source: Apache OpenOffice 


  • Apache OpenOffice provides an assortment of handy and widely used office suites such as Writer, Calc, Draw, Base, Math, etc. 
  • Apache OpenOffice Impress is one of the quickest and simplest tools that help to create attention-grabbing multimedia presentations.
  • The software is compatible with most popular office suites such as Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, LibreOffice, etc. 
  • You can use the free office suite for versatile purposes such as educational, business, administration, commercial, etc.
  • The software offers simplified drawing tools such as Park, mostly used for screen ready single access. 
  • Make use of slide shows and animations to enrich your presentations with 2D and 3D images.
  • You can save the presentations in the OpenDocument format. 
  • You can import the previously created and old Microsoft PPT presentations with ease and save the PowerPoint format.
  • You can build the flash version of presentations using Impress's built-in ability. 

Calligra Stage (Free and Open Source)

Calligra Stage is yet another viable option if you are searching for free and open source presentation software. This is an office and graphics art tool that provides various applications for vector graphics, spreadsheets, editing databases, and creating presentations. It also provides Calligra Word with a desktop publishing facility to type content and make attractive documents with ease.  

Calligra Stage is a scalable and flexible presentation application, which equips you with several relevant tools, images, text, graphics, charts, and more. Also, it is much simpler to add new content elements and manage your presentation. 

Calligra also provides a wide range of tools such as project management software, vector drawing application, etc. The software is free for download. Several worldwide developers have developed the Calligra Stage. You can also make your useful contribution to improving the software. 

Calligra Stage Demo

Image Source: Calligra Stage 


  • Calligra Stage is compatible with all types of devices, namely, personal computers, smartphones, tablets, desktops. 
  • You can well define all your master slides to use them effectively in your presentation.
  • The Slides Sorter View allows you to organize and reorganize your slides with ease. 
  • You can choose the preferred layouts based on your requirements. 
  • You can quickly write the notes and use different types of shapes on the notes page. 
  • The free and open source presentation tool also supports almost all Open Document Format (ODF) slide transitions. 
  • The plugin feature makes the software extensible so that you can easily add new effects. 

reveal.js (Free and Open Source)

reveal.js is open-source HTML-based presentation software that allows you to create exceptional presentations. The tool is also free for everyone. You can showcase your creativity while making presentations on the web to captivate your audiences. The tool helps make style changes in CSS using an external web page and customize your designs with JavaScript. 

The open source presentation tool provides you access to a wide range of features such as exporting the PDF files with ease, support for the Markdown, the inclusion of nested slides, auto animation, and more. The installation process is quick and easy. If you want to make stunning presentations without using HTML, you can check out Slides, the official presentation tool editor of reveal.js.

reveal.js demo

Image source: reveal.js


  • The free and open source framework helps to create beautiful presentations using HTML capabilities. 
  • You just need a browser and support for CSS 3D transformations. 
  • You can insert one slide inside another slide. 
  • The official presentation editing software Slide provides a visual editor, which does not require any coding.
  • You can also find out various themes, backgrounds, layouts, transitions, configuration options, and different presentation sizes. 
  • You can easily do mathematical calculations and write math equations. 
  • The software gets comprehensive and robust support from a large community of developers that simplifies your task. 

DeckDeckGo (Free and Open Source)

DeckDeckGo is a prominent web-based free and open source presentation software that is widely used to create and edit presentations. The open source presentation tool is compatible with any of the devices and does not require any pre-installation. You can even edit your presentation in full-screen mode. You can view the slides as online applications and share them across multiple platforms. 

The most significant benefit of implementing this free presentation software is engaging your audience and listeners in real-time. They can directly get involved with the slide presentation and make their suggestions through their devices. You can even display live results if you are conducting an online survey. 

There is a remote control feature enabling you to interact with the presentation. It means that you can use speaker notes and deck without integrating any hardware configuration. You can use the tool to synchronize the content of your presentation.

Demo for DeckDeckGo

Image Source: DeckDeckGo 


  • DeckDeckGo provides a fantastic set of templates that fully contemplates the design systems.
  • Quickly roll out a new design or logo with a few clicks. 
  • DeckDeckGo’s presentation editing tool is a progressive web application. 
  • You can give presentations anywhere, and your content is safe. 
  • Share your presentations with ease and privately using a link.
  • You can easily apply color, font, theme, or style to your presentation and embed the slides directly with the products. 
  • All presentation content is stored securely in the cloud. 
  • You can also add YouTube videos and GIFs. 
  • The software allows full-screen edit to choose the preferred font, transitions, charts, and mathematical equations.

Prezi (Open Source But Not Free)

Prezi is a leading cloud-hosted open source presentation software that helps you engage your audience more effectively and quickly. You can create inspiring and eye-catching visuals with ease, even when giving a presentation. Another unique feature is that the presentation slides can be aligned with video conferencing tools such as Zoom or Google Meet with the recording or live streaming facility. 

Prezi is more than a viable presentation software to suffice the needs of the corporate world. It enhances the collaboration between the teams and makes audiences feel more connected with the impactful and relevant content. You can get visible to your remote audience even when presenting graphics and stats on a particular topic. You can easily share crucial information, announcements, and training materials across various platforms and applications. 

The open source presentation application has been incredibly handy for both teachers and students. It helps tutors to conduct online classes seamlessly and hassle-free. Prezi is not a free presentation software but accessible at an affordable starting price of $3 per month.

Prezi Demo

Image Source: Prezi 


  • Prezi is a fantastic presentation software providing three unique products - Prezi Present, Prezi Video, and Prezi Design. 
  • You can comprehensively organize your presentation and view it as a whole. 
  • You can appear alongside your content. 
  • Get a wide range of templates and reusable presentations to help your teams collaborate better. 
  • Boost your brand reputation with customized images, charts, and layouts used in the presentation. 
  • The teachers can easily preview the day’s lessons and topics to be taught.
  • The tutors can explain the assignments and clear doubts with ease. 
  • The parents can directly communicate with the teachers to determine their child’s progress in online classes.
  • Prezi also allows you to add moving animations, images, and GIFs, video covers, and make animated graphs. 
  • Add special effects and filters to enrich the visuals and upload the content. 

The blog has briefly highlighted the best free and open source presentation software that enables one to easily add outstanding visuals, amazing graphics, and unique content to increase audience engagement. But the list of top presentation tools does not end with merely spotlighting a handful of significant applications. It becomes essential to focus on an exceedingly popular and leading presentation software, Visme, which is the first-hand choice for many business enterprises.


Visme is top-notch and optimum presentation software that helps you to create engaging presentations, graphs, documents, charts, infographics, printables, and more. The software also allows you to enrich your content with beautiful images, icons, flowcharts, templates, etc. 

Visme is also a cloud-powered collaboration tool and visual graphics platform that helps your team to craft professional and inspiring content with any design background. You can further gain more control over your content and centralize all your media assets in one place. 

You can create both attractive and interactive presentations using a set of highly intuitive handy tools for free. Yes, you heard it right! Visme is a free presentation software. You get access to hundreds of free images and icons, but the icing on the cake is complete privacy and a varied set of collaborative tools. 

Plus, you also get leverage to edit the presentation with simplified templates and slides. You can import the Microsoft PowerPoint file with ease.

Visme Demo

Image source: Visme 


  • Visme allows you to create stunning presentations using a wide range of beautiful images, icons, flowcharts, graphics, etc. 
  • You can even share your presentations with ease across various channels. 
  • Add the elements of infographics, animations, and product demonstrations. 
  • Visme operates on HTML5, allowing it to run on any browser and compatible with any device. 
  • The software also serves as a collaboration tool that helps you to boost your communication with the team. 
  • You can create any interactive content from simple slides to branded visual presentations. 
  • Customize your presentation based on your requirements.
  • Get a wide array of templates to create the content easily. 


Do you know that presentation is one of the most effective and powerful ways to connect your audience? Yes, people are more likely to retain the presentation’s facts, if you present the slides in story format. A well decked-up and visually appealing presentation boost the confidence of the presenter. 

You can even look to implement a top-class presentation management software enabling you to unlock sales and marketing opportunities. These are ready-made tools that also help to seamlessly manage sessions and gain more control over the content. 

Also, sophisticated presentation tools and innovative trends such as graphics, images, icons, animations, and videos have incredibly empowered designers and content creators to come with out of the box ideas and designs to incorporate them into the presentation. Furthermore, the presentation software has simplified and streamlined their tasks to a great degree. 

You can dive deep into many more options while exploring the presentation software list at the Goodfirms site. These include Cisco Webex, Samepage, Zoho Show, SlideDog, FlowVella, etc. A few of these offer free versions as well. 

We always love to hear from our readers and request them to share your reviews and feedback on any previously used software. 

Go through our software directory to check if any other software or tool can expand your business operations.

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