Social Media Marketing Software

The Best 8 Free and Open Source Social Media Marketing Software

The Best 8 Free and Open Source Social Media Marketing Software

Do you know that the number of global social media users has already reached approximately close to  4 billion this year? Wow! That's a significant figure. It certainly signifies that social media has become one of the most potent, effective, and far-reaching mediums for promoting your business and engaging more audiences. The introduction of popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and others have created a big buzz around the world. 

Social media largely influences the buying decision of potential customers. Social media networks play a pivotal role in conveying the right message to the customers and convert visitors into buyers. 

But merely posting an update on Facebook or tweeting about the new product launch is not going to attract the audience. You need to promote your product using social media marketing.

Social media marketing is using powerful social media platforms to run campaigns, build brand awareness, and improve brand loyalty to gain the edge in the competitive marketplace. 

But social media marketing has changed over the years with the transcending trends. This is an era where companies are focusing more on adopting digital marketing tactics to get more customers on board. With the penetration of hotbed social media marketing trends such as video content, social media stories, augmented reality, influencer marketing, and more marketing, it has undergone a tremendous change. 

Hence, you need to search for an optimal social media marketing software that streamlines social media management, fortifies data security, and allows you to create user-friendly content quickly. 

Top social media marketing platforms used by business

When it comes to promoting your business and building your brand, you have a wide array of options to explore. These include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. 

popular social media platforms

Facebook- Undoubtedly, Facebook is the most popular and extensively used social media marketing platform, with over 2.6 billion users. You can promote your brand easily on Facebook as it supports all forms of content such as texts, images, videos, and more. Facebook also has a separate business page created explicitly to market business. 

Twitter- Twitter is yet another popular social media platform that emphasizes on providing real-time information. It means you can upload live content and tweet the current happenings when launching a product or service. But Twitter's USP lies in customer service requests that occur on the social media platform. Twitter also provides you with several social media customer service tools to simplify customer interaction management. 

LinkedIn- You cannot regard LinkedIn as merely a job searching and posting portal, but it has emerged more as a professional social media platform. The social media network allows professionals and industry experts to share content to build the brand. It is also a viable platform where you can showcase your leadership qualities to attract the industry's best talents. 

Instagram- Instagram is a popular image and video sharing platform that enables you to share and access an extensive array of content such as videos, photos, and stores, etc. There is also an Instagram business profile that offers useful analytics and allows you to schedule Instagram content with the help of third-party apps. 

YouTube is one of the most prominent and leading video sharing platforms where users watch videos on various topics. When it comes to marketing or promoting your product, you can create a separate YouTube channel for your brand where users can share or comment on the video. 

Pinterest- Pinterest is a unique social media platform that allows users to discover new things, and you get an opportunity to enhance customer engagement. The content posted on Pinterest is usually beneficial, and you can shape up the buying decisions of your customers. Also, since users wish to get inspired, you can increase your brand visibility by posting innovative content and images. 

Why is it essential to use social media marketing?  

To be honest, social media marketing is not only proving its worth in building brand reputation and loyalty, but it also provides useful customer data and insights along with enhancing the customer experience. Gathering customer data is more than essential to generate more leads and traffic to the web. Social media marketing also helps in driving multichannel campaigns. 

Also, with the emergence of smartphones and gadgets, there has been a boom in social media platforms. For instance, millennials and Gen Z customers prioritize a lot on the comments and reviews made on social media platforms. They also make comments and express their opinions regarding a product or service. Hence the magnitude of audience engagement in marketing strategies and campaigns has surged in recent years. It helps to understand and analyze customer behavior. 

What if you don't use social media marketing?

If you are saying no to a social media marketing or not using it, you probably have to face the following consequences. These include-

without social media marketing

What are the challenges of social media marketing? 

As a social media marketer, you may have to tackle a few challenges while planning social media marketing and campaigning strategies. The key challenges include creating a result-driven social media marketing strategy, getting more customers to the business, measuring an appropriate ROI, dip in the organic search, and many more. 

If you are looking for an effective and far-reaching solution, you need to search for a social media marketing tool that helps resolve all these issues. 

What do you mean by social media marketing software?

Social media marketing software is an automotive tool and innovative technology that allows businesses to digitize their marketing campaigns, streamline and manage communications, track real-time customer behavior, curate and schedule content, and so on. You can automate all these tasks via an array of social media platforms. These popular social media channels include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. 

In addition to these, the social media marketing application also improves social listening, monitors audience conversations, and uses analytics to analyze their priorities. You can track and control the negative and offensive comments.

What features make social media marketing software stand apart in the crowd?

Social media marketing is an optimum program that empowers brands to engage effectively with their target audiences. But if you wish to harness the power of social media marketing tools, then you must opt for a software that provides standout features to maximize your business revenue. The potent features include-

smms features

Top Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Tool is Essential for Every Business Domain?

Enhanced Brand Reputation and Management- You will agree that social media platforms are one of the handiest and reliable vehicles when it comes to enhancing brand reputation and management. Implementing the Best Free Social Media Marketing Software helps to increase business visibility across different social media networks. You need to choose the right social media channel.

Aggregate the Massive Data- The social media marketers have to aggregate large quantities of data from mobile applications and other devices. The data needs to be stored in a single database. It is here that the best social media marketing solution helps you streamline the management of multiple social media networks to nourish brand storytelling.

Improved Search Engine Rankings- You must know that search engine optimization is crucial to obtain higher page rankings and more web traffic. Marketing experts believe that if you select and integrate the right social media marketing software, it will directly increase search engine rankings.  

Effectively Post the Right Content- The social media marketing software has been equipped with various interactive tools such as quick comments, unique options, and emotions. It has allowed the audience to connect more deeply with the content. The tools even help you to post exclusive and informative content that generates audience attention. 

Get Real-Time Update of the Conversions- Social media marketing provides instant and real-time access to updates and the latest trends in social media networks. You can plan a viable strategy and keep an eye on negative and derogatory comments or messages. 

Now that you are aware of the pivotal benefits of social media marketing software, it's time to discuss the top 8 free and open source social media marketing tools. You can have a look at the image below.

 Best 8 Free and Open Source Social Media Marketing Software

8 best SMMS

Comparing the Top 8 Free and Open Source Social Media Marketing Software

comparing SMMS


Socioboard is one of the leading and reliable Free and Open Source Social Media Marketing Software that powers business enterprises with a substantial lead generation on various social media platforms, robust customer support, and automation abilities. It helps entrepreneurs harness social media marketing strategies by using a set of advanced tools. 

Socioboard is also involved in developing innovative products for a wide range of social media networks. It also builds desktop applications that have been restrained by different APIs of social platforms. Even the mobile apps provide a unique and compelling user experience with the original network. 

This best free and open source social media marketing software provides three distinctive versions, all having various sets of features. One can select the text based on specific business requirements. 

image of socioboard

Image source: Socioboard

Salient Features-

  • This free open source social media marketing tool is highly-scalable and customizable.
  • It offers swift and simple management of multiple social media platforms.
  • One also comes across interactive social discovery and instant feeds.
  • The software is integrated with CRM and team collaboration tools.
  • It provides modern tools for scheduling and publishing.
  • The users even get real-time analytics with different parameters.
  • The open source social media marketing software can streamline tasks with intuitive workflow management. 
  • Client management becomes much more comfortable and flexible. 
  • Socioboard helps to automate social media company profiles. 
  • It is extensible in the plugin format. 
  • This free social media marketing tool is available both on Android and iOS platforms.


CampaignChain is yet another venerable option of the best free and open source social media marketing software. The social media marketers can use this software to create a powerful social media marketing campaign, execute it efficiently, and monitor the results to plan better strategies. The free and open source social media marketing software even allows social media strategists to optimize their tactics across multiple platforms and channels. 

The leading open source social media marketing software enables the marketing teams to orchestrate corporate interactions anytime and get real-time data to streamline marketing campaigns. They also have the leverage of automated marketing workflows and customized ROI reports. The social media marketing tool also helps businesses to retain their potential clients with optimal services.

image for campaignchain

Image source: CampaignChain

Prominent Features-

  • CampaignChain allows marketers to integrate their marketing tools with the software for real-time holistic marketing experience.
  • This free social media marketing tool helps social media strategists prepare and manage different marketing campaigns based on business requirements. They can even create marketing activities and milestones and copy a campaign template to convert it into repeated or scheduled drives. 
  • This social media marketing tool allows marketers to manage current and future marketing campaigns in a single timeline. They can edit the data and use drag-and-drop to prepone or postpone the campaigns. 
  • The marketing professionals can plan all activities and milestones according to the calendar schedule.. 
  • The social media marketing experts can have real-time access to all the ongoing and upcoming marketing campaign executions. 
  • This social media marketing software helps in analyzing the engagement statistics for each of the activities. CampaignChain uses Google Analytics to monitor web traffic on different social media platforms and decide on a compelling call-to-action to increase visitors' numbers.


Hootsuite has become one of the prominent social media marketing software and management tools that align all your social media campaigns on a single platform. You can also select the appropriate social media channel or forum to schedule and publish your content with ease. The free social media marketing tool helps your business seamlessly connect with the right set of targeted audiences to amplify your brand reputation. 

It becomes much easier to create flawless and engaging content such as social media posts on various platforms. You can also track your social media presence 24x7 and automatically schedule the posts according to the set calendar.

Hootsuite provides automated solutions that help to upscale the impact of paid and organic advertisements. It has a scalable advocacy solution enabling you to expand the social search. The analytical solution allows you to make data-driven decisions. You can even download the Hootsuite mobile application. You can check out the free version of the social media marketing tool and select the appropriate plan based on your specific business needs. 

image hootsuite

Image source: HootSuite 

Essential Features

  • You can get access to the real-time audience using HootSuite Insights, and the various online conversations. 
  • Hootsuite enables you to integrate your social listening software with advanced tools to get instant essential information from the dashboard. 
  • Hootsuite provides a comprehensive overview of the results of all social media platforms from one place. You can then set the performance standards and analyze areas that need improvement. 
  • With Hootsuite Impact, you can easily calculate the ROI on your social media marketing investments. You can also find out how the software helps drive more sales, leads, and conversions. 
  • You can monitor the duration of response time for solving customer queries. Track the overall performance of your team. 
  • HootSuite allows you to maximize the value of Facebook posts and manage social media advertising all in one place. 
  • Plan your cost, create rich content, and publish it on different platforms to engage more customers. 
  • Manage all your incoming messages efficiently and smoothly. Make sure you give timely responses to any questions or comments.


Mention is a free social media marketing tool that helps business enterprises manage their brands and expand their online presence. It also plays an essential role in enhancing brand awareness and allows you to monitor your social media platform statistics. You can even analyze and compare online conversations to create your strategy accordingly. Besides that, Mention enables you to curate informative and engaging content based on essential insights. 

Mention also provides advanced listening tools, which can improve your communication and social media marketing capabilities. Social media marketing tools assist in making accurate and quick business decisions depending on social media insights. 

You can even use this social media marketing application to track your Facebook, Twitter regularly, and Instagram posts to receive mentions in real-time. You can monitor any company such as your competitor, their products, and customers. 

image mention

Image Source: Mention 

Important Features

  • Mention provides complete updated analytics related to your industry.
  • You can track all your posts, competitors, and social media marketing campaigns online from a single place. 
  • Get a comprehensive overview of the dashboard to understand the latest trends with the help of data visualization.               
  • The software also allows you to schedule your content according to the calendar with the weekly view.
  • Easily listen to what your audience is saying and demanding. It helps you to prepare a social media strategy.


RecurPost is one of the best free social media marketing and scheduling software that automatically lets you share all the updates at the most convenient time to surge your social media presence every week. It is indeed the best free social media marketing software for broadcasting the content and spreading your brand amongst the potential customers. 

One of the major unique selling points of this software is its real-time access to repeat scheduling for free. RecurPost can help you schedule your Facebook posts, tweets, LinkedIn and Instagram posts, and more. You can also regularly post on Google My Business page to boost your search engine rankings. 

image recurpost

Image source: RecurPost 


  • The social media marketing software allows you to schedule all your content hassle-free with the help of a smart scheduler. 
  • Enhance your team collaboration to share automatic updates at regular intervals while executing social media strategies. 
  • Find relevant and informative content easily according to your convenience.
  • RecurPost is also available in the form of a mobile application. 
  • You can personalize your reports, use your logo, and maintain the brand value simultaneously. 
  • You also have the leverage of migrating from the previous scheduler with ease. You don't have to recreate the updates.


If you are looking to get the best free social media marketing solution and a tool that can optimize your social media profile, then Musifor is a venerable option. The software simply helps you to visualize, plan, schedule, and automate the post on various social media platforms. 

Musifor helps you streamline all your social media campaigns and strategies, whether promoting a single brand or managing multiple social media for various brands. The tool manages all client activities from a single central hub. You can also use the tool to store all your media files and access them from any device. You can organize and synchronize the images and videos with ease. Besides, Musifor also allows you to edit the photos using the drag-and-drop solutions. 

Musofir image

Image source: Musifor 


  • The Best part about Musifor is that you don't have to download and install social media marketing software. You can use it directly from the web browser.
  • You can also save a lot of valuable time as you need to devote just 15-20 minutes of your time to create a result-driven social media strategy to reach out to customers. 
  • You can schedule the time to publish your post according to your convenience. 
  • You can view all analytics and keep track of how your social media marketing strategy is performing. It helps you monitor your target audience and their preferences. 
  • Musifor enables you to focus on prime influencers and top potential customers to engage them more effectively. 
  • Musifor provides comprehensive and robust data security.


Buffer is one of the leading and extensively used social media marketing and management software that has incredibly helped various brands increase their target audience and enhance meaningful engagement. The software allows you to publish your content across varied platforms and unleash the benefit of updated Instagram posts. You can also analyze the performance of social media campaigns, create reports, and get valuable insights on how to get more audiences on board. 

With Buffer, you can plan and schedule your Instagram stories, create and save hashtags for Instagram posts, including a first comment when scheduling a post, add location and tags to your posts, and much more. Buffer also helps to create your community on Instagram. Buffer provides a 14-day trial period before offering the paid version of the software. 

Buffer image

Image source: Buffer 


  • Create high-quality, meaningful posts by collaborating with your team to grab the attention of the audience.
  • Plan and orchestrate your social media marketing campaigns along with the engaging content.
  • Get comprehensive insights into your brand's performance on different social media networks.
  • Easily craft reports for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn posts using an intuitive analytics dashboard.
  • Get answers to all the common questions related to social media marketing strategies in one place.


Do you want to generate more leads from your social media platforms? If yes, then DrumUp is a viable social media software tool to cater to all your business requirements. The tool helps you to schedule the curated content and repeat posts automatically. It helps discover and share high-quality content with different social media accounts allowing you to start a meaningful conversation with your target audiences. 

The social media marketing software provides a smart and sophisticated solution enabling you to curate, review quickly, and publish your posts. Besides that, it also includes a chrome extension to discover and schedule new content. The innovative technologies like Machine Learning, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and algorithms generate unique content suggestions. You need to note that DrumUp first offers a 14-day free trial period and then you can select the free version of the software. 

drumup image

Source: DrumUp


  • DrumUp is a free social media marketing software after the trial version that helps create industry-specific content and generate unique ideas.
  • The tool can provide a day-to-day story update based on particular themes. 
  • The software helps in monitoring your brand with the help of keywords. 
  • You can add multiple social media accounts at one time.   
  • DrumUp Analytics measures the success of social media marketing campaigns. 
  • You can manage your social media campaigns even on Android and iPhone devices. 
  • Get the latest trends related to social media marketing to stay on top of your business. 
  • So far the blog highlighted eight best free and open source social media software that you can implement to build a brand and increase customer base.  But there is one popular social media marketing tool that you can use for the same purpose.

So far, the blog highlighted eight best free and open source social media software that you can implement to build a brand and increase customer base.  But there is one popular social media marketing tool that you can use for the same purpose. 

HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot Marketing Hub is indeed one of the most popular and top-notch social media marketing software that helps surge your loads, grow web traffic, and monitor all the marketing funnel. It is the Best Social Media Marketing Solution that offers a wide array of promotional platforms such as the marketing hub, the sales hub, the Free CRM tool, and the service hub. 

It allows you to curate and publish relevant content and blogs, an integral part of social media marketing. You can even launch a landing page across multiple platforms, add new forms, and automatically change the content based on who's viewing it. 

The HubSpot Marketing Hub also enables you to create outstanding email templates and personalize your subject line automatically. You can run the A/B tests to improve click rates. The software equipped with a marketing automation tool that empowers your leads to find their way and strike the deal. The automation tool allows you to use the lead's behavior and customize content and emails based on your audience. 

Apart from all these, you can also implement HubSpot social media marketing software to manage the leads, get customer insights through analytics, and many more benefits, all at a cost-effective price. You can opt for the free version of the social media marketing software where you get email marketing, forms, contact management, live chat option, and a few more features. 

Hubspot image

Image source: HubSpot Marketing Hub

Pivotal Features-

  • HubSpot Marketing Hub is the best free social media marketing tool helping to launch result-driven and effective marketing campaigns to drive more customers on board. 
  • It enables you to create polished content and landing pages without any support or assistance from the developers.
  • You also get instant SEO suggestions to develop a viable content strategy to drive more traffic to your website.
  • You can convert visitors into potential customers and quality leads.
  • Allow your users to access the right content by segregation of marketing assets.
  • You can monitor the ROI of all the key social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, etc. and justify the ad spendings. 
  • You can integrate the social media marketing software with salesforce to record every email, form submission, and click per page. 
  • HubSpot can help in efficiently organizing your team and use partitioning to assign them marketing assets. 
  • Keep a track record of your customers and reports that impact revenue generation.

Wrapping the Discussion

One can even anticipate that social media marketing global market size will increase to $15.6 billion by 2025. And implementing the best free and open source social media marketing software will add yet another feather in the cap as it will incredibly boost your sales, increase the lead generation, and bring more potential customers to a business. 

Hence, social media marketing software is one of the most crucial and must-have assets for all business organizations, regardless of their sizes. It helps in effective content curation, strategizing campaigns, content scheduling, customer engagement, listening, and much more. One can invest in a software tool that fits the business requirements and budget estimate. 

GoodFirms is a leading and trusted research, review, and rating platform that provides a list of all prominent software tools to suit your purpose. If you have used any software or tool, please feel free to share your valuable reviews and feedback.

You are also invited to browse through other software categories pages and select the best one. 







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