Student Information System Software

The Best 7 Free and Open Source Student Information System Software

The Best 7 Free and Open Source Student Information System Software

A school topper who had been performing well throughout the academic year was told he had failed the final examinations. When this incident came to light, it raised a few eyebrows, and upon investigating, it was realized that there was a mix-up, and the names of two students had been unintentionally interchanged. This embarrassing yet rather hilarious situation works as a catalyst for other school owners not to repeat this mistake. This is why it is recommended to follow a Student Information System Software, which, if maintained and utilized regularly, will put an end to these mix-ups and develop the performance in a way that no student of that particular institution would fail.

History of Student Information System

Some of the early software programs did not cater to the complete cycle of student development until the last decade. Systems like Blackboard and Jetspeed only allowed communication between the parents and schools to a certain extent and were not easily accessible by everyone. Those software seldom worked on updated technology and were expensive to put into use. Students had to run all around their school to grab a single piece of paper that could otherwise have been readily available if the administration had used proper student information software. The most common excuse of any student “I forgot” has been prevalent since the beginning of education, but with the right student information system, that excuse can turn into achievement with “I did it.”. A student information management system is a viable platform to remain updated on all student-related activities. It has come a long way from a mere interaction to become highly intelligent software for the growth of students. 

Consequence of not having a proper SIS

Not using a relevant SIS per the school’s requirements will lead to wastage of resources in monetary terms and, most importantly, time. Using relevant products in a school is a must and increases the chances of being better than the rest.        

What is a Student Information Software?

Student Information System Software is designed to store all the particulars of a student, which is directly related to a student’s all-round performance. SIS stores information and simplifies the retrieval at any time and place. It helps manage a student’s academic, extracurricular, and disciplinary records with a single click. It is also a system that allows smooth integration of parents, lecturers, students, and school administrators. 


Some students always have trouble understanding some lectures of certain professors. To make it easier for them to grow interest in the coursework, the development of proper SIS software led to a turnaround in the education system, and gradually better results were seen. The primary objective of Student Information Software is to make students, teachers, and parents acquainted with the workings of the school and how it directly affects students' performance. Using SIS will make everyone aware of their tasks and responsibilities, and the ease of access will enhance students’ interest in academics as children like to type and click rather than write. Not using a relevant Student Information Management System per the school’s requirements will lead to wastage of resources in monetary terms and, most importantly, time. Using relevant products in a school is a must and increases the chances of being better than the rest. It enables flexible reconfiguration of the application to enhance its life cycle and meet the change in demand. The reach of this software is not limited to schools. It has the potential to assist and benefit in any institution such as colleges, universities, training or coaching centers, and any environment wherein a student is involved.

Features / Benefits

Student Information Software accumulates all the requirements for a student’s enhancement. The use of a relevant student information management system brought an end to the tiresome era of students and teachers looking to find any document. They can now easily access information related to any student with a single click on their devices. Following are the key features of a student information system software:

  • Availability of information through a single medium
  • Monitoring student activities
  • Scheduling of exams and attendance
  • Streamlined process
  • Library management
  • Hostel management
  • Health records
  • Central authority for ease of access
  • Centralized accounting and billing procedures
  • Integrating parents, teachers, and administrators
  • Arranging of financial aid and scholarships
  • Managing placement services 
  • Alumni and fundraising
  • Easy to use for any layman user
  • Designed to support large amounts of data simultaneously be accessed by multiple users
  • Capability to support all kinds of requests
  • Storage availability for scanned photographs
  • Easy uploading of information to the system
  • Only designated users can make changes to the system, thereby increasing the security of information 
  • Generation of real-time reports and customized reports
  • Accepts various types of electronic signatures
  • Easy-to-change operating or processing setups

Using an open-source student information software is primary to any school’s development and makes the future better by making students independent and aware of their responsibilities.

7 Free and Open Source SIS

Let us first go through the comparison chart of 7 best free and open source student information system software before moving on to the individual software listings.

Comparison Chart of Student Information System Software

The Best 7 Free and Open Source Student Information System Software


OpenSIS is a customized, scalable, and secure Student Information System which is bound to increase student achievement and teacher performances. A SaaS deployment, it is hosted on cloud servers. OpenSIS carries a belief of bringing regular upgrades to the software and making the customers involved. It is available in three editions.

OpenSIS Software

                                               (Image Source: OpenSIS)

Key highlights of OpenSIS

  • Real-time data access and updates
  •  Student dashboard with "at-risk" indicator
  •  Attendance management, tracking, and notification
  •  Discipline management and reporting
  •  User customizable preferences
  •  Provides built-in messaging
  •  Graduation requirements and progress
  •  Parent Portal availability
  •  Advanced Reports
  •  Multiple types of scheduling
  •  Gradebook
  • Multi-school support

Available in 49 languages, OpenSIS provides education solutions for every type and size of school. A transactional software, it contains all the details of a student right from admission through graduation.

The community edition caters to any school size by providing all necessary features. The ultimate goal is to build a vibrant community and get the customers to co-create.

Centre SIS

A premier open source student information system, Centre/SIS constantly innovates and is designed to address basic yet challenging requirements of a school.

Center/SIS Software

      (Image Source: Centre SIS)

Key highlights of Centre/SIS

  • School set-up
  •  Student demographics
  •  Share hours
  •  Scheduling
  •  Attendance
  •  Eligibility
  •  Student billing
  •  Library management
  •  Referral
  •  Online Application
  •  Comprehensive grade book
  • State reporting

Available in private client and community editions, Centre/SIS contains various modules and components providing a platform for the user to store and access all kinds of information on students' development. It is a SaaS-based platform and carries a modular design to ease into using the software.


A free and open-source Student Information System, Rosario SIS believes in providing quality tools free of cost to enhance modern education. It delivers ten main modules.

RosarioSIS Software

                                              (Image Source: Rosario SIS)

Key highlights of Rosario SIS

  • Compatible with all devices
  •  Creative statistical charts for decision making
  •  PDF document generation
  •  Powerful student search module
  •  Manage and consult a calendar
  •  Moodle Learning Management System integrated
  •  Online registration
  •  Scheduling
  •  Student demographics
  •  Student grades
  •  Food service module
  •  Discipline module
  •  Available in various languages
  •  Modules add-on
  •  Plugins add-on
  • Themes add-on

Powered by PHP and PostgreSQL, Rosario SIS is accessible as a web application through any computer with an internet connection. It is designed to fit any school.


Being a free and open-source SIS, Gibbon is one of the most widely used and accepted SIS software that provides a platform to solve problems faced by educators daily. Gibbon meets the needs of all types of schools through its flexible working.

Gibbon SIS Software

     (Image source: Gibbon)

Key highlights of Gibbon

  • Planner
  •  Divide courses into learning areas
  •  Individual timetables
  •  Create lists for school activities
  •  Create personalized learning needs and plans
  •  Library
  •  Attendance
  •  Create notes on discipline
  •  Data updater
  •  Form groups
  •  Record and report on mark book
  •  Track progress
  •  Formal assessment
  •  Send messages through messenger
  • Manage bills and fees through finance

A multilingual platform, Gibbon is available in nineteen languages with further translations in progress. It is student-centered, teacher-led, and provides access to everyone related to the student.

Educators have designed the workflow by receiving feedback from people using the software every day.


iGuru is a user-friendly open-source student information system software providing features to access and manage key data and important information effectively and efficiently. It is a cloud-based software making it readily accessible at any time and make use of the required information.

iGuru SIS Software

(Image Source: iGuru)

Key highlights of iGuru

  • Attendance taken through a mobile app
  •  Homework assigned through push notifications
  •  Timetables and exam related information are stored
  •  Tracking
  •  Media for school events
  •  Library
  •  Displays reports
  •  Inventory
  •  Student profile
  • Built-in instant messenger

Admissions are a crucial aspect of any school for them to grow and develop. iGuru provides accurate and precise admission management and monitoring. It is a centralized process, and any inquiry related to admission can be addressed using the platform.

eduTrac SIS

eduTrac SIS is a free and open-source Student Record System. Advanced reports can run through its SQL interface.

eduTrac SIS Software

(Image Source: eduTrac)

Key highlights of eduTrac

  • Create individual records
  • Manage roles and permissions
  • Schedule and manage courses
  • View students' academic progress
  • Assign advisor
  • Withdrawal of students from courses
  • Efficient Grade book
  • Communication availability
  • Set-up and manage semesters
  • Finance module
  • Availability of SQL to run advanced reports

Responsive, lightweight, fast, and laden with features, eduTrac provides an excellent platform to categorize a school's routines and functions effectively. The availability of a portal “myeduTrac” will enable students to view, search, and register for courses.


SchoolTool provides secure access to real-time data and time-saving tools. It makes staying connected and informed easier for teachers and parents with updated records and reports.

SchoolTool SIS Software

      (Image Source: SchoolTool)

Key highlights of SchoolTool

  • Web-based
  • Provides mobile access
  • Feature-rich grade book
  • Create reports with any desired field
  • Integration for improvement
  • Centralized authority to minimize duplication of information
  • Real-time availability of updated information such as attendance or grades
  • Provides enhanced demographics
  • Easy accessibility of stored information
  • Easy scheduling to save time when required
  • Drag and drop function for ease of access
  • Round the clock online support for any queries

Continuously evolving and updating their software has made SchoolTool a widely known student information software. The latest version release has allowed teachers to create detailed reports on the discipline of each student and the classroom activities.


Skyward is the most popular Student Information Software in the market. Implementing the “SMOOTH” technique has resulted in developing an improved timeline and assists by communicating and training people to understand the concept better.

Skyward SIS Software

(Image Source: Skyward)

Key highlights of Skyward

  • Scheduling
  • Curriculum management
  • Enrollment and registration
  • Fee management
  • Report writer
  • Attendance
  • Behavior tracking
  • Gradebook
  • Message center
  • Online course requests
  • Food services
  • Health services
  • College and career readiness
  • Professional development

Using Skyward will increase the communication between parents and the school to receive regular updates about how their ward is performing and developing for the better.


Students, in this highly competitive educational environment, are under tremendous pressure to perform well and score good marks. With an SIS Software, daily activities and coursework can now be easily understood by the students, reducing the time they had to run around to find their notes. Easily understandable software along with round-the-clock availability of information has changed and evolved the traditional outlook towards learning course content. 

For schools, this system has streamlined its process of regulating information and maintaining authenticity. An increase in awareness and responsibility in students has been highly visible with the use of a Student Information Software, which is paramount in these times. Regular performance updates, management of records and future activities, and simple functions are bound to benefit the students and enhance their interest.

Thorough research of GoodFirms’ list of best Student Information System Software will make it easy for the school to pick the one software that fits into their core values.

Share your feedback if you have used any of the SIS Systems. 

If you intend to broaden your knowledge about other beneficial software, we would be delighted to help if you click here.

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