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10 Best Free and Open Source Ticketing Software

10 Best Free and Open Source Ticketing Software

In Greek mythology, the Sphinx with the head of a woman, body of a lion, the wings of an eagle and tail of a serpent guarded the city of Thebes. It would allow passage to the travelers only if they were able to answer her riddle. If travelers failed to answer the Sphinx would devour them. Travelers earned the right to the passage (ticket) by solving the puzzle. It was the earliest and crudest form of the ticket system.

A concrete ticket system begins with the Greek and Roman theatres. Romans used clay disk to stamp seats and later London theatre managers started giving metal tokens that served as a pre-paid ticket for the audience. By the late 19th century, paper tickets came into circulation, and it became an accepted norm. In the 21st century, after the advent of the internet, online tickets became a prevalent form of ticket circulation. Online ticketing required special software to ease the process. Ticketing software came into existence that made the process of online ticketing simple and profitable.

What is Ticketing?

Ticketing is a process of authorizing the ticket holder with some right or permission to avail a service or a grant. A ticket can be a piece of paper, a token, electronic message or email, a voucher, and many more. For example, a movie ticket provides the ticket holder a right to enter the cinema hall and have a reserved seat to watch the movie. An airline ticket gives the ticket holder the right to board the plane and reach his or her destination as pre-mentioned in the ticket. In short, a ticket is an entitlement to enjoy a service or a right.

A ticket is usually bought by the ticket holder to avail the benefits the ticket provides. In some cases, tickets are given as a gift or free voucher for promotional or rewarding activities.

Need for a Ticketing Software:

Ticketing may look simple, but it is a very complex activity. It is not only limited to the issuing of a ticket to someone, but it also encompasses the whole process of managing the activity behind the issued ticket. The scale at which today's events are organized, makes it impossible to handle the entire ticketing process manually.

Businesses now rely on the ticketing software to handle the process of ticketing, to avoid the mismanagement and loss of revenue due to wrongly issued tickets, to prevent ticket scams and to streamline the process of ticketing.

What is a Ticketing Software?

Ticketing software is an application or software that provides the ease of booking, producing, selling, and managing tickets. It has a lot of features to oversee ticketing operations. It is used by event organizers to facilitate the process of online ticket booking and optimize the ticketing process. 

Benefits ticketing software

What are the features of a Ticketing software?

  • Event Ticketing:

 The software creates a page for an event with all information about the event such as venue, ticket price, terms and conditions, Payment URL, and other relevant things.

  • Membership Management:

If the event company organizes many events every year and wants to form a loyal customer base, then it can start a membership program for regular ticket buyers. The software helps to send the membership details, kits, welcome emails, and discounts available to members, emails regarding renewal of membership, and many more.

  • Seating Management:

The software helps in charting the seating layout for the event with the facility to keep price variations for different seats. Once the organizers approve the seating plan, the audience can select their preferred seats online.

  • Event Marketing

The software can send bulk emails to market the events. Its social media integration helps to market the events on popular social media sites.

  • Online Ticketing and Mobile Ticketing

The software allows users to buy tickets from their desktops or mobile phones and it sends the tickets on mobile via an SMS or emails them on their email id.

  • Donor Management

If the event is for charity purpose, then the organizers may ask for donations from the ticket buyers or other general public. The ticketing software takes care of the donor-related transactions. It will also send thank you emails to the donors.

  • Payment Processing:

The software processes the payment for the tickets purchased. It will also initiate the refund process for failed transactions. It has integration with all popular payment methods.

  •  Ticket scanning

The software can create bar codes with each issued ticket. The software sends the link of the bar code to the buyer. Organizers can scan the codes at the entrance to cross-verify the tickets by prompting the buyer to open the sent link containing the bar code.

  • Convenience Fee Control

If the organizers want to charge an extra fee for the online booking facility, then the software assimilates it in its feature. It also lets the organizers take control of charging a convenience fee on particular payment methods. For instance, paying via internet banking is kept free, but a convenience fee applies if he or she pays through a credit card. 

  • Real-time analytics

The software tracks the conversion rate of people who visited the site and people who bought the tickets. It provides graphs and charts of the revenues, tickets sold, tickets available, tickets order list, coupons used, etc.

  • Branding Control

Users can create their logos, graphics, themes, and layout to make the ticket page appear in synchronization with their brand. Users can create customized tickets using such software.

  • Social media Integration

The software has integration with social media sites and allows ticket buyers to share the event and tag friends. This way, every buyer becomes a potential brand ambassador for your business. 

  • Security Management

The software has inbuilt features to look after any security glitch, cyber attack attempt, illegal buying to maintain the security of the ticketing operations.

Safe your tickets and events from scam

We have compiled the list of 10 best free and open-source Ticketing Software:

  1. Attendize
  2. Opentickets
  3. Pretix
  4. Artful.ly
  5. Eventbee
  6. Ticketsource
  7. Yapsody
  8. Weems
  9. Thundertix
  10. Expresso ticketing

Comparison table of 10 Best Free and Open Source Ticketing Software

Chart to compare ticketing software

1. Attendize

Attendize is a free and open source ticketing software licensed under the Attribution Assurance License.


  • Attendee list in print format
  • Real-time statistics about the event
  • Payment in multiple currencies allowed
  • Hassle-free checkout process.
  • QR code on the ticket
  • Option to put the logo on the ticket
  • Tracking sales and visits
  • Supports all payment channels
  • Support for offline payments.
  • Payment refund facility
  • Service charge adding option
  • Email facility to mail all attendees
  • QR code scanner for attendees door entry
  • Data export in multiple formats



2. OpenTickets

OpenTickets is a Ticket Sales platform. Leveraging open-source technologies, OpenTickets provides cost-effective ticket selling solutions. It is compatible with all devices such as Ipad, I phone, and Android. The setup process ranges from 10 mins to a couple of hours depending upon the complexity of the seating plan.


  • Create and sell event tickets
  • Allow customers to keep digital E-tickets
  • Event Ticket sales Reporting
  • Publish Events
  • Various layout options to design the ticket page
  • Payment processing
  • Support through the community forum
  • Seating chart formulation

Open tickets

(Source- Opentickets)

3. Pretix

Pretix is a free and open source ticketing software to manage your ticketing operations. Its community edition is free to use, and it is Mobile and tablet friendly with options to customize the design, theme, layout, and style.


  • Donation management
  • Pretix embeds into organizers' website. It allows the ticket buyer to buy a ticket without leaving the event website.
  • User-friendly seating layout
  • It shows the automated waiting list that gets updated in case of ticket cancellation or payment defaults.
  • Create voucher codes for discounts
  • Sends multiple emails to participants at various stages of booking
  • Integration with Google analytics and Face book pixels for campaign tracking.
  • Build Reseller network for offline ticket sales
  • Payment directly to the organizer's bank account.
  • It generates tickets in PDF format to send directly to mobile or mail.
  • During check-ins, pretixSCAN app scans the attendees' tickets even in offline mode
  • Data export option in PDF, CSV and excel sheet is available



4. Artful.ly

Artful.ly is an intuitive and user-friendly free ticketing software. It has no sign-up fees or installation process. It works online after the login process. This software gives users more control over their ticketing operations.


  • Artful.ly Storefront allows for selling tickets on the organizer's site
  • Credit and debit cards processing
  • Monitor cash sales
  • Donation management
  • WordPress plug-in
  • Provide discount codes to buyers
  • Contact records importing from Excel, Access and other databases
  • Provides past event’s attendance data
  • Ticket sales reports
  • View participant's buying history on a single dashboard
  • Automatic email receipts sent to buyers
  • Membership management
  • Bank-grade security and encryption in the payment process

Artfully ticketing software


5. Eventbee

Eventbee is a free ticketing software that provides quality ticketing services. It has a very sophisticated social media sharing capacities.


  • Hosted Event Page
  • Registration Form for joining the event
  • Manage Donations
  • Event Page Design
  • Attendee Reports
  • Ticket Sales Reports
  • Export Reports (Excel, CSV)
  • Confirmation Email to all participants
  • E-Tickets With QR Code
  • Manual Registrations
  • Facebook/Twitter/Google+ Sharing
  • Custom Event Page URL
  • Ticket Display Options
  • Discount Codes
  • Integration with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel for real-time updates
  • Tracking URLs & Reports
  • A waiting list for participants to accommodate in case of cancellation
  • Custom PDF Ticket
  • Scan Ids during check-ins
  • Various seating charts and reserved seating option
  • Ticketing Rules

event bee ticketing software


6. Ticketsource

Ticket source is a free online ticketing software. Ticket source has an interactive design, and it is one of the best ticketing software when it comes to creating the venue layout of your event. It allows adding unique URL created by the software to user's social media account for better traction. It is a powerful tool for event’s promotional activities as it sends professional mails for promotion to the customers


  • Lets organizers sell other sundry items along with the ticket.
  • Time-limited price category option which allows dynamically changing price according to the time.
  • Discount codes option lets buyer get discounts while paying if they have discount codes.
  • Sell 24 by 7
  • Integration of offline and online sales
  • In case of event cancellation, the software sends a notification to all participants along with the refund.
  • It allows multiple admin logins.
  • Seats can be blocked, unblocked, reserved by the organizer.
  • Tickets have QR code
  • Offline scanning is allowed
  • List of all attendees to check manually at the door.
  • Real-time ticket sales tracking
  • Post-event analysis to see which event categories were more successful than others
  • Integration with Google, Facebook and Twitter analytics
  • Customer database export option

ticket source

(Source-Ticket source)

7. Yapsody

Yapsody is a free ticketing software that has integrated all the features that enterprises suggested it. The best part of Yapsody is the digital marketing assistance that they provide to the organizers.


  • Early purchase discounts
  • Multiple user access management
  • Preview ticket option available
  • Buyers can purchase multiple events with Yapsody shopping cart
  • YapSecure by Yapsody is a system for secure online transactions
  • Apply surcharges on transactions
  • Ticket scanning on iPhone and Android
  • Real-time event statistics on iPhone & Android
  • Facebook Pixel integration
  • Mail integration for sending bulk emails to all attendees
  • SEO support for each event
  • Generates links to start promotional discounts
  • Secure and flexible payment gateway
  • Support for multiple payment options
  • Sell tickets online

Yapsody Ticketing Software


8. Weemss

Whether you are looking for selling tickets for concerts, galas, festivals, conferences, tradeshows or tours, Weemss is a one-stop tool for all your ticketing needs. It is an advanced ticketing tool that provides multi-language and multi-currency support.


  • Supports 40+ languages
  • Create multiple ticket categories with variable pricing
  • Allows individual ticket booking as well as a group booking
  • Organizers can make their convenient seating layout
  • Build Labels for marking reserved seats, VIP seats, blocked seats
  • Enables printing of tickets and badges
  • Supports 160+ currency types
  • Payment integration with renowned payment gateways
  • Build a customized registration form
  • Weemss enables embedding into organizers website
  • It sends emails for registration, payment, refund, and cancellation.
  • Mobile phone QR code scanning at check-in points
  • Real-time indicators providing statistical information about ticket sales, revenues generated event performance.
  • Clone event allows creating a similar event content from  the previous one
  • Data ownership is of the organizer for future marketing

Weems ticketing software


9. Thundertix

Thundertix is very popular ticketing software among the theaters; live music shows organizers and dance recitals. It has highly advanced features such as thermal ticketing and MailChimp synchronization. It has a cloud-based server which makes it reliable for big events where thousands of tickets sell in a couple of minutes.


  • Reserved seating option
  • Receive instant payments for tickets purchased through Thundertix software
  • Analytics dashboard to gain sales insight
  • Thundertix maintains a complete customer database with records of previous purchases by customers. It helps in marketing.
  • Online donations allowed by ticket buyers for events organized by NGOs
  • Organizers mailing list data is synchronized with Thundertix software
  • Option to sell tickets on the Facebook page of the organizer where the event is being promoted.
  • Integration with Google analytics
  • Dynamic ticket pricing



10. Expresso ticketing

Expresso Ticketing is best for small to medium event organizers who need full, in-house control of their customer information, ticket selling, and inventory process.


  • Event venue management
  • General admission scanning
  • Reserved seating
  • Individual event ticketing or season event ticketing
  • Customer data collection
  • Reports for sales, refunds, exchanges, and reservations
  • Advanced query options
  • Ticket sales management
  • Refund initiation and payment processing

Expresso ticketing

(Source-Expresso ticketing)


A lot has changed in the way people buy tickets nowadays. With ever-developing technology and an increase in the use of smartphones, customers prefer to buy tickets online, which spares them the difficulties that they have to face while buying tickets in the physical form. Customers want discounts, the best deals, and the lowest price available to buy tickets without the need to stand in queues.

Event organizers, box office management, travel industry, museums, exhibitions, amusement parks, and many more are the ones that have 'ticket selling' as a significant component of their business process. They must be well-equipped to cater to the needs of the customers and accordingly align their processes to create a value proposition for their businesses. It is prudent for them to use technology to sell their tickets quickly and without a hassle. Ticketing software makes the ticketing activity organized and efficient for the organizers. People trust such organizers more, value the experience, and appreciate the ease and the transparency that they get while buying tickets online. 

Ticketing software offers a lot of benefits as a back-office technology. It provides an easy, reliable, and cost-effective way to sell tickets. Ticketing software is a must required entity for the smooth functioning of their businesses. The future of businesses using appropriate and high-end ticketing software is bright. Businesses can select any of the ticketing software mentioned in this article after giving thoughtful consideration to their requirements. 

Do share your opinion about the article in the comments section below. If you have used any of the Ticketing software mentioned above, then do share your feedback with us. 

If you wish to refer to any Ticketing software or any other software category other than Ticketing software, then do look at our software directory.

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