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The Best 8 Free and Open Source Time Clock Software Solutions

The Best 8 Free and Open Source Time Clock Software Solutions

From 1888’s Bundy Clocks to present day’s biometric time recording machines, time clock systems have always been in use for various purposes. The need to efficiently track and manage employees’ attendance records made them quite useful among the businesses and service sectors.

It all started when Birmingham City Transport Company initially started using Bundy Clock system. The system ensured that bus drivers should always leave the terminal for their scheduled journey after the Bundy Clock signals them for the due time. Today’s time clock systems are used in many shops and offices to keep track of the time used by the workmen or employees to complete their respective jobs.

Bundy Time Clock

Bundy Time Clock (Source: WikiPedia/Time_clock)

Accurate tracking is quite critical, especially when labor is the single largest expense category in the majority of businesses and organizations. Automated time clock software solutions are invented as a new version of the traditional time clock systems and punch cards. They do not just simplify punching requirements for the workers but also help busy HR and payroll managers in many ways.

This article will guide you best about the most critical aspects and benefits of the automated time clock software systems. A list of some popular free and open source time clock software solutions that are highly in demand in the market today is also presented.

Why businesses approach modern time clock process?

Modern time clock systems help the employees to clock-in and clock-out from their desks. The traditional process of walking to a time clock in another area and standing in line to punch time has become time-consuming nowadays. Hence, the majority of businesses upgrade to advanced time clock software solutions.

Modern time clock system

Advanced Time Clock System

Advanced time clock management tools are reliable and effective. Paper-based time cards may fall out of the cardholder or can be accidentally lost somewhere by an employee. The advanced time clock software solutions are free from all troubling manual procedures.

Advanced Time Clock Software Solutions

Any business or service-led company needs some time tracking tool for its staff. The motive behind implementing this system is not to restrict the employees time-wise, but to encourage building position reputations, maintaining healthy client relationships, health of the business, and its future development. Therefore, having an accurate, honest and efficient time clock system perfectly makes sense.

Online time clock systems take over human responsibilities related to most of the operational activities in the business. Every time-related activity has become easily countable today due to time clock software solutions. Premium software solutions come with unique add-ons and features, but free and open source time clock software solutions come with the open codebase. You can modify and use the free ones according to your requirements as well. Qualitative time clock software systems with more accurate data help your business to review, understand, and make robust plans for its future benefits.

What time collection methods are incorporated in the present day’s time clock software?

All the time clock systems use some data collection methods. Present day's time clock software include;

  1. Biometric or fingerprint scan
  2. Online time clock, i.e., through a web-based system
  3. Pin entry or swiping a badge
  4. Phone-based system or Time Clock Apps
  5. Proximity Badge

time collection methods

What are the basic functionalities of a time clock software?

Time clock software programs come with useful tools right from clocking in-and-out timings of the employees to scheduling time & breaks, managing leave calendars, task management, employee shifts, and so on. Let us have a look at some basic functionalities of the software that are made available by the majority of time clock management systems:

  1. Dashboard Manager – To clock-in or clock-out simply on the software interface to check schedules, and alerts.
  2. FaceFront Biometrics – To photo capture and face recognition (to identify that the authorized person uses the system).
  3. GPS Tracking – To locate the personnel through geofencing features (marketing and sales professionals and other travelers).
  4. Mobile Time Tracking – To use time tracking facility through smartphones and iPhones.
  5. Reports – To track attendance and leaves for maintaining different types of reports.

How automatic time tracking benefits your business?

Automatic time tracking using time clock software helps the businesses to run their firm in a proactive, accountable, and profitable manner. Let us check below how it can benefit your business in the long run:

Actual Billable Hours: The automatic time clock system helps in tracking the actual billable hours of your employees on their various projects. Elimination of ‘buddy punching’ or unauthorized punching practices is the foremost benefit of this system.

A solution to labor law violations: The time clock system records employees’ work timings in real-time and offers an extensive variety of useful information whenever needed. Notifications, visual indicators, and warnings help the managers as well as employees to manage their time schedules effectively. Easy-to-understand ‘gamification’ features and animations ensure that everyone should be proactive about non-violation of the labor laws.

Auto-reminders for breaks and clock-outs: Auto-reminders are generated by the system to notify when the employees are regularly taking breaks and whether they are doing early clock-ins or delayed clock-outs. It is followed to increase employee’s accountability.

Easy management of time punches and payroll: It is crucial to managing all time punches before a payroll period ends. A thorough review is done to check its authenticity. If an employee requests for editing any particular punch-in or punch-out activity; it is considered after the manager’s approval. After accounting all needed and extra hours, payroll is finalized. Hence, it encourages employees to work productively.

Manage employees using a mobile device: Using the web, text message, or GPS tracking facility is quite common in today’s business environment for checking-in. This mobile-based punching and tracking facility provides ease and convenience to the employer as well as the employees.

Faster Proven ROI: Adopting a time clock software system shows a direct ROI for a business. It is a result of increased productivity due to timely punching, cost management, and time savings. It centralizes the company’s performance data at a single place.

Let us check out some of the top-class free and open source time clock software solutions available online. They will surely help you in managing your company’s time and attendance requirements efficiently.

list of time clock software

Here comes the detailed chart comparing all the above-listed free and open source time clock software solutions. They are the most recognized tools in the market and have their own unique features.

comparison chart for time clock software

Let us discuss all of these software systems in detail.

1. TimeTrex

TimeTrex is a leader in workforce management. It is a free and open-source time clock software that helps its users to utilize advanced and sophisticated biometric time clocks. The community edition of the software is the most popular open-source payroll and time management software. Networks of volunteers from over 50 countries around the world support TimeTrex software.


(Source: TimeTrex)


  • TimeTrex transforms smartphones and tablets into sophisticated facial-recognition touch screen time clocks.
  • iPhone/iPad and Android-based free-to-download mobile apps are made available by TimeTrex that take less than 5 seconds to punch in/out.
  • The software efficiently works for tracking jobs or tasks in the portal.
  • Each punch can easily record then GPS locations and photos.
  • It supports an unlimited number of employees.
  • It is firewall-friendly software and works using WiFi or Cellular (3G/4G/LTE) connectivity.

2. TimeClockFree

A secure, reliable, cloud, and web-based time clock system – TimeClockFree is suitable for any business size. The software is designed for bookkeepers, business owners, and payroll professionals to track time & absence, schedule shifts, paid time off accruals, jobs, and shift note of the employees.

time clock free

(Source: TimeClockFree)


  • AI-based face recognition feature eliminates the use of entering username and password to clock-in.
  • The software supports the use of an external barcode or QR-code scanner. Employees can quickly clock-in using their smartphone camera to scan QR-code.
  • The facility of using Google Map is available to set the GPS zones. Employees can be restricted to clock-in from home with other clock locations like IP address and device ID.
  • TimeClockFree software facilitates employees with paid time offs and accruals.
  • The system offers several built-in pre-formatted reports for various usages.

3. TimeClockHub

TimeClockHub is a free online employee time clock software that is trusted by more than 50,000 businesses to schedule and track their employees’ time and payroll. It works on all internet-connected devices and is the best all-in-one solution for most of the time & payroll-related jobs.

time clock hub

(Source: TimeClockHub)


  • Photo capture feature is available to eliminate ‘pal’ or ‘buddy’ punching activities.
  • Employers can customize their job codes to track precisely what employees are working on along with breaking down the cost for all jobs or projects to pay for.
  • Overtime hours setting is also facilitated at the employer’s discretion. This feature notifies employers or managers when their employees are about to start working overtime.
  • Reimbursement reports are generated when the employees have uploaded receipts of their overtime work.

4. WhenIWork

WhenIWork is a leading time clock platform that builds the work schedules in minutes. It shares, tracks, and manages for free. It is an award-winning scheduling and time tracking software that happily hosts more than 100,000 happy workplaces worldwide.




  • Quick scheduling of employees’ timings is facilitated with the help of guided setup. Managers can also import the employee list through a CSV file or excel spreadsheet.
  • The software quickly finds the eligible and qualified candidates to cover a shift i.e., within 30 seconds only.
  • It offers easy vacation and leave management facility.
  • WhenIWork software makes staff communication reliable, easy and fast as it is integrated with powerful email and text message alert mechanism.
  • It covers all your shifts with scheduling templates.

5. ZoomShift

ZoomShift is a popularly known time clock software and app that is designed for hourly employees. It was founded in 2009 and is continued to bring in the best solutions to the employers and managers so that they can spend less time scheduling and more time investing in their team and business.


(Source: Zoomshift)


  • The free web and mobile time clocks by ZoomShift are extremely effective to track employees’ work hours along with GPS and whitelist IP addresses.
  • It avoids costly timesheet errors and sends a reminder beforehand. It blocks early clock-ins, clock-outs, and fixes missed punches.
  • It lets the users customize payroll reports when they want to export all the information they need.   
  • The timesheet editing is possible anytime using free iPhone and Android apps.
  • Users can subscribe to their ZoomShift schedule from other calendar apps as well like Google Calendar, Outlook, and Apple Calendar.

6. OpenTimeClock

OpenTimeClock is another popular and most reliable source to obtain a time clock system. It is a secure, cloud and web-based software that helps all types of businesses in managing proper timesheets. It is a free time clock software that can be used by unlimited number of managers and employees who can access all features of the software except some reports.


(Source: OpenTimeClock)


  • Facial recognition feature is available to clock-in and out using Face Clock tool.
  • The software supports RFID tag and external RFID scanner along with barcode and QR-code scanning.
  • Landline telephone dial-in facility is also available for the employees to clock-in where no internet access is available.
  • More than 30 pre-defined reports are available through the system and can be obtained in the CSV, XLSL, and PDF formats.
  • Authorized clock points can be defined using clock in and out device ID, WIFI ID, IP address, and GPS geo fencing.

7. OnTheClock

OnTheClock is a web-based time clock software that aims at tracking in/out time of the employees and making payroll proceedings simple and easier. OnTheClock time clock system is used and appreciated by more than 9,000 companies as a robust, powerful, and easy-to-use system.


(Source: OnTheClock)


  • OnTheClock software facilitates convenient clock-in and clock-out using web browser, mobile clock app, kiosk, biometric/fingerprint, and Group Punch facilities.
  • Employees can add tips and notes on their time cards about additional non-hour related payments and bonuses.
  • The system can trace an employee’s GPS punch location using phone apps and browsers.
  • It facilitates easy calculations for auto-time, overtime, and time-offs. Reports can be mailed, printed or exported to the company’s payroll system.

8. TimeClockWizard

TimeClockWizard is one of the powerful employee scheduling, time tracking, task management, and payroll reporting software. It is admired and preferred by over 1 million employees all across the globe. More than 100,000 businesses have trusted it as a reliable platform that has been tracked over 300 million hours until yet.

time clock wizard

(Source: TimeClockWizard)


  • TimeClockWizard is a perfectly designed sophisticated platform for employee schedule creation.
  • This versatile software accurately tracks employee hours and expands management’s ability to oversee operations.
  • The software provides you an aerial view of PTO accrual of your staff as it is fully customized to the manager or employer’s needs.
  • It facilitates time tracking of remotely working teams using screenshots.


Time Clock software solutions are an important component of a company’s HR technology. Managing employees’ time and attendance utilizing tracking software improves the efficiency, accuracy and record keeping confidence of a company. Data management practices and AI-enabled applications have made these systems more improved, organized and easy-to-use for all types of businesses.

If you have applied this combination of management and technology appropriately to your organization, it will boost timed deliveries and increase the profitability of your business. Minimum possibility of trial and error and absolute customization features available with today’s best time clock software will lead you towards the most logical solution for your business.

You can check out some paid and freemium time clock software solutions such as TimeCamp, TSheets, Virtual TimeClock, ClockIt, OntheClock, and PayClock Online to choose the best one for your organization.  

If you are already using one from the software solutions listed above, you can freely share your reviews here.

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