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The Best 7 Free and Open Source Utility Billing Software

The Best 7 Free and Open Source Utility Billing Software

Industries and companies that operate on a global-level have their facilities often spread across miles away. Each unit will have to pay invoices, including their energy usage, water usage, and their rentals, particularly. With multiple sites and payers, there are chances for significant accounting-related errors. Centralizing the process can enhance better productivity and efficiency. This is easily achieved by using utility management software. Overcharges, fraudulent, inflated meter readings, can all be avoided when your utility bill management is considerably managed using a utility management software.

The utility billing software helps in automating the billing process. This system includes the process of the meter reading, payment processing, invoice compilation, monitoring and management of the entire billing process. 

The utility billing software not only checks the services related to water and electricity but also looks after the resident billing solution. In the industry, the implementation of a resident billing service to earn utility expenses has become a trend.

The utility billing software helps in automating the billing process. This system includes the operation of the meter reading, payment processing, invoice compilation, monitoring, and management of the entire billing process. An efficient utility billing management system can help government, municipalities, industries, commercial companies, and nonprofits to minimize costs and improve services via billing management software.  

Let’s move ahead to discuss utility billing software in detail!

What is utility billing software?

Utility billing software allows users to have knowledge and understanding of the utility services related to electricity, water, gas, property, sanitation, sewer, resident’s utility bill. The system includes services of meter management, payment processing, and invoice management.

With the help of this software, the  users can put in metered and non-metered service data such as water, wastewater, garbage, sanitation, gas, electricity, street lights, mosquito control, rents, cable, sewer, or any type of fee the user wants to bill and collect.

Features of Utility Billing Software

The must-have features of utility billing software are as follows:

  • Usage reports- Over some time, the user can track their usage of the resources like water or electricity. The reports allow users to make smart decisions regarding their consumption of the resources, which ultimately helps in saving money and tracking the progress.
  • Account Management- The information related to the customer names, addresses, phone numbers, and user-defined fields are stored in the account page, which can be customized as per the needs of the utility provider.
  • 24/7 Access - The user can log in to their accounts as per their convenience by 24/7 access. 24/7 access allows users to focus on higher-value tasks.
  • Online payment - Features like emailed receipts and single payments for multiple bills are included in this application. This application maintains records of all the past payment transactions. The customers have flexible online payment options from the providers.
  • Flexible rate structures - It includes multiple rate calculations, pricing options, separate rate schedules, and tier blocks for different areas.
  • Meter Management- In both graphical and chart form, the utility billing software views the complete usage history for any specific meter. It also has the choice to print the bill.  
  • Move-in and move-out facility- Tracks the date when a customer is moving in and out of the location that helps in billing the correct customer.
  • Penalty processing- Based on the multiple calculation methods, the users can define and create penalties for the customers who carry out payments after the due date.
  • Customer Portal- It has the information related to account notes, interaction history, billing, and usage statistics. The application helps in improving customer relations by providing quick and efficient service to the customer.
  • Mobile work order management- In real-time, the field service team can interact with office personnel. This feature is designed mainly for tablet computers and mobile devices.

Why is it critical to use the utility billing system?

The utility billing software provides the following benefits. Let’s see how!

benefits of utility billing software

Importance of Utility Billing Software 

The implementation of the utility billing software is important due to following reasons:

importance of utility billing software

If you are into small business and have lower software costs, then free utility billing software is an apt choice for you. Along with it, you can customize the features of the application by employing open source billing software.

Here you can go through the list of top-notch quality of free and open source utility billing system that helps you in making the payment process more accessible and convenient.

Before moving ahead, let's have a quick look at the comparison chart of the free and open source utility billing software.

Comparison Chart of Free and Open Source Utility Billing Software

Comparison chart of utility billing software

Free and Open Source Utility Billing Software 

WaterWorksIms (free for 30 days)

Waterworkslms allows users to build a better water business. This application provides a free trial for 30 days.

It automates the tasks of invoicing and reminders. The shift to this software in the cloud helps in emailing bills in one run. Over 200 water utilities depend on waterworks every day. As per the convenience, the customers can sign up online over the mobile phone or PC. It is effortless to understand the bill run interface of this application.

The user can integrate multiple payment types as this application allows payments with PAYPAL, MASTERCARD, direct debit from AMEX, VISA, and bank accounts. With this cloud-based billing system, the customers can have one meter or a thousand meters. The user can have a better water business with this software.

waterworklms(Source: WaterWorksIms)


  • Bulk invoice generation
  • Complete Billing
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Customer Portal
  • Powerful CRM
  • Email the bills to the customers
  • Customer notices, statements, and labels
  • Reporting
  • Multi-user capabilities
  • Metered Billing
  • Account Management
  • Service Call Management
  • Online Payment Processing
  • Meter Management

Utilmate (60 days free trial)

Utilmate billing software has made the utility billing process easy for the users. The software provides a free trial for the first 60 days and serves as the all-in-one solution for services related to multi-tenanted homes and businesses.

This cloud utility billing application is meant for embedded network operators, utility billing agents, body corporate, TELCO’S, and IoT providers and AER (annual equivalent rate) along with exempt retailers. The hassle-free services of this billing utility software can manage utility invoicing and customer communication processes efficiently.

The user can streamline the complex billing process with the help of the advanced metering system. It manages the areas of hot and cold water, electricity, and gas. 

The software keeps the online billing system under control. Users can resell electricity, water, and gas to their tenants appropriately by utilizing this application.

Utilmate(Source: Utilmate)


  • Multiple registration forms
  • Role assignment and role selection
  • Registration action and registration status
  • Default user role
  • Anti-spam measures
  • Customizable email templates
  • User info and user roles
  • Member directories
  • User accounts
  • Access controls
  • Custom Fields
  • Form Builder
  • Meter and account management
  • Collections and customer management
  • Multi-user capabilities
  • Automated Invoicing
  • Real-time reporting

El Dorado (free trial)

The utility companies can manage their utility process by making use of this cloud-based El Dorado application by Creative Technologies. For billing and customer management, the user will find the integrated platform of this app accessible, simple, and affordable to use.

The user can track the overdue payments and system transactions with the help of the billing and collection management. The property owners can create and send bills to the residents for various community services that include water, gas, and electricity with the help of the multi-metered module.

The user experiences the feature-rich products and reliable world-class support from this application. It solves issues of municipalities, utility providers, meter providers, property management, and outsourced billing. It is apt for small to mid-sized utility biller.

Eldorado(Source: El Dorado)


  • Meter Reading
  • Billing Analytics
  • Usage Tracking
  • Online Bill Payments
  • Biller Portal
  • Billing Forms
  • Service Order Management
  • Print/ mail houses
  • Invoice creation
  • Customer account management tracking
  • Industry-specific Reporting
  • Multi-User capabilities
  • Metered Billing
  • Rate Management

KillBill (open source, free demo) 

If you are looking for open source utility billing software for billing and payment, then Kill Bill is the ideal choice for you. Every year, organizations around the globe trust this application to invoice billing tasks.

The user can run this software in their data center, cloud environment, and on their laptop. You can scale your billing and payment infrastructure by making use of this application. It helps in growing your business efficiently.

Due to its open architecture and valuable data, the user can avoid vendor lock-in. The platform of this system is powerful that allows users to manage the complexity of subscription billing. The user can effortlessly optimize their payment process.


(Source: KillBill)


  • Open architecture
  • Open Data
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Service Call Management
  • Meter Management
  • Multi-user capabilities
  • Metered Billing
  • Rate Management
  • Account Management
  • Customer Management

SUBS – Small utility billing software (free)

SUBS – Small utility billing software is the free utility billing system that is available to MRWA (Missouri Rural Water Association) member system. The small utility system can electronically carry out the utility billing program simply and effectively with this application.

This web-based software calculates billing for water, trash, and sewer utilities. It is accessible to only authorized users.

The users don’t have to back up their data in this application. This program allows flat rates, tiered rates, taxes, and fees.

SUBS(Source: SUBS)


  • 500 active accounts
  • Print postcard bills
  • Password protected
  • Rate Management
  • Meter Management
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Service Call Management
  • Account Management

jBilling (open source, paid)

jBilling is the open source billing solution that provides customizable options for highly complex billing. It is flexible, so as per the user’s requirement, it can be changed with the innovative products and services.

The user can trust their billing as it gives users complete visibility into source code. It provides great business opportunities to the users as it is proficient at overcoming complex billing scenarios simply and rapidly. In the data center, the user can have this powerful and scalable billing engine. For remarkable results, you can make use of the consulting and professional services provided by this software to transform the billing process.

jBilling(Source: jBilling)


  • Manages complex billing
  • Recurring revenue models
  • Service-based economy
  • Rich computing power
  • Unique product and service offerings
  • Global wireless internet
  • Flexible and Scalable
  • Communication Service Provider
  • Reduce Revenue Leakage
  • Control & Visibility
  • Tailor Invoices
  • Consulting and Professional Services
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Inventory Management
  • Banking Integration
  • Accounting Management

Quikwater (free trial, free download, free demos)

Quikwater utility billing system serves small to medium-sized rural and municipal utilities. This easy-to-use database solution allows an unlimited number of customers along with rate structures. The software manages sewer, water, and user-defined charges.

The user can generate historical billing and account history reports with this application. The municipal body can store the data for all its residents by employing this application. 

 Automatically, this application backs up data. This software is fast and secure that saves the time and money of the users. It is effortless for the user to access the account and pay from anywhere on any device.


(Source: Quikwater)


  • Online Bill Pay
  • Bar charts
  • Modifiable Bill Formats
  • Transaction rollback capabilities
  • Print Mailing
  • Stop Notices
  • Automatic delinquent list
  • Billing Suspension
  • Water Rights Tracking
  • Payment distribution tables
  • Bill printing
  • Suspension flagging

Although the list mentioned above of free and open source utility billing software is valuable, you can also have a look at a popular utility billing software – CUSI that provides immense benefits to the users. Have a look at the prominent features of the same.

CUSI (popular)

CUSI provides a scalable and integrated solution to the users. This easy-to-use application provides industry-leading tech support. It is the web-based solution that manages the issues of municipal water unit, sewer, gas, waste, and electricity.

All the modules of this application are integrated into one place. The module of this software includes accounting, backflow management, E-Commerce, inventory management, meter tracking, and reading along with water conversation. This application serves SMEs and start-ups.

The interface of this application manages cash related issues, controls the scanning tasks, work asset management, statement rendering, GIS (geographic information system) data, and VOIP (voice over internet protocol)

This popular application efficiently handles the reports related to collections and payments, financial data, operation management, system operations, customer base data, billing management.


(Source: CUSI)


  • Billing Management
  • Company Management
  • Payment Services
  • Automated Meter Reading
  • Account Management
  • Process scheduling
  • Event Alerts
  • Security and Auditing Controls
  • Service Order Management
  • Tax Management
  • Usage Data Analysis
  • Work Order Management
  • Customizable fields
  • Meter Management

Conclusive Statement

In this digital age, the utility billing software helps users in the better management of utility bill payments. This application is used by corporate, industries, real-estate owners, builders, and even individuals. With user-friendly and efficient utility billing solutions, the users can effortlessly manage their utilities and simplify the billing process. 

A utility billing software enables in the management of water billing, electricity billing, municipal service billing, sewerage billing, heating bill, and gas billing. The consumers with a busy lifestyle will find the utility billing application an easy solution that helps them to save their valuable time. Moreover, it allows the billing companies to go paperless.

The list of free and open source utility billing software allows users to have access to complete data. For better decision making, the user can track historical information along with the payments. The users can facilitate audits and resolve conflicts with the help of the preconfigured reports.

If you have come across any of the above mentioned free and open source utility billing software, then feel free to share your precious views on the same. In case you prefer to have more advanced features, then explore the GoodFirms platform where you will find the list of top quality utility billing software.

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