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The Ingenious Game Engines Developers Substantially Use To Develop Mind Blowing Mobile Games

The Ingenious Game Engines Developers Substantially Use To Develop Mind Blowing Mobile Games

Admit It!

Game Developing is not an easy task. By the way, who knows to develop a game? Anyone? Well! Playing a gamut of games, you thought to develop your own game. But alas! You being a great 3D modelling designer does not know how to code. Now, what! How will you develop a game?

Take a deep breath! Anticipate on things you can do and rest hire people who can help you in developing. Again, think! According to the concept, do you need a good strength of people or hiring 2 or 3 game developers is enough?

Hired? Plan the tasks and keep things simple. The first rule to start with the development process.

Being your first game, it may not be your winning shot but hey can be your learning one. So, don’t lose hope and happy game developing!

One question to ask; Which Game Engine you picked to develop your first game? What? You don’t know about Game Engine! Then, how did you develop your first game? Wait! Let me guess. Using Xcode or Eclipse Platform, Am I right? Anyways...

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 “A game engine is an architecture that developers use to run the game.”-

Game Engine caters you with a list of components that help them easy their tasks





   -collision detection

   -artificial intelligence and more without writing a huge block of code.

That means, Code Less and Develop More.

I think, discussing on game developing and game engine, you may be eager to know the trending and useful Game Engines.

Therefore, here comes the discussion corner, The Ingenious Game Engines that you use to develop spectacular mobile games.

1. Unity:  

The most popular game engine of today. Purely designed and developed for mobile games. Forgot, Pokemon Go? You are right! It’s developed in Unity.

What makes Unity the ingenious game engine? Well! It’s the rewarding Asset Store, Effects, Community,  Video Tutorials, Samples  and the Easy to Learn Engine. The store contains a huge collection of asset kits which is wrapped with all the essential components required to build an appealing game. You can place your own developed Asset kit in the Unity’s Asset Store for others to use.

For instance; you want to develop a clone of candy crush. What will you do? Go to the Asset Store, Pick up the Asset Kit and Simply run it on Unity (if it gives you an option to run on Unity). Else you need to download the kit.  Not necessary you get your favourite kits free.

Unity holds a wand of magical effects in its pocket such as complex shadows, water reflections, transparencies, atmospheric effects, and complex mesh objects. You will be stunned looking at these effects and will not wink your eyes for long.

By the way, the latest version is easier to learn than the previous version as it’s more advanced.

Hence, if you have the concept ready and want to develop the game asap, you can definitely make Unity your game development partner.

2. Unreal Engine:  

The popular game engine used more for developing console and PC games. It’s a mobile game engine too. Remember Deathwatch? Recent launch on  iOS is developed in Unreal.

What makes Unreal the ingenious game engine? The game engine has a strong marketplace that has shelved blueprint logic and C++ sample codes in its library. Besides, it has a good collection of Asset kits, Tutorials including video, Community, Forums, Resources, Documentation etc.

What makes Unreal unique is the effects. Unreal consists of spellbinding lighting and shaders effects, high- visuals, graphic representation, and easy development.

The latest version allows you to seamlessly develop and deploy games for Android and iOS devices. Meaning, Unreal Engine version 4 is effective in making powerful games for mobile.

P.S. Blueprinting visual scripting empowers you  to quickly prototype and design the visualization and simulation without writing a single line of code.  

3. Game Maker Studio:

The renowned game engine used to develop ultimate games using less of code and more of development. Remember Iron Snout? The fighting piglets game, it’s developed in Game Maker Studio.

 What makes Game Maker Studio the ingenious game engine? It’s free, you can take benefits of premium features too. This illustrious game engine has a huge resource tree that lets you upload their project files and source control feature helps you in controlling the versions of game’s source code. That’s a catch point!

The studio allows you to work intuitively, for instance, drag and drop functionality to design and develop the game faster without writing lengthy codes. But yes, you need to be familiar with C programming language.

Additionally, Just like Unreal Game Engine, Game Maker Studio comprises of a marketplace which is developed by the developers of the community and is freely accessible.

P.S. Game Maker Studio provides game analytics and the power to extend the features by incorporating third party libraries and SDKs.

Hey, confused? Which game engine would be appropriate to develop your first game?

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Interesting Corner: Comparison Chart. Who wins? Check this out!

Solely depends on you, which game engine you would like to pick to develop a game. Not only the above-listed things, there are a lot of things that matter before you take any decision. The additional cost of other resources, game budget, analysis and lot more.

The Closing Part

Last but not the least, Game Marketing is what we do just before and after deployment process.

Hey, are you tensed? Is Game Marketing a problem for you? Fret not! Here you go; The video below will give you a complete know-how of game marketing. Don’t miss!

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Hey, wait! How can I forget to add content marketing? The game based on stories can be weaved beautifully and presented to your targeted audience in any content format if you have a content expert right in front. Else for other conceptual games, an interesting and alluring content would definitely help you in creating an impact on your audience.

This is it. Find our blogs interesting? Don’t forget to comment below, we would like to hear from you.

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