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The Top 9 Free and Open Source Freight Software

The Top 9 Free and Open Source Freight Software

The globalization of businesses is setting a huge challenge in terms of shipment and delivery of goods. However, the ever increasing buyers’ expectations, and the fierce competition can be the prime reasons to streamline your freight management compulsorily these days. It has become inevitable to deliver shipments quickly, accurately, and at the least possible cost. 

If your business requires shipping products to the customers, you might have gone through certain issues like -

Freight Management Challenges

Technology has played a noteworthy role in helping companies to automate and optimize the entire shipping process and increase logistical efficiency. By using a freight management software, you can -

Freight Management Software Functions

If you are considering to deploy a new freight software into your business, this article can help you find the perfect solution.

But, before we go through the list of the top free and open source freight software, let us go through what exactly a freight software is, how does it work, what are its benefits, and what to look for in a freight software so that you can make the most out of it.

What Is Freight Software?

Freight software, also known as freight management system and transport management system helps you to automate and monitor your entire process of incoming and outgoing freight shipments through air, road, rail, and sea. It allows you to compare the different shipping carrier rates, select the shipping carrier suiting to your requirements, manage documentation, and track shipments on a real-time basis.

How Does Freight Software Work?

Freight Software Process

Benefits of Using a Freight Software

Delivering goods at a low cost without compromising on time and quality can be difficult but not impossible with the help of a freight software. Below benefits provide reasons why businesses should seriously consider deploying a freight software -

Freight Software Benefits

The above benefits of freight software can convince you to deploy one for your business. But, what if you land up choosing freight software lacking robust and useful features? You may add up problems in your business like slow delivery, information loopholes, inaccurate delivery, which can ultimately knock down your profit margin. To simplify this, we have listed out some must-have features in a freight software that you can consider before selecting one for your business.

Must-Have Features in a Freight Software

Comparing Shipping Carriers

The freight software you select should allow you to integrate multiple shipping carriers, helping you to compare the rates and modes of transport provided by them. This would help you in selecting the best shipping carrier based on your business requirements.

Easy to Set Up and Use

Your time is extremely valuable, and so the freight software you choose should not take more time to implement and learn how to use it. It should be user-friendly, helping you to establish a seamless supply chain management system within your organization.

Printing Shipping Labels and Bills of Lading (BOL)

The freight software you choose should allow you to print customized shipping labels and BOLs. You can easily automate printing all the shipping documents accurately without depending on other software or applications, which saves your time and money both.

Real-Time Tracking from Pick Up to Delivery

Having visibility and control over your shipments starting from pick up to delivery is very important as it helps you in notifying your customers in case of delay or any other issue relating to delivery. Your freight software should provide real-time tracking of your shipments and notifications if something unexpected occurs.  

Seamless Bulk Shipping

If shipping in bulk is your business requirement, your freight software should allow you to process hundreds and thousands of shipments seamlessly. It should help you in sending bulk shipments at the lowest cost possible to save you money on each batch.

Ability to Integrate

Your freight software should be able to integrate different shipping carriers regardless of the mode (air, road, rail, ocean). This would provide maximum options in terms of rate and convenience while selecting the shipping carrier, helping you to ensure quick delivery and save money both at the same time.

Smart Reporting

The reports provided by your shipping software would help you in monitoring the performance of your shipping operations and employees. Moreover, it would also help you in determining if you are spending more on freight, which is impacting your profits so that you can modify your business strategies accordingly.

So, now if you are looking for the best freight software, the below list of the top 9 free and open source freight software would help you in finding the perfect solution sufficing your business requirements.

The Top 9 Free and Open Source Freight Software

#1 OpenLMIS

OpenLMIS is a free and open source logistics management information system specially built to manage health commodity supply chains. It follows a community-focused approach to develop freight software which is customizable exclusively designed for organizations on a low-budget. Being a powerful, flexible system, OpenLMIS provides several benefits to the businesses in terms of monitoring and controlling their shipments accurately.


Key Features

  • Users can customize the software and get the benefits of upgrades at the same time
  • Can support users in requesting new stock
  • Capable of managing stock and fulfillment
  • Provides end-to-end visibility over the supply chain
  • Can generate reports providing real-time information

If you have already used OpenLMIS, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#2 OpenBoxes

OpenBoxes is a free and open source freight software that can help you in monitoring and controlling stock across all your facilities. It enables you to manage the entire product lifecycle eliminating waste & stockouts and improving traceability. It is easy to use and makes the process of managing stock and inventory quicker. Reduced errors and systematic workflow is something which helps you in achieving your desired sales goals.


Key Features

  • Allows managing inventory providing information about the product location, lot/serial number, and expiration date
  • Allows you to manage any type of stock, including automobiles, hospital furniture, IT equipment, etc
  • Tracks movement of stock and edits quantity based on the availability of the stock
  • Can export and print a pick list
  • Ability to customize customs clearance documentation

If you have already used OpenBoxes, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#3 CargoNet 

CargoNet is a free and open source freight forwarding software and a centralized framework that can integrate and automate the operational and financial processes for a logistics firm. It has the ability to increase operational efficiency and improve the accessibility and flow of information across all facets of an organization. Basically, it is engineered for logistics IT needs and is equipped with advanced functionality like automated communication systems, auto calculations, managing waybills, etc.


Key Features

  • Helps in preparing Airway Bills and makes the entire process error-free
  • Allows you to automate the tax calculations and to keep track of receivables and payables
  • Helps in notifying customers about their shipments through SMS and email
  • Helps in tracking your TDS receivables and payables through a single click
  • Provides record relevant to pending reports like purchase/sales bills and credit/debit notes
  • Allows your customers to track their shipments on a real-time basis
  • Provides an instant view of your sales and deposit transaction based on customer information and date

If you have already used CargoNet, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#4 FreeTMS+

FreeTMS+ is a free and extremely powerful transport management system that can help you in reducing costs, optimize work, and take your business to the next level. It automates and integrates your entire freight management process and helps in managing your shipments and transports. It allows you to create professional-looking CMR documents, invoices, emails, and send automated notifications to your customers.


Key Features

  • Allows you to manage your customers' data, shipments, documents, etc
  • Ability to create automated bills and invoices
  • Allows you to track shipments from pick up to the delivery
  • Manages all your import/export shipments
  • Enables LTL management
  • Can integrate international forwarders
  • Can print and manage waybills

If you have already used FreeTMS+, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#5 i-frt

i-frt is an open source freight management system that is developed using PHP and MySQL. It is having versatile features and is quite economical, making it a complete solution for a transport business. It can automate your processes and help in improving communication, reduce data entry, resulting in eliminating errors, and enhancing productivity. In today's competitive business scenario, i-frt can help in sustaining and growing your freight forwarding business.


Key Features

  • Includes user-friendly interface
  • It is a truly web-based software
  • Provides best in class training and support
  • Allows online tracking and tracing the shipments
  • Provides flexible licensing models
  • Includes unique accounting module
  • Can integrate with other systems to provide add-on functionality

If you have already used i-ft, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#6 Free Freight Software

Free Freight Software is a free ERP software specially designed keeping the requirements freight forwarding businesses in mind. It helps transporters, courier and logistic service providers, cargo agents, etc. to accurately organize, monitor, and manage their business. Its integrated modules capture information relating to sales, quotations, and shipment details and forward that information through mail and status updates to various stakeholders participating in the life cycle of the shipments.

Free Freight Software

Key Features

  • Allows automated booking for shipping
  • Provides quotes from different shipping carriers
  • Includes intuitive dashboard providing complete information about your shipments
  • Facilitates exporting reports in CSV and PDF format
  • Allows you to track your shipments on a real-time basis
  • Requires to enter the data only once throughout the process
  • Provides user-friendly search features to get the details required quickly
  • Includes integrated modules for advanced functionality
  • Can print bills of lading, invoices, and receipts

If you have already used Free Freight Software, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#7 Kuebix TMS

Kuebix is well known as a transport management system with freight intelligence having a modular platform that can scale perfectly to meet the needs of simple to the most complicated supply chain requirements. It has a huge carrier network, including all the travel modes like air, road, rail, and ocean. It provides predictive analytics helping the companies to have all the information referring to their shipments on their fingertips.


Key Features

  • Can request on spot quotes to reduce freight costs
  • Connects all the shipping carriers from a single interface
  • Allows you to book shipments directly with the carrier
  • Empowers every stakeholder to track the shipments
  • Provides actionable reports ensuring smart decisions can be made for the future
  • Automatically audits carrier invoices against the quotes provided
  • Can manage claims
  • Tracks all daily tasks, transactions, and schedules with the carriers

If you have already used Kuebix TMS, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#8 CargoApps

CargoApps from IMPARGO is a logistics software ideal for medium-sized forwarding companies. It helps in automating and digitizing the entire transport processing. Starting from the receipt of your customer orders to the upload of a proof of delivery, CargoApps helps at each and every step in streamlining the processes without any errors and delays. It is flexible and user-friendly enough to manage your transport orders digitally.


Key Features

  • Helps in creating transport orders
  • Manages documents relating to transport and shipments
  • Tracks and shares the shipment status with the stakeholders
  • Calculates tour specific costs and also analyzes overall revenue and costs
  • Allows you to digitize communication with your partners
  • Allows you to plan truck routes
  • Includes mobile app for fleet carriers

If you have already used CargoApps, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#9 Logitude World

Logitude World is a freight forwarding software that helps you in managing your entire freight process starting from documents, sending emails & notifications to the customers, and generating the final analytical reports. It is a customizable system allowing you to track & trace your shipments, and stay on top of your freight management needs. It is easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere; thus, you don't lose sight out of your shipments and sustain accuracy in your services.

Logitude World

Key Features

  • Includes invoicing & collection tools minimizing the work hours
  • Helps in creating air & freight quotes easily
  • Includes customer relationship management module
  • Can customize as per your specific needs
  • Allows tracking and tracing shipments easily
  • Stores data with high-end security
  • Includes analytical tools to determine profit and loss

If you have already used Logitude World, please feel free to share your reviews here.

We hope that the above list of the top 9 free and open source freight software might have helped you in finding the right solution as per your needs. Still, if you are confused as to which one to select, the below comparison chart can help you -

The Top 9 Free and Open Source Freight Software Comparison Chart

Freight Software Comparison Chart

Are you looking for some advanced features in your freight software, not included by any of the free software mentioned above? We would like you to suggest one of the most popular freight software - Linbis. 


Linbis is an efficient, flexible, and easy-to-use freight management & freight forwarding software that helps today's freight forwarding companies in effectively managing their day-to-day operations and business deals with ease. It offers powerful, effective, integrated, and flexible solutions helping freight forwarding companies to grow in every facet of the business. Its complete suite of features and applications to meet the challenges faced by logistics and supply chain industry these days.  


Key Features

  • Helps in arranging local pickup and delivery
  • Can create cargo receipts and invoices
  • Posts accounting transactions to Quickbook automatically
  • Calculates prices for services
  • Generates documents that include domestic and international bills
  • Streamlines the entire process relating to cargo storage and delivery

If you have already used Linbis, please feel free to share your reviews here.


If freight visibility is your priority, you need to ensure that the technology you implement in your business should be modern and frequently updated. The right freight software would allow you to monitor and control your entire freight business efficiently and ensure consistent growth, which is quite significant to gain an edge over your competitors.   

Are you looking for better alternatives in freight software? Just go through the details of freemium and paid freight software like GoFreight, Cargo365Cloud, Courier365Cloud, SeaRates Tools, Transcount, BrokerPro, TMW Systems, Freightos, Quotiss, ComFreight, Efrieghtsolutions TMS, and Avaal Express.

Also, go through the comprehensive list of freight software here for more options.

Please leave your valuable feedback if you have used any of the freight software mentioned here.

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