Appointment Reminder Software

The Top 8 Free and Open Source Appointment Reminder Software

The Top 8 Free and Open Source Appointment Reminder Software

All organizations - whether digital juggernauts or traditional multi-national behemoths - depend on the consistent scheduling and remembrance of appointments to achieve cent percent efficiency. Business appointments depend completely on correct scheduling to ensure participation from employees, alongside the commitment of hard and software resources that will further increase the meeting productivity. Customer-facing businesses - particularly hospitals and healthcare institutions, wellness centers, and even hospitality venues - have various elements to look into while confirming patron appointments. These range from appointment confirmation and payment reminders for specialist opinion to multi-parameter appointment reporting. 

Thus, it is evident that companies invest vastly in fulfilling appointments, through time or ensuring resource availability. Therefore, last-minute appointment rescheduling or appointment no-shows are a bane for every organization. The phenomenon also has the potential to impact client-business and supplier relationships negatively. 

This blog on appointment reminder software walks readers through the pitfalls of not implementing an appointment reminder strategy, highlights the features of automated appointment reminder software, and the multi-pronged advantages for businesses who choose to implement the best appointment reminder solutions. It also lists and details the prominent free and open source appointment reminder software, useful for businesses across industries. Do not wait any longer - get the best information on free and open source appointment reminder software below.     

Challenges Posed by Absence of Appointment Reminders

If confirmation of appointments is a common practice, then appointment reminders are a must too. Neglecting  appointment reminders from the operational workflow poses the following challenges to companies:

Challenges Posed by Absence of Appointment Reminders

Need for Appointment Reminders in Businesses

Top businesses working in customer-facing industries are quick to implement appointment reminder software. The reasons for this trend are manifold. First, appointment reminders reduce no-shows or the possibility of rescheduled appointments, both of which are equally detrimental to organizational resource allocation, schedules, and revenue. Second, appointment reminders enable firms to communicate directly with consumers. Brands can build their persona in customers using personalized messaging while inculcating loyalty and increased satisfaction. Appointment reminders help businesses maintain and improve vendor relationships. Conveying important meeting information ahead of the appointment, alongside reminders, develops trust between both parties. 

Third, Appointment reminders also help organizations in scheduling essential resources beforehand. It prevents double booking, alongside apt resource utilization and availability. This helps in lowering the operational cost of business. Fourth, appointment reminders are a cost-effective method that elevates return on investment (ROI), and maintains organizational efficiency. Fifth, most appointment reminders today are paperless. It decreases the carbon footprint of companies, besides saving escalating non-green costs.  

Sixth, An appointment reminder software is affordable and easy to deploy. It enhances the ability of businesses to see-through appointments. Investing in a digital, automated appointment reminder solution is easy and essential to most businesses today.

Need for Appointment Reminders in Businesses

What is Appointment Reminder Software?

Appointment reminder software is a suite of digital tools and applications that help businesses control the most vital aspects of the appointment lifecycle. It reminds users of upcoming meetings, appointments, and visits - to ensure appointment fulfillment and reduce no-shows that harm business productivity. The appointment reminder system uses a variety of mediums, viz. Text messages, application notifications, and even phone calls to remind participants about important commitments, including outstanding payments. 

Once integrated into the system, appointment reminder apps provide incredible functionality. It includes sending booking confirmations to participants, group bookings alongside real-time appointment trends reporting. Customer database management (for remarketing) and automated scheduling are other crucial functions. Appointment reminder systems continue to prove indispensable for organizations across the globe looking to elevate their efficiency. 

Appointment Reminder Software & Business Efficiency Impact 

The deployment of appointment reminder systems guarantees multi-departmental benefits besides ensuring customers stay updated on their upcoming appointments. 

Appointment reminders ensure that users communicate any changes to the scheduled meetings beforehand. The concept of time management is critical in this regard. It becomes easy to plan and utilize the time reserved for canceled appointments by readjusting the schedule. The updates help employees plan more productive activities in time slots leading to overall business productivity increases. 

Appointment reminder solutions also play a role in preventing elongated meetings. Reminders force participants to end appointments within specific time-frames. It, in turn, leads to better client relationships due to the elimination of extensive waiting periods. Customer satisfaction is also positively impacted, leading to better retention. All of this leads to heightened revenue and ROI. A further advantage is that the efficiency of employees is at its peak consistently, leading to fluid task management.  

Businesses have the opportunity to catapult their productivity and profitability by taking advantage of appointment reminder system software’s integrations. They enhance the features of the digital tool - allowing employees to complete multiple tasks in the same portal, shortening the time between implementation and results. Thus, these enhancements bring about a sea-change in the total efficiency that a business operated with previously, as against what it has post-implementation of appointment reminder systems.   

Lastly, automated appointment reminder software provides in-depth reporting on appointment trends. Firms looking for improvement in efficiencies can observe reminder trends and their impact on user behavior to streamline operations and increase the efficiency of workflows.

Appointment Reminder Software & Business Efficiency Impact

Types of Businesses Requiring Appointment Reminder Software

Appointment reminder software is still growing in popularity and with the enhancements of global digital systems, it is plausible that they will be prevalent in every industry.

Types of Businesses Requiring Appointment Reminder Software

Key Features of Appointment Reminder Software

The crucial features that make Appointment reminder software essential for businesses are: 

Appointment Reminder Software Key Features

Crucial Benefits of Appointment Reminder Software

The best appointment reminder software provides a boost to business operations in the following ways:

Appointment Reminder Software Benefits

The Market For Free and Open Source Appointment Reminder Software

Users looking for the best appointment reminder solutions can certainly expect a plethora of options available to them in the market. The range of appointment reminder apps includes free and open source appointment reminder software, freemium appointment reminder system software, and premium appointment reminder software.    

Best Free and Open Source Appointment Reminder Software

Appointment Reminder Software Comparison Chart
*Free Trial

#1 Bitrix24

Bitrix24’s appointment reminder free and open source appointment reminder software. The appointment reminder system software is integrable with Bitrix’s vast array of enterprise applications giving it unmatchable functionality. As a CRM, the appointment reminder app helps businesses schedule appointments with clients, while also reminding them about upcoming commitments. It also provides a dedicated chat application for employees to communicate with clients while providing centralized storage for all documents necessary for the appointment. Bitrix24’s open source appointment reminder software offers prominent tools in the same solution to boost productivity including dedicated customer portals, inbuilt CRM marketing tools (such as email marketing, calling, etc.), and employee management. 

Source - Bitrix24

The best features of Bitrix24 appointment reminder solution are: 

  • Appointment Confirmation - Users receive immediate confirmation of their appointment posts online or offline booking with details.
  • Calendar Management - The calendar integration allows business users to track schedules of employees and resources on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, setting employee access rights for implementing calendar changes, etc. 
  • Appointment and Payment Reminders - Text-based alerts and notifications to users about impending appointments within a specific time period. Also notifies customers on payment status. 
  • Automated Scheduling - Unassisted scheduling for users and recurring appointments within the system. 
  • Contact Database - Stores all patron information, available for remarketing 
  • Mobile Compatibility - Application available on iOS and Android for mobile installations and use.
  • Group Bookings - Provides functionality to book appointments in for multiple customers     

#2 Setster

Setster is an appointment scheduling software, with free and open source appointment reminder software features, based on a trial period. The application reminder system software focuses on streamlining tasks and increasing productivity by creating dedicated communication channels and robust data storage. Setster prides itself on being a smart booking application that lets users manage, track, and record client booking (alongside parameters) across the firm. The software is easily customizable, implements risk and task management tools, effectively manages resources, alongside providing omni-channel customer communication.

Source - Setster

Some of the best open source appointment reminder software features of Setster are: 

  • Calendar Management - Users can sync across multiple calendars, while employees can block schedules and enforce availability, easily visible to users while booking  
  • Appointment Reminders  - Multi-channel customer communication to remind them of upcoming meetings within a set time-frame
  • Contact Details - Storing of all customer details post booking in a secure, online database for remarketing 
  • Automated Scheduling - Recurring and automatic changes to customer appointment booking times based on resource availability 
  • Application Integrations - Integrates with multiple solutions, including calendar syncing, payment gateways, etc.  
  • Payment Reminders - Reminds users on outstanding payments along with appointment reminders 

#3 Bookafy

Bookafy is an appointment scheduling software with free and open source appointment reminder software features, based on a free trial. The software allows employees to sync their schedules (time-offs, etc.) within the calendar to increase booking efficiency. Conducting all meetings or appointments online is easy with the software generating a customer meeting URL. The software also automatically handles double bookings and reschedules. Users require authentication to access sensitive data - stored on a secure Azure server.

Source - Bookafy

Some of the most useful appointment reminder system features of Bookafy are as follows: 

  • Appointment Reminders - Text, application notification, and email reminders to customers on upcoming appointments with personalized communication. 
  • Application Integrations - Offers multi-channel communication tool integrations - Zoom, Goto Meetings, and others, besides third-party calendar integration and payment gateway interfaces. 
  • Calendar Management - Provides employees the ability to set start and end appointment blocks, appointment buffer times, time-zone management, etc. 
  • Contact Database - Stores all necessary customer information post-booking securely in the cloud.
  • Automated Scheduling - Clear up calendar clutter with automated schedules which take into account cancellations and reschedules, along with recurring bookings.
  • Payment Reminders - Outstanding payments notifications with gateway link/reminder about offline payment provided to customers before the appointment.
  • Group Bookings - Reserve appointment time slots for large groups on the calendar. 
  • Mobile Compatibility - Easy to Install and use the application on mobile systems running android or iOS.

#4 Appointfix

Appointfix is an appointment scheduling software with free appointment reminder software capability. It specifically aims to assist fitness, wellness, and beauty professionals manage appointments. The software keeps track of client progress, ensuring complete satisfaction while online booking is easy for users. It has an inbuilt CRM tool that makes re-marketing modules easy to implement. The software interprets and suggests the best time for businesses to send reminders to clients. Clients can respond directly to appointment reminder messages with a dedicated communication channel between customer and firm for quick problem resolution.

Source - Appointfix

The best features of Appointfix automated appointment reminder software are:

  • Appointment Reminders - The appointment reminder app has a dynamic messaging template for SMS-based reminders, ensuring personalization to user groups. 
  • Calendar Management - Flexible calendar views to maintain schedules of employees over days, weeks, and months to avoid clashing appointments. Feature to handle recurring appointments embedded too. 
  • Payment Reminders - Personalized communication to clients to complete payments along with payment gateway integrations for online payments. 
  • Contact Database - Storing all customer information securely to avail use for remarketing purposes
  • Appointment Confirmation - Immediate confirmation of appointments with timing, payment status, and participants, alongside venue. 
  • Live Reports - Real-time updates on appointments and impact of reminders on successful appointment fulfilment  
  • Automated Scheduling - Automation of recurring appointments and other reschedules

#5 Sagenda

Sagenda offers free appointment reminder software features within its appointment scheduling software. The software promises improvements in business productivity, managing hundreds of appointments seamlessly, with the same level of responsiveness, throughout the organization. The appointment reminder app provides its online booking interface, further solidified with leading customer support. Sagenda offers the prospect of personalized communication to heighten client and vendor satisfaction. The software is easily compatible with mobile systems.

Source - Sagenda

The best appointment reminder software features of Sagenda are:

  • Appointment Reminders - SMS (text-based) appointment reminders, highlighting necessary details. 
  • Calendar Management - Users can assess schedules of service providers before booking appointments in the calendar. It also provides multilingual support, and streamlines reschedules.
  • Appointment Confirmation - Confirms the appointment between organization and customer or vendor, immediately after booking, with important booking details.
  • Payment Reminders - Notifications to customers via SMS and email on outstanding payments for appointment services. 
  • Contact Database - Storing of customer contacts successfully to enable better CRM and marketing. 
  • Automated Scheduling - Reduces load on resources and facilitates customer management with all-around automation of cancellation, rescheduling and recurring appointments. 
  • Integrations - Powerful integrations to elevate functionality of reminder software like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal Facebook, etc.

#6 Setmore

Setmore is an appointment scheduling software with free appointment reminder software functionality. The appointment reminder app helps businesses set up their online booking page as customers assess reviews of service quality. The appointment reminder system integrates with popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram while enabling staff to book clients themselves. Furthermore, Setmore is mobile compatible and provides online payment reminders.

Source - Setmore

The best automated appointment reminder software features of Setmore are:

  • Application Integrations - Provides integrations for various purposes, viz. Calendar, payment, social media, and online meeting integrations. 
  • Appointment Reminders - The application reminder solution provides reminders in text-based and email formats. 
  • Appointment Confirmation - Provides confirmation of the appointment immediately with critical appointment information. 
  • Payment Reminders - Prods users to make payments for unpaid services with text and email reminders 
  • Contact Database - Stores all customer information securely 
  • Live Reports - Real-time, granular reporting on customer appointment trends

#7 10to8

10to8 is a free appointment reminder software. The appointment reminder solution specializes in sending personalized messages to clientele as reminders. Businesses can set up restrictions on appointments using a rule-based decision engine. Using this, users can decide appointment feasibility and resource allotment. 10to8 helps companies manage staff better, allowing them to handle bookings and appointments from anywhere. User restrictions apply to sensitive information. The appointment reminder app is cloud-based and mobile compatible.

Source - 10to8

10to8 provides users with the following automated appointment reminder software features:

  • Live Reporting - The software provides in-depth analytical insight on consumer appointment treds, business growth, and other crucial parameters. It also allows the generation of custom reports.  
  • Calendar Management - Provides the ability to check schedules, minimize double bookings and optimize the appointment scheduling process. 
  • Application Integrations - Ensures the enhancement of the software’s functionality based on specific purposes, e.g., video appointment, calendar management, etc.   
  • Appointment Confirmations - Immediate response to users who made bookings via text or email, confirming appointment details and other information 
  • Group Bookings - Reservation, confirmation, and reminders for Group appointments
  • Contact Database - Secure storage of client data for business purposes 
  • Payment Reminders - Periodical messages to users to complete outstanding payments for services used.   
  • Automated Scheduling - The software takes care of schedule changes, recurring appointments, etc.

#8 Apptoto

Apptoto is a free appointment reminder software based only on a trial period. The software claims to eliminate no-shows by up to 90 per cent and help businesses save time and money. Users can fully customize text or audio messages on the Appointment reminder system. Users can also configure specific types of reminders based on a rule-based messaging engine. The appointment reminder app is mobile capable and supports bilingual messaging.

Source - Apptoto

The best features of appointment reminder software Apptoto are:

  • Appointment Reminders - The appointment reminder solution supports text, email and voice-based (call) reminders.
  • Appointment Confirmation - Provides users with important details of upcoming appointments immediately after booking via messages, email, or text 
  • Application Integration - Software enhancements provided include calendar, legal management, and productivity application integrations 
  • Contact Details - Securely storages all relevant customer information for re-marketing and communication purposes 
  • Calendar Management - This includes the ability to observe customer schedules and manage appointment bookings
  • Payment Reminders - Personalized, timely reminders to customers to complete outstanding payments.
  • Automated Scheduling - It is a feature that allows the software to change appointment schedules, manage recurring appointments, etc. without human intervention

As observed above, the best free and open source appointment reminder software offers incredible functionality to improve business parameters. 

These include profitability, overall productivity, time management, and efficient workflow. Automated appointment reminder software such as Appointy, TimeTap, and Simple Texting all provide the required advantages to businesses in the hunt to reduce no-shows.  One software that stands out from the pack thanks to its functionality is Appointment Reminder. Let us take a closer look at this popular appointment reminder software  below.

Appointment Reminder

Appointment Reminder is a free-trial-based popular appointment reminder software. The company promises to save an amount for the business, equivalent to the cost of the software, with just one fulfilled appointment. Appointment reminder supports a variety of firms ranging from medicine to law. The online booking interface is easy to use and mobile compatible. The appointment reminder system software is HIPAA compliant and provides incredible customizability for users concerning branding and messaging.

Appointment Reminder
Source - Appointment Reminder

The critical Appointment Reminder features are:

  • Appointment Reminder - Users can schedule appointment reminders, choose script, tone, and degree of personalization in the reminders, as well as medium of messaging (email, voice, SMS text)
  • Calendar Management - Schedule, reschedule, book recurring appointments, and perform other critical operations through scheduling on the calendar
  • Group Booking - Book in groups for combined appointments at particular time slots 
  • Customer Database - stores records of clients with incredible details to increase efficiency of marketing and reminding activities
  • Live Reporting - Enables users to dig deep into customer appointment trends, and other business parameters


A recent healthcare study analyzed the effect of text-based reminders on patients at risk of no-shows or missing appointments. The results were immense. The no-show rate among participants dropped by 7.2 per cent, when reminders arrived between six months and one day of the consultation. Another research paper highlighted that 23 percent  of patients were sure to attend clinics, as 25 per cent were less likely to make no-shows. The same study cites the UK's National Health Service's (NHS) belief that a 5 percent drop in appointment no-shows translates to an estimated $63.5 million in yearly savings alone. The gains across the boards are not just specific to the health industry. Every industry benefits massively from the use of appointment reminders, facilitated by appointment reminder software. 

With the increase in the digital presence of organizations to compete for consumers, online appointment reminder software use will grow manifold, with the industry experiencing double-digit growth. Businesses that harness the power of appointment reminder system software will experience new highs in customer engagement, business profitability, and system efficiency.

Readers may provide their opinion of the article in the comments section below. Those with experience in using software from the aforementioned list may submit their reviews on GoodFirms’ official Feedback page. The platform’s Buyer’s Guide for Appointment Reminder Software will help users judge appointment reminder solutions before finalizing a choice. GoodFirms’ exceptionally curated Software Directory will provide information on multi-purpose software that could help companies re-define growth.

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