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Top BPO Companies in Finland

List of Leading Business Process Outsourcing Companies in Finland | BPO Firms in Finland

Suoramarkkinointi Mega
A Mega-boost for your sales

Skilled Mega Telemarketing combines the best of many marketing tools: the efficiency and interaction of personal sales work and the speed and volume of mass marketing. Even large numbers of customers are reached through a highly customizable message and two-to-one communication with the customer. The phone is the best tool for asking, researching, selling or calling and getting your response quickly - preferably a positive one. Mega's phone marketing results are very good, high reach and no big upfront investment required. We can easily ... read more

$25 - $49/hr
250 - 999
"Successful Customer Encounters 24/7"

We provide high quality customer service solutions that help your company ensure successful customer encounters across all channels every day of the year. With expertise, we provide a comprehensive range of customer service for your business across all channels: phone, email, website, social media, chatting - anytime, anywhere, 24/7. In addition, we handle technical support, moderation, sales and customer relationship management, and telephone exchange. We are able to handle large volumes efficiently and with high quality. We know consumers ... read more

$25 - $49/hr
250 - 999
Cost-effective BPO through automation & offshore

Taskeater helps companies automate business processes through technology and managed offshore teams. Our services include helping clients with processes around data processing, data-entry, data validation, content moderation, tagging & categorisation, lead generation, transcription and back-office accounting tasks. We have clients on four continents and offices in London, Stockholm, Helsinki and Dhaka.

$50 - $99/hr
250 - 999
Castren & Snellman
Building Success Stories

Our job is to help our clients’ business succeed. We are a reliable partner in transactions, dispute resolution and a wide range of other specialised facets of business law. Decades of supporting our clients’ success have enabled us to grow into a firm of over 250 people. We have offices in Helsinki, Moscow and St Petersburg. In other parts of the world, we work with an extensive international network of law firms, which we have vetted for reliability and reputability. We are known for our straightforward business culture, the... read more

$25 - $49/hr
250 - 999

5. Virta

Because it's not worth doing everything yourself

Virta is an innovative start-up providing virtual assistant services (VA) and virtual back office (VBO) solutions. As our client you will have an access to our whole talent pool and you aren’t restricted by a single person’s knowledge and schedules. We want to make your help you to work as effectively and flexibly as demanded in the modern world. Using our virtual assistants is risk-free. Our staff is highly educated and you don't have to worry about their training or office supplies. You also don't have to face risks and c... read more

< $25/hr
2 - 9

6. Norcall

We care about your customers and your business

Our CRM unit, which has been operating since 2013, has expanded into its current operations in 2015 and is currently delivering various campaigns to B2C & B2B groups for our clients all over Finland and also in Europe. On the B2B side, we specialize in buzz and new customer acquisition.

< $25/hr
2 - 9
Fhe oy

7. Fhe oy


FHE is an inbound and outbound call center and business processing outsourcing provider in Finland. Combining unrivaled expertise and capabilities across industries and business functions, we bring fresh and new approaches to strategies and operational performance of business operations by delivering the right BPO and customer management solutions that span the entire customer lifecycle. We use our business-process knowledge and resources to create and implement solutions with and for our business customers worldwide. FHE was founded to help b... read more

< $25/hr
10 - 49

8. Somic

We make IT easy!Infrastructure|Cloud|Communication

Somic Oy is an ICT company with clients in over 1000 companies and public sector organizations. Somic's services include IT services, communications services and printing services. IT services include IT outsourcing services, data center services, cloud services, IT equipment, monitoring services and management services. Communication services include e.g. sophisticated customer service centers, call center system services, mobile switches, carrier services, telecommunication connections, data networks, voice communications, teleph... read more

< $25/hr
10 - 49
The Power to Innovate

NashTech has been delivering Consulting, Software Solutions and BPO from its development centres in Vietnam since 2000.

< $25/hr
1,000 - 9,999