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Which country offers cheaper app development services – India or Ukraine?
Answered on Monday September 16, 2019 08:25 AM

It is difficult to generalize the costs of the web development services of Ukraine & India. The costs vary with your project requirements, level of quality expected, and even the proximity of your country from India and Ukraine. 

So, for the same set of requirements, if we have to compare the development costs, we need to consider the following parameters. 


1. Quality of Work

For anyone having experience in software development, it won’t be difficult to relate the quality factor to the cost of development. You can find some Indian developers giving their services in $5 an hour, but that does not mean it will meet your expectations of quality. 

If your project is simple, and you are not very strict about quality, you can go for cheaper options. 

But, in India, there are many high-quality developers who are paid around $10000 to $15000 per year, or more. You can find out the software development price range from the list of top software developers in India

While in Ukraine, on an average, a software developer of the same grade earns about $25000 per year. Obviously, the cost of outsourcing varies with this. 


2. Time & Travel Costs

You must evaluate the travel connectivity and travel costs as well; particularly if you are one of those who like to visit the offshore destination partner and interact with the team working on your project. 

While comparing Ukraine and India on travel costs, it is important to evaluate these specifically with respect to your location. No matter these are not direct costs, but if you are choosing a distant outsourcing partner, these are significant. 

If you prefer dealing with the outsourcing destination team online and do not need to visit the country, these costs can be ignored. 


3. Culture & Language

Most companies from the USA find it difficult to manage the cultural and language differences when hiring an Indian company as an outsourcing partner, compared to Ukraine. Yes, it is a cost factor, unless your outsourcing partner manages the difference by providing you a team that is trained specifically on these factors. 



Ukraine is undoubtedly a top software outsourcing destination. It has the advantage of time-zone, culture, and language for most European countries who want to outsource to the top software developers of Ukraine




But, India is also a preferred outsourcing destination for low costs and high-quality software development. The costs are generally much less than those of Ukraine, even if you choose the highly paid developers from India. more
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1 Answer
What are the latest trends in Software Development Technology and programming languages?
Answered on Monday September 9, 2019 11:08 AM

Trends in Software Development Technology 

The latest trend in software development is the use of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, Blockchain, and AR/VR. 

So, here is a summary of the emerging technologies that the software developers cannot ignore. 


#1. Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence is gradually becoming a part of both mobile and web applications. AI offers the application capability to ‘learn’ from user interactions. 

Machine learning, and deep learning, combined with AI, help the app understand the user behavior and needs, and respond accordingly. 

AI is helping businesses segment customers based on their needs and preferences. Thus, AI is becoming a crucial part of app localization. Businesses are leveraging AI in developing personalized advertising campaigns. 

AI-empowered chatbots and virtual assistants are replacing humans in real-time customer support functions. It is making customer interactions faster, unbiased, and reliable. 


#2. Blockchain 

Blockchain makes business transactions secure, speedy, and transparent. With the use of blockchain, the contracts and financial transactions are becoming hassle-free by eliminating the need for third-party intermediaries. 

Blockchain is particularly helpful for businesses that are going global. The technology can help cross-country businesses store and retrieve data securely. 

Internationally operating businesses can benefit the most from the blockchain. This technology helps them maintain legal compliance rules digitally, and safeguard themselves against statutory and legal hassles of the different countries that they are operating in. 

Last but not least, blockchain is empowering businesses with its applications in digital marketing and advertising. 


#3. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality 

The terms AR and VR, often used as substitutes, refer to the most sought after technology trends in modern apps. AR & VR are a boon for the growth of industrial sectors such as interior design, architecture, fashion, etc. 

As the businesses are increasingly becoming customer-centric, they have realized the need for showcasing their products or services directly at the customers’ location. AR helps users get a feeling of using the product while the product could actually be miles away. 

AR creates an overlay of the product such as furniture, jewelry, etc., on the environment of the user. For this, the customer just needs simple equipment like a mobile phone, and an AR enabled-app. 

On the contrary, virtual reality is most widely used in the gaming industry. It requires special headsets to enable the user to experience a real-life gaming environment. If you are interested in reading more about the applications of VR, here is an interesting article on VR applications for businesses


Future Trends in Software Development 

The trends in software development keep changing. Emerging technologies replace leading technologies with time. 

But, these three technologies, Blockchain, AI, VR, and AR, will continue to top the list of software development trends in 2020. 

So, this was about software technology trends! I will post a separate reply for the second part of the question, i.e., the programming language trends. more
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