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What are the best web hosting software solutions in the industry?

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Sanat Nayak
Updated 2 weeks ago

As a software company , we tested arround 10 hosting services. All are worst. I think for best solution you can go with AWS, or Google cloud services. more
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Jeegar MComputer Professional & Content Writer
Updated 3 weeks ago

No matter how attractive or user-friendly your website is, it could add value to your product or service only if it goes live on the internet. This is where web-hosting has a role to play. It’s a service that enables your websites to be accessed by millions of customers. 

What is Web-hosting 

Web-hosting is a medium or service through which organizations and individuals publish their website or web page onto the Internet. The web-hosting providers endow all the technologies and services needed to view your website on the internet. When your online customers want to see your website, all they need to do is type your website address or domain into their browser. 

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Web-hosting involves a lot of technicalities and management- any small error could hamper the client’s website severely. To avert this, they use web hosting software. 

Web-hosting software is used by:  

  • By an individual 
  • Web-hosting service providers 
  • Individuals

Why do you need a Web-hosting software 

Webhosting software is used for the following purposes,  

  • To manage DNS (Domain Name System) - mail domains, web domains, etc 
  • Control over database management systems ( PostgreSQL and MySQL) 
  • Manage e-mail system -e-mail addresses, preventing spam, quotas, etc 
  • Server account management 
  • SSH and user key management 
  • Backup management 
  • Managing Log files’ and reporting 
  • Plugins and the ability to install other services and apps

To select the best web hosting software, always try to look for the following features.  

  • Free Domain available 
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting 
  • Web file manager 
  • File transfer limit 
  • Drag and drop features 
  • Secure e-mail support 
  • FTP Access 
  • Disk storage 
  • Customizable error page 
  • Hotlink protection 
  • Video/Audio Support 
  • O.S Support

Here is the list of some best web hosting software.  

  1. Plesk: Plesk is a powerful tool for web hosting. Users can scale from 1 website to 100s or 1000s across multiple servers. It provides the most secure environment for web hosting. The Plesk Security Core provides server-to-site protection from the most common website attacks and malicious users. Their forum gives extended help to mitigate all your web hosting related issues.  

2. Dreamhost: With the money-back guarantee, the product is user-friendly, quick to install, and involves less documentation. Users can easily add users, update domain information, adjust e-mail settings, gain access to promotions, and more. 

3. WHMCS: Completely inclined towards automation, WHMCS automates the entire customer life cycle for web hosting. The product gives provision to bundle domain registration for free with particular hosting packages.  

4. Join Law: It is the most reliable hosting software as its hosting nodes use the latest software from cPanel, Cloud Linux, Softaculous, K-Splice, and R1Soft.To deliver faster page load time, the vendor allows you to host the site in a location closer to your visitors. 

5. cPanel: The software comes with a simple graphical user interface that makes managing servers easier for you. Users can securely take backup or transfer web files through the cPanel interface. 

6. Bravenet: Their “hosting manager” is loaded with features and tools. It comes with an excellent file management system, software installs, databases, SSL certificates, storage statistics, and many more. For your already existing domain, there is no need to transfer, all you need to do is to update your website domain with instructions provided. 

7. Sentora: Sentora is an open-source software designed to host and manage multiple clients on a single server. Despite its high-end web hosting operations, Sentora has excellent customer support that is always up to resolve user’s queries. 

8. TinyCP: TinyCP is a web-based control panel designed to manage Linux like systems. It supports domains, Mailboxes, Databases, FTP, Samba, Firewall, OpenVPN, PPTP, GIT, SVN, PHP, etc.  

Wrapping Up: The above mentioned are some best web hosting software; the choice may vary on the user’s requirement. Some may settle with open source software as the advance tool could be an overhead for their enterprise, while those looking for an end-to-end solution for web hosting paid software is always available. more
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