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Which are the best evolving technologies in the next five years?

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Dimple Matkhare
Updated 23 hours ago

Over the last 2-3 decades, technology has been striving every day with new advancements. Today, it is ruling our lives in such a manner that our lives are dependent on it.

With each progressing day, technology is evolving by leaps and bounds. Though technological advancements bring unemployment and over-dependence, proper use of technology holds a bright future for us.

Let us see how technology will become a crucial part of our lives in the coming decade:

1) Artificial Intelligence
According to a recent study, artificial intelligence will advance so far that it will be identical to human intelligence. As every growing technology has some pros and cons, AI has both. In many circumstances, artificial intelligence will surpass that of humans, while in many others, especially the creative and emotion-driven fields, it will still lag.

AI has been growing by leaps and bounds in the past two years, and almost every major tech company has either acquired an AI startup or built their own AI division. We’re at a phase, where AI seems a pivotal moment for us.

Deep learning, machine learning, AI bias, AI microscopes are the progressing fields of artificial intelligence that would prove to be beneficial in the future.

2) Virtual Reality
Virtual reality is a stimulating environment that is created with software and presented to the user in a format that the user suspends belief and accepts it as a part of the real situation. Virtual reality primarily functions on two of the five senses, which are sight and sound.

It is assumed that VR would not be only limited to the gaming community in the future, but its applications can be used to train people and even save lives in the future.

Researchers predict that VR will be playing a similar role as the television has played for several years. VR will provide the users with “an escape” from the complicated and often unfair nature of authentic reality.

3) Innovation in The Mobile Technology
Over the last decade, smartphones have evolved at a breakneck pace from yesterday’s flip phones to today’s bezel-less glass screens. There are breakthroughs to witness almost every month in the cutting-edge and futuristic mobile technology. Smartphones will continue to break conventions even further. We will be able to see significant breakthroughs in the coming years in our mobile phones. Mobile phone companies are striving hard to bring the best of the innovations in technology. Some of the many ongoing research projects in mobile technology include:

  • Companies are looking forward to designing more compact and foldable mobile phones. Samsung’s Galaxy F is the first flexible mobile phone that provides the benefits of a tablet and a smartphone in one device.
  • Mobile phone companies are going to all lengths to design a phone that offers touch-free technology. Engineers and developers are researching “in-air gesturing technology” that would let you control your phone without actually touching it, and this technology will bring along a new wave of technology.
  • Major mobile companies are also working on developing an “extendable smartphone display” that would let you expand and shrink your phone’s screen according to your preference.
  • Research is also going on to develop indestructible mobile phones by using ceramic instead of steel. Ceramic is more robust than steel and is virtually scratch- and dent-proof.
  • Wireless battery charging is again an innovation that we all need in our lives, and we can witness it soon in the coming years.

With the advancement in technology, we’ll continue to witness our phones become more durable and virtually indestructible.

4) Quantum Computing
Researchers are minutely carrying out their research to get the best out of quantum computing. Predictions are made that in the next five years, quantum computing would be a helping hand for the professionals and developers. This phenomenon will solve a majority of complex problems that were unsolved even by the brilliant developers and professionals. According to the latest discovery by IBM, many universities will make it a mandatory subject for science and engineering learners. The universities will also provide them with sessions that will help the students learn and execute real and practical experiments on quantum computing through the cloud.

The development of quantum computers will simulate larger molecules, chemical reactions, and atomic bonding. These advancements in the field of quantum computing will lead to the invention of novel materials, personalized drugs, and a large number of energy sources.

Researchers even predict that in the next five years, the discovery of a quantum computer can be utilized by science learners alongside a classical computer to solve specific problems.

5) Blockchain Technology
Blockchain is an evolving technology that will allow technology to communicate with concentrated security, and verifiability, and also by preventing malicious acts during data transfer.

Blockchain Technology is the underlying technology of every technocrat’s favorite, cryptocurrency. While cryptocurrencies have gained a lot of attention in recent years, blockchain has slowly been gathering momentum across multiple technologies. The future of crypto is often doubtful at times, and blockchain is here to clip the wings.

Blockchain technology has only been put into practice in very few industries right now, but it's poised to provide a firm underlying structure to varied aspects. more
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