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Shopify and WooCoommerce are two prime platforms for the development of any online eCommerce store.

Shopify: Shopify is an eCommerce platform that helps the users in the creation, payment acceptance, and inventory management of an online store from a single platform. When working with Shopify, the users get the benefits of working with the technical aspects of handling a website such as web hosting, security, caching, and much more.

WooCommerce: WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin platform created for WordPress that can be customized according to the user’s business requirements and develop custom extensions. This platform also enables users to leverage one of the most powerful content management systems to run an online store. 

It is necessary to understand the primary differences between them both the platforms and understand the unique features offered by each of them. 

Difference between Shopify and WooCommerce:

Shopify and WooCoommerce both provide unique features that can be beneficial for the growth of an eCommerce store. Before selecting one amongst them, let’s have an idea about the pros and cons of both of these platforms.

You can select the software that best fulfills your brand’s requirement focusing on these pros and cons of Shopify and WooCommerce. 

When selecting the perfect ecommerce platform for your business, you need to understand the technical skill, your budget, and your business plans. 

Once you’ve got the skills, budget, and plans set in your mind, you need to seek out the suitable qualities in your ecommerce platform. 

Try to vigil features that are crucial for your business, such as abandoned cart recovery, shipping, and inventory management. Calculate costs and select one that has plans that match your budget. 

Design is the next significant part of your business as it can attract a lot of visitors and customers on your page. Figure out whether you want to base your storefront on a professionally made template, or build it yourself from scratch, and then decide the platform you want to associate. 

Eventually, make sure there are various quality support options available to help you out if you ever get stuck in the process. Whether you are choosing phone support or reading help articles, assure that there are proper help resources available that best suit your business requirements.

Assimilating WooCommerce vs Shopify isn’t about deciding the best platform but deciding the best platform for your business. 

When WooCommerce offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, on the other hand, Shopify offers a free trial. Make the most of these periods to test the platforms and experiment with the features, themes, payment options, and SEO to find the perfect platform to use. 

Everything that you need to decide on selecting the best platform for your eCommerce business has been listed above. You can even have a glance at the alternatives of WooCommerce and Shopify if you are still not satisfied with them. BigCommerce, Wix eCommerce, Volusion, Squarespace, Magento, and a few more are some other leading ecommerce builders to find your perfect match.

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