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Tarun NagarChief Executive Officer at Dev Technosys
Updated 2 days ago

In this current digital age, everyone wishes to access information instantaneously, and most of the business try to offer a robust mobile app which provides better user experience to their users. There are a plethora of mobile application development frameworks which are available and React Native is among them. 

React Native is essentially a cross-platform mobile application development framework, similar to PhoneGap, and it is utilized to develop an extensive app for both iOS and Android smartphones. Let’s have a look at what why should you choose React Native for mobile app development. Listed below are some of the reasons.  

1. Best Suited for Budget Constraints Development Project  

Whenever you are starting your own business, money remains to be the most significant factor which you are generally concerned about. Every startup wishes to achieve faster returns at a lesser time to survive in this highly-competitive tech-savvy market. They have to develop faster as well as stay longer. The main reason to hire React Native developer is that you will certainly save a significant amount of money and time by opting for React Native for mobile application development.  

2. Provides Cross-Platform App Development  

React Native allows the developers to utilize the same code for the development of both iOS and Android applications. Hence, it provides the same performance outcome avoiding any additional charges. Also, within no time, the developer can design a mobile app for any kind of business. The need for various languages like Swift, JavaScript, C++ or any other one isn’t actually required. All you require is a developer who has extensive knowledge of native UI library along with APIs as well as hybrid mobile app development.  

3. Plethora of Outcomes  

On the basis of ideas, react native app development allows the developer to perform tasks which are quite complex utilizing simple codes. This framework utilizes the UI library that is created by Facebook in order to create more straightforward and simple codes for implementing as well as executing ReactJS. At the very core, react native developer has “Live Reload ” feature. It allows the developer to operate on code changes in real-time and make corrections while the entire app is loading.  

4. A fixed goal on User Interface and Native API Access  

This particular way allows you to make a UI look similar to JavaScript and less of the framework itself. It is essentially a patter which is used to simplify the entire process and also make the UI work in quite a smoother manner to provide high-end swift responsive outcomes. React Native app development helps in creating mobile apps for the businesses without any complexity  

5. Lower Memory Usage 

It is quite compatible with a plethora of third-party plugins. React Native tools offer smoother run time. This lucrative framework, along with its vastly-diversified modules, the third-party involvement is quite easy. Without utilizing WebView, the developer can easily connect various modules to the plugins through using native modules.   

This phase is actually directly linked with the entire app outcome features which allow it to provide a swifter response. The React Native for both iOS as well as Android platforms utilizes much less memory space since the cross-bridge linking isn’t actually required and most of the codes are utilized during the run-time. This makes React Native application development a great choice for developing faster apps.

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