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Which is the best digital marketing company in India?
Updated on 3 weeks ago

SEO and social media marketing have now become a crucial process that helps brands to enhance their online branding and reach their target audience. Digital advertising creates a considerable positive impact on prospects when they are planning to buy something. I have curated the list of top digital marketing firms in India that can help your business achieve great success.

  1. Mandy Web Design
    Mandy Web Design is one of the leading digital marketing organizations in India that builds unique, beautiful, and engaging projects for its clients. Apart from digital solutions, the company also provides excellent web and mobile solutions. Mandy web design is famous for providing SEO, branding, and marketing services throughout India.
    SEOFIED is a Google Certified Digital marketing agency that offers innovative web marketing solutions. The company provides full-service marketing services to mid & large sized companies worldwide. SEOFIED delivers a wide range of customized services comprising of custom web design, e-commerce, web app development, logo designing/branding, SEO, digital marketing, and web consulting.
  3. Webdesign Discovery
    Webdesign discovery is an IT firm based in India that offers outstanding Web development & design and digital marketing services. The company provides high-end technology digital marketing services that aid their client’s business with progress. The company provides effective social media marketing and SEO solutions to businesses of all sizes.
  4. Webedesk SEO Services Pvt Ltd
    Webedesk SEO Services Pvt Ltd is famous for its excellent SEO and web design services in India. The creative team at the company provides full-service marketing solutions to help its client’s business grow and expand globally.
  5. SAG IPL
    SAG IPL is a certified digital marketing and SEO company, which assists its clients by providing them services and solutions precisely according to their requirements. The company primarily offers easy and efficient digital marketing services, which involves optimizing it from Search Engine perspective. SAG IPL implements the latest tools & technologies that ensures its clients to effectively promote their services/products more creatively and productively through the digital platform.
  6. Quick SEO Help
    Quick SEO help is one of the most popular SMO & SEO companies based in India. The company provides social media management & advertising, PPC management, and SEO services and solutions. Quick SEO Help implements the most relevant social media marketing strategies to assist its client’s businesses to expand.
  7. GeeksChip
    GeeksChip is a digital marketing company that provides efficient SEO, SEM, SMM, ORM, Web Designing, and Content marketing services to its clients. The marketing experts at the company communicate clearly with their clients to understand their requirements by carrying out an open and honest discussion. GeeksChip works with a vision to help its client’s business expand to new verticals.
  8. AppFillip
    Appfilip is a mobile app marketing organization that specializes in mobile app promotion. AppFillip offers app marketing solutions for iOS, Android, Windows platforms worldwide. The company comprises of Market Research Consultants working with a user-centric approach to escalate popularity and genuine downloads for its client’s app.
  9. Icecube Digital
    Icecube Digital comprises of a team of creative, technical and experienced marketers. The company believes in delivering cutting edge solutions to its clients by meeting every marketing trend. The team of experts at Icecube Digital only takes up projects that they can fulfill with complete efficiency aiming towards customer satisfaction.
  10. Viha Digital Commerce Private Limited
    Viha Digital Commerce is one of the leading full-service development, design, and marketing organizations based in India. Viha Digital provides online marketing services comprising of SEO, PPC & SMM. The company delivers highly-demanded, performance-oriented online marketing solutions for various industries. Moreover, the company offers value-added services at reasonable rates for Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify & WordPress development.

You can select the digital partner that best fits your requirements from the ones listed above. more
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1 Answer
Which are best advanced SEO company in India for outsourcing?
Computer Professional & Content Writer
Updated on 4 days ago

Each year Google roughly makes around 500 changes in their algorithm to optimize their search engine. On top of it, they use AI to fine-tune the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) further. 

For business owners, this is no less than jumping from the frying pan to fire. It is becoming more and more difficult for them to list their website on Google’s first page. 

Currently, skilled SEO experts or agencies who can rapidly maneuver their strategies according to Google’s ever-evolving updates are the real game-changer. 

But sometimes, while looking for the best SEO professionals or agencies, the client becomes a victim to phony agencies. They deceive them with false promises and unrealistic results. Ultimately, picking up the wrong SEO service that leads to a series of catastrophic events. 

Pet-Peeves of SEO hiring 

The irony is that most business owners are aware of the above issue, but as instructed by the hired SEO company or professional, the business owner holds his nerves for 3-4 months to see the expected result. That means, if they get a positive outcome, it is ok, but if not, then who is to be blamed? 

After 3-4 months, they can hardly do anything to recover the money they invested in SEO. So, here we analyze the traits of the best SEO company the business owners should look into before and after hiring, also a list of some best-advanced SEO companies in India for outsourcing. 

How to choose the best-advanced SEO companies 

(Image source: Pinterest) 

So how to choose the best-advanced SEO companies for your business? 

Here are some well-researched tips. 

Before Hiring:  

  • Check ratings on popular review sites 
  • Take a look at their portfolio and see what they’ve done for other customers or even go through their case-studies 
  • Follow them on social media sites to know their subject matter expertise 
  • Check if they offer any demo like free website audit or share initial keyword and competitive research 
  • Take a tour of an SEO agency and meet the team members 
  • Do not fall prey to these enticing words- overnight rankings, X amount of backlinks, doubled traffic, instant leads, etc.

After hiring:  

  • Ask for deliverables- Within a few weeks of hiring, the client should ask for an SEO audit of their site, site’s link profile, optimized content on the website, etc. 
  • No suggestions- It is a red flag if they don’t give recommendations or ask you anything (list of target keywords, past audits/penalties/work, tool access,etc.) 
  • Manual Penalty: Again, a red flag if you are slammed with a manual penalty within one or two months of hiring the SEO agency 
  • Drop-in ranking or traffic: Keep an eye on your traffic and website rankings. If it declines then you need to re-look on the agency working model 
  • Ranking for the wrong keywords: It is a sign of lousy SEO practice if you are not receiving traffic from previously high ranking (targeted) keywords, but from other keywords 
  • Linkbacks from spammy sites: Be cautious, if the backlink is coming from an irrelevant site 
  • Optimized anchor text from linkbacks: Used a lot of optimized anchors 
  • White hat SEO: See that they practice white hat SEO. Though black hat SEO is not illegal, it violates webmaster guidelines. Remember, in SEO, short-cuts always create trouble.

List of best-advanced SEO companies in India for outsourcing 

  1. PageTraffic Inc
    PageTraffic offers top-notch solutions for SEO and digital marketing. Page-traffic helps small as well as large businesses to drive more traffic, grow their business, and establish their dominance. 
  2. Cyber Infrastructure Inc.
    Having more than 14+ years of experience in the field of IT, CIS has the right expertise to help the client with SEO services.CIS offers exceptional digital experiences via wide-ranging software solutions and services that improve the overall organizational efficiency 
  3. SEOTonic
    The company had helped over 80 companies to increase consumer loyalty and find new customers online. They are well versed in the PPC campaigns, social media marketing, and overall SEO techniques. 
  4. Mandywebdesign
    Mandy web design has a passionate team of professionals who take a multifaceted approach to meet client's requirements. They employ advanced SEO strategies for better local traffic & increased ROI. 
  5. Seofied
    SEOFIED is a global digital marketing and web consulting company. Also, in India, they render their full-fledged services and offer cutting-edge digital marketing and SEO solutions. It serves over 500+ clients worldwide. 
  6. Webedesk
    The company provides customized solutions for digital marketing that suit the client’s needs. Located in Mumbai with branches scattered around the world, the company takes a layered approach to improve the website’s search engine ranking. 
  7. SAG IPL
    It is the most awarded & best SEO Company in India with CMMI Level 3 accreditation.They follow proven techniques to yield the best SEO result to their clients. They have designed value packages to suit the budget and needs of every kind of business. 
  8. Icecubedigital
    Their professional SEO experts ensure that they implement all the latest off-page and on-page SEO tactics so that your website reaches the target audience as much as possible. 
  9. GeekChip
    GeekChip is honed to deliver the power-packed, top-rated, and value-added ranking optimization services to rise business on Google page or any search engine page. They build their strategy around intense keyword research and competitor analysis. 
  10. Webleonz Technologies
    In a very short period, Webleonz has built an admired clientele of more than 755 clients for their IT services. They have a 97% client retention rate and believe in maintaining 100% transparency between them and customers. Their SEO packages prices are reasonably priced. more
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