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About Adsup LLC
Adsup, as your own reliable team, is responsible for significant increase of the revenue of your mobile app by acquiring high-LTV users without any risks worldwide. Expert team promptly develop an individual promotion strategy and create highly-engaging marketing material...
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Russia, United States
Adsup LLC
Adsup - Mobile revenue acquisition agency
5.00/5 (4 Reviews)
Evgenii Bykov
Evgenii Bykov
Co-Founder & CEO
Evgenii Bykov
Co-Founder & CEO, Adsup LLC

Please introduce your company and give a brief about your role within the company?

Adsup - Mobile Revenue Acquisition Agency with 7 years of experience.
What we actually do is increase the profitability of mobile apps worldwide by acquiring high-LTV users. I’m not going to tell about our unique selling point in some common words about the strategic approach and unbelievable level of customer care. 

We obviously have it, otherwise, how can you survive on such a tough market for so long?

What really matters is an advanced media-buying team and in-house creative studio, that is able to produce everything from banners to playables, which we have at our disposal.
Moreover, my whole team of media-buyers, designers, account managers, software developers, biz devs and officers are real professionals and do their job brilliantly.
As the Founder and CEO of Adsup I’m responsible for strategic development, high-level management, but most importantly, I take care of my team. And, according to, Yandex, inDriver, Joom, Camel Games,eFun, Youzuand 300 others, they are doing a great job.

Mention the objectives or the parameters critical in determining the Digital Marketing Strategy for a client.

Well, first of all, it depends on the customers, their products from the perspective of geography.
I’m sure you understand, the digital marketing strategy for a hyper-casual game in India will be completely different from some subscription fitness app in the US.
It also depends on the actual goal of the advertisers, if they are looking for a huge volume of installs, or mostly focused on acquiring customers that can actually pay for your services, or both.

Other than this, the levels of competition and  “saturation” of the market also matter a lot.
So, answering your question, for determining the Digital Marketing Strategy it’s very critical to determine all these parameters correctly.

How does your company differentiate itself from the competition?

Three major points: expertise, productive capacity, and a practical & realistic business approach. 

I’ve mostly told you about our expertise before, 7 years of experience, a professional and skillful team, a lot of permanent partners with products from very different verticals are the major differentiating factors. 
Our knowledge of the majority of the most effective approaches can easily transform advertising campaigns into fully scalable high performing business activities.

About productive capacity:
As the ad creative plays a major role in the modern UA, our in-house creative studio with a variety of ad creative formats will considerably increase the efficiency of any UA campaign.

Combined with a huge set of the world’s best traffic sources, we can definitely find the best users for almost any app.

Moreover, we also have our in-house ad parsing tool, which gives us an ability to analyze the best performing ad creatives in the world.

Such a tool is absolutely needed to track the global UA trends and stay on top.
Regarding the approach, the one we use is true for business development and UA as well.
As we perform UA and optimization concerning the matters of profitability and KPIs, the advertiser always gets a fair justified result, not some promises of miracle, which will never happen.

What industries do you generally cater to? Are your customers repetitive? If yes, what ratio of clients has been repetitive to you?

Well, we cooperate with app developers from almost any vertical, however, we are best performing with mobile games, e-commerce, and ride-hailing apps.
The second question is definitely the good one, it’s some sort of the point of pride for us. 95% of our partners work with us for more than 2 years.
Obviously, they do have very good reason to do so.

Please share some of the services that you offer for which clients approach you the most for?

Actually, the 3rd party UA is necessary to be engaged in 4 major cases:
  • Mastering - if the developer doesn’t have in-house UA, or if they do, the in-house team cannot effectively master the one or several sources;
  • Scaling - the in-house UA, for some reason, cannot successfully scale up the UA activities, so they engage contractors with their experience and fresh look to do so;
  • Penetration - the developers want to penetrate the new market, where they are not experienced at, so that is a good idea to connect with experienced 3rd party, watch, learn, and receive real revenue same time;
  • The last, but not the least on - a fresh look on ad creatives; even very good UA teams face the crisis of lack of new ideas from time to time, the situation is not unusual, and 3rd party’s experience will be really helpful, not very beneficial for the contractor, however.

As the modern market is at the saturation stage already, for the last couple of years, we were mostly engaged for penetration, scaling, and creative ideas.
And we’re really good at it.

What do you find to be some of the most key factors for running a successful agency in the field of Digital Marketing?

Honestly, there is no secret.
You need to have a strong team and a healthy business approach.
Make sure your services are really qualitative; do it properly, or do not do it at all.
Making something fake will never allow you to achieve desirable results.
You should love your customers, respect them and shoulder their freight.
Try to be the part of their in-house team, not the indifferent contractor.
Your goal is a relationship, not the making sale or service.

What are the key factors that you consider before deciding the cost of a project?

As we provide Revenue Acquisition services on a continuous basis, there is no specific cost of project. The customer pays us for the delivery of specific result in compliance with our cooperation model.

Sometimes we do have the target volume of these results, sometimes we don’t.
It’s like the difference between working with salary, or with piecework payment.

We do have the second option. Moreover, most of the time the advertiser offers the conditions of cooperation, the only decision we make at this point is to agree, or try to negotiate better conditions depending on how profitable the conditions are.
How do we know if the conditions are profitable, or not?

Well, first of all, we do have a huge experience in the field of mobile UA, so, some of the proposals we accept or decline are based on our expert opinion only.
If the situation is not so clear to evaluate the proposal using the pure expertise only, we always perform the testing in order to identify the real price of delivery (install, paying user, etc) which we can provide.

As the test is completed, we are able to specify if the proposed conditions are achievable, and should we agree, negotiate, or disagree.

What kind of payment structure do you follow to bill your clients?

It depends on what you concern as a payment structure.

We can afford ourselves to cooperate via almost any payment model.
CPI (Cost Per Install), CPI + KPIs (usually Retention Rate, Loyal, Level Achievement, etc), Fee Basis (CPI with KPIs using the customer’s budget), any kind of CPA (Cost per Action such as registration, unique paying user, purchase), riskless RevShare (Revenue Share) and LTPS (Lifetime Profit Share).

As per the payment conditions, we prefer to cooperate net10/net15, but will be glad to consider net30 as well.
Actually, we are pretty flexible with a payment model to cooperate. 
It always depends on each and every specific customer, his goal, situation, and the matters of reasonability.

What is the price range (min and max) of the projects that you catered to in 2018?

Some say this question might be pretty tricky, is it?

Not many companies like to share their financial flow.
The only way to answer it properly is to give an honest answer. 

At this point, we are pretty flexible as well.
We had some projects with a couple of thousand dollars media spend, some projects however, had several millions of annual media spend.

Name a couple of activities that you think provide the best ROI in terms of benefit/impact when it comes to different areas of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing itself is very wide-ranging concept.

Obviously, it includes all the marketing activities in the digital world. 
Moreover, there is a huge variety of products, which might be promoted using the Digital Marketing tools.

Yes, the major goal is the same one - to get profit, but the operational targets might be completely different.
The product company try to increase the brand awareness and number of clients, some news portal - to increase the audience, mobile apps - try to acquire as many high-LTV users, as possible.
As our expertise mostly applicable to the Mobile App side of Digital Marketing, we can assert that among Brand Marketing, Content Marketing, Brandformance (the trend), User Acquisition(UA) is the best one in perspective of  ROI.

Without any doubt, other noted activities are very important and commonly are essential for business growth, but UA is the only absolute activity that’s worth evaluating, which gives clear and estimated results during the known time period.
UA is the best one in perspective of ROI, and we are the best one in perspective of UA!
Adsup - We Know How To Make YOUR BUSINESS GROW!
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