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AdTech Hub

digital marketing transformation consulting

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About AdTech Hub
AdTech Hub’s mission is to help startups, small & medium size businesses, and larger organizations realize their digital potential and overachieve online metrics. AdTech Hub is based in Montreal & Los Angeles. AdTech Hub translates corporate goals i...
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AdTech Hub
digital marketing transformation consulting
0.00/5 (0 Reviews)

Digital Marketing Strategic Planning

  • Value Proposition, Audience definition, Differentiation, Messaging
  • Technology productization & fit-to-market
  • Market sizing, Business models & Monetization
  • Go-To-Market strategy
  • Agency relationship management & performance review
  • Digital Marketing Transformation & Coaching

Digital Marketing Programs & Roadmap Execution

  • Small and large scale brand development and acquisition programs
  • Analytics audit, deployment, and attribution models
  • Marketing technology stack audit and deployment
  • Programmatic Advertising: search, display, social, video, mobile, shopping
  • Return-Over-Advertising-Spend (ROAS) optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Content Marketing
  • eCommerce & B2B vertical marketplaces
  • Real time Reporting

Programmatic Advertising Campaigns

  • Paid Search, Display, Social, Native, Video, Mobile
  • Brand Awareness & Reach
  • Product & Brand consideration
  • Video Views
  • Engagement: Website traffic engagement, Likes, Shares, Comments
  • Foot traffic
  • Leads generation
  • Messages
  • App promotion, downloads, Installs
  • eCommerce Sales
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AdTech Hub
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