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Looking for a full-stack development team with a solid track record? We're American Web Devs, a veteran-owned web development shop that plans, designs, develops, and maintains beautiful software and websites. Set up your business for success with friendly US-based web de...
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American Web Devs
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ | Top-Rated & Veteran Owned
5.00/5 (1 Reviews)
1 Review
Client Reviews
Hilda ValdespinoReviewed on 3/3/20
Don't look any further for a website design company
Role: Principal at Inspired Learning, LLC
Reviewed on 3/3/20 by Hilda Valdespino
Role: Principal at Inspired Learning, LLC
Don't look any further for a website design company
Melissa was such a champion and a source of encouragement for the vision I had for my website. I looked forward to our planning meetings knowing the words "we can't do that" would not be uttered by her. If there were limitations it was from the platform, not from American Web Devs abilities. As my business grew, my website changes grew. Melissa was always reasonably priced and willing to make the changes in a timely basis. She kept to deadlines and even provided tutorial videos for me to feel comfortable adding to my website without their help.

What do you like most about the company?

Their flexibility and their knowledge.

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Web Designing (UI/UX)
Project Budget:
$0 to $10000
Project Duration:
4 Weeks
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We’re a full-stack web development shop. That means we know our way around back-end development (Java, Python, PHP, and Laravel to name a few) plus the front-end with Angular, HTML5, and CSS3. Based on your project and existing infrastructure, we’ll build with the best tech stack to deliver on your requirements. Our agile methodology approach emphasizes quality, transparency, and allows for change.

We do not offshore. All of our work is done in the United States.



If you’re like us, your organization uses a range of digital tools across sales, marketing, project management, collaboration, HR, and much more. Each provides value on its own, but we think Aristotle was onto something when he said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” The unification of individual digital tools into one system is far more powerful than the existence of disparate tools in silos. We connect your products, apps, and data with APIs—or build custom APIs—and leverage web services (i.e., AWS, Google Apps, or social media platforms) to ensure your systems work together and your teams are on the same page.



If you have outdated sites and systems or aren’t adapting as your organization scales, we can help! With our subscription-style packages, we can help support the long-term success of your web development investments. Our team will monitor system health, ensure timely updates, manage service support tickets, fix bugs, and maintain backups. If your system needs an upgrade to handle new requirements, you can easily request development hours.



Did your developer leave mid-project or are you struggling to get a web development project across the finish line? Bring in the experienced American Web Devs rescue team to get your website or system back on track. In an emergency? Call or email us and we’ll spec-out the job and provide a quote within 48 hours.


Address the root of what's slowing you down and define exactly what your business needs to turn efforts into results. Meet with one of our web consultants and we'll figure out together what's working and not working. We'll collaborate to:

  • Drill into what's causing customer or employee frustrations.
  • Analyze what's going on behind the scenes where you may be losing the most time and money.
  • Set priorities and measurable goals to focus on the areas that will give you the most bang for your buck.


Within your company, you may have a team who will run with a project once our developers start it. Throughout the project, we’ll mentor your staff to coach them into owning the project and maintaining the code moving forward.

Do you want to see what your organization can achieve with custom web development? Call (412) 254-3742 or send us an email at [email protected]

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