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Your source in Outsourcing
1.0 (1 Reviews)
1 Review
Azence and Tricia Ang defrauded me of $750.00
on 28/2/20
AZENCE and Tricia Ang defrauded me of $750.00.

Here's what happened:

I needed help locating my website content, which suddenly, mysteriously disappeared from the Internet and, with it, my email also went down. Tricia and the team at Azence had originally built my website, and so I reached out to her for urgent help to recover my website. I raised an eyebrow when she asked for an upfront payment of $750.00 before she'd do any work. But, since my website and email are crucial for my business, I was desperate for help. I sent her payment via PayPal. To my unfortunate surprise, Tricia and her team didn't do any work. After two business days had elapsed, my website and email were still down. I called Tricia's teammate, Ashley Nicholson. Ashley admitted that Azence had failed to do any work. I was upset, and I immediately asked for a refund. Ashley responded that I would receive a refund. It's been 40 days, I have received no refund. I've sent multiple emails and made several phone calls inquiring about the status of my refund. Nobody at Azence will return my emails or phone calls. Azence refuses to answer my question about when I might receive my refund. Utter stonewalling. I guess I'm to assume that she's keeping my money for good, even though Azence did ZERO work, and Ashley Nicholson admitted as much. Azence appears to have stolen $750.00 from me, and neither Tricia, nor Ashley, nor any employee will explain. I've contacted my bank in an effort to recover the funds. My experience with Tricia Ang and Azence is the worst business experience I've encountered. Tricia and Azence is unscrupulous. I write this review with utmost sincerity and without vitriol, hoping that no other individuals or businesses will fall prey to Azence and Tricia's unethical business practices. I cannot recommend Azence to anybody. You engage with Azence, Tricia Ang, and Ashley Nicholson at your peril.
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Azence and Tricia Ang should refund money when they fail to do promised work. Azence and Tricia Ang should communicate with customers instead of stonewalling when there are issues that need discussing and settling. Azence and Tricia Ang defrauded me of $750.00.

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Azence and Tricia Ang defrauded me of $750.00
Digital Marketing
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1 Weeks
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3644 Pinedale St., Boulder, Colorado 80301
United States
(720) 897-7838