Berezha Security Group (BSG)

Berezha Security Group (BSG)

Application Security & Penetration Testing

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About Berezha Security Group (BSG)
Berezha Security Group is a cybersecurity consulting firm specializing in all aspects of application security, infrastructure and social engineering penetration testing, cybersecurity consulting, and professional training. Since its founding in 2014, Berezha has delivered...
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$50 - $99/hr
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Berezha Security Group (BSG)
Application Security & Penetration Testing
5.00/5 (1 Reviews)

Penetration Test

Penetration Testing and Red Teaming services for the organizations, ready for cybersecurity challenge. Test the performance of your defenses and check if your security investment paid off.

Infrastructure security testing services to discover the organization's IT infrastructure weaknesses available to an authorized user. Get an actionable roadmap for your cybersecurity posture improvement.

A fully remote penetration testing of a modern high-tech firm's infrastructure. Check if your fight against the COVID-19 pandemic did not open your organization to unexpected threats.

  • Network pentest

  • Social engineering pentest

  • Work from Home pentest

✔️PCI DSS and ISO 27001 compliance

✔️Clear and actionable reports

✔️Free retests within 60 days


Application Security


  • Application pentest

Application security assessment, or application pentest, finds vulnerabilities in your software that malicious hackers could exploit. Security bugs may allow cybercriminals to steal your customers' confidential data, abuse your application's business logic, commit financial fraud, or completely destroy your service.

Check out your security posture and prevent security breaches.

  • Source code security review

Source code security review finds vulnerabilities that would otherwise be undetectable during the application run time. These hidden security bugs could cause data exposure on a user device or in transit over the network. Our manual review of all high-risk components and functions ensures you are safe against these threats.

Get a complete and clear view of your application's attack surface.

  • Cloud security assessment

As more and more companies embrace cloud infrastructure and go cloud-native, we extended our portfolio with a cloud architecture security review. We ensure you are compliant with applying laws and regulations, as well as your service provider's recommended best practices. 

Find and fix security vulnerabilities in your AWS, Azure, GCP, or private cloud services and configurations. 

✔️OWASP corporate member

✔️Free retests within 60 days


Security Consulting

  • Prepare for PCI DSS, SOC2, ISO27001

  • Implement software security practices

  • Optimize security investment

  • Support strategic planning

  • Investigate security incidents


Security Training

  • Application security for developers

  • Security awareness for employees

  • Strategic cybersecurity for business leaders

  • Web application pentester training

✔️Taught by practitioners, not trainers

Key Clients

Berezha Security Group has built a solid client base in the following business verticals: 

  • Software Development
  • FinTech 
  • Financial Services
  • Media 
  • Retail & FMCG
  • e-Commerce
  • Healthcare
  • Gaming
  • Telecommunications
  • Oil & Gas
  • Other


Contact information
Berezha Security Group (BSG)
6 Nimanska St., 41, Kiev, Kiev 01103
+380 (44) 364 7336