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Email Marketing Specialists with Outdoor Focus

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About Bullseye Persuasion
We're an Email Marketing Agency focused on your Brand, your Story, your Email Community, and strong Copywriting. With us, you get a clear process, strong guarantees, and perks like better email deliverability, automations, conversions, ... Everything custom-made fo...
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Bullseye Persuasion
Email Marketing Specialists with Outdoor Focus
0.00/5 (0 Reviews)

Email Marketing, see below for our Process:

🗓️ T-3: Discovery Get to know each other, determine possible fit

🔍 T-2: Checkup - the Bullseye Team audits your Email Marketing. What's going well, what isn't, what could be improved?

✅ T-1: Review - we get on a post-review call to go through what we learned and figure out whether we want to work together

🚀 Launch - our partnership starts and we get on the Kickoff Meeting to discuss Scope of Value, what needs to happen to consider the Partnership successful, the Scope of Work, possible Strategy, and to develop Performance Scorecards & KPIs

📜 #1 Plot Course - we start with Market Research, getting to know your customers & customer avatar(s), your business & culture, as well as your offer, funnel, and email list. Now we develop the Email Marketing Strategy to grow, engage, and convert your email list.

📈#2 Course Adjustments - first things first. We get to work fixing any issues we found in the Audit. A big part of this is working on your email deliverability, list health, and messaging.

🛠️ #3 List Segmentation & Key Flow Setup - now the interesting part starts. We start segmenting your list into highly focused pieces and set up key email campaigns such as Abandoned Cart flows, your Newsletter Welcome Series, etc.

🤖 #4 Robot Revolution - Big Brother and Skynet enter your business as we implement Behavioral Emails and Marketing Automations

⚡ #5 Scaling - from here on out we're set up for incremental Improvements and long-term success.

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