Datastreams AI

Datastreams AI

Machine Learning for markets with streaming data

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About Datastreams AI
Datastreams AI is an Artificial Intelligence company. The company was founded on the principal to produce and integrate real-time AI software to help enterprises get additional profits from their data. The vision is to deliver the most rapid AI solutions for markets with mas...
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Datastreams AI
Machine Learning for markets with streaming data
0.00/5 (0 Reviews)

1. AI advisory and enablement

  • Identifying AI capabilities and concrete steps to address key challenges of a business.
  • AI can be enabled as a part of use case delivery, change request or as a dedicated service.
  • Own products automate significant steps of the AI process, it simplifies customer training programs for those who don’t have in-house data science expertise.

2. System integration and delivery

  • Bringing together different sub-systems to deliver a new business solution or improve existing one.
  • Flexible tools and the library of protocols guarantee lower cost of integration, faster TTM and lower TCO.

3. Extended team

  • Complementing an in-house team of an organization with required team members of Datastreams AI and their expertise (it includes Principal AI Consultants, ML Engineers, Data Engineers, Software Engineers and others).
  • Aimed to middle- and long-term collaboration.

4. Support and maintenance

  • Expert and technical support.
  • Code and development related fixes.
  • Delivery of Change Requests.
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Datastreams AI
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