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Eleanorsoft are a premier provider of web development lifecycle services, delivering scalable e-commerce websites that feature non-standard integrations with custom services, SEO-optimised solutions, blogs, portfolios and more. Using decades of combined experience we help cl...
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e-commerce, wordpress, magento, mobile, custom app
5.0 (1 Reviews)


Our Enterprise service offers a variety of design options to suit the needs of individual businesses. Companies looking for something more specific can opt for an e-commerce site featuring an exclusive theme that reflects their brand in every way. Select a ready-made theme featuring non-standard customisation options that can be tailored to the way your business interacts with customers.

It’s a scalable solution that can quickly respond to growth in demand and expansion plans, ensuring you can react instantly to increased traffic and orders. SEO optimisation comes as standard, boosting your natural search engine performance to give you a greater reach on key search engines.

True power is found in the small details which is why we offer custom solutions that support integration with third party services. This offers greater flexibility for your website set-up with the addition of tools not made available in standard designs. We also develop websites that can’t be created using standard CMS systems, making it more bespoke to you.

Small business

As a small business there’s no reason why you can’t have a great website – in fact, creating a smaller, more agile site that responds directly to the needs of your customers is often more beneficial than paying for all the flashy bells and whistles. It’s a rule of thumb we apply to all our small business clients, combining style with performance.

We offer e-commerce websites complete with ready-made or exclusive themes that can be quickly scaled to meet increased traffic so you can continue to meet demand. This also includes open-sourced capabilities to expand add-on options and non-standard customisations to create specific features, all while being fast, lean and SEO-optimised.

Individual solutions are just as important to the successful performance of your website, helping to transform your website into something truly unique. Our team can integrate with key third-party services that enhance customer interaction, while also developing websites that can’t be wrapped around standard CMS operating systems.

Website Optimisation

Website optimisation is a must for any business looking to create a strong presence online. There are a number of factors that go into optimising website performance, which starts with an analysis of where improvements can be implemented. We understand that not all websites are built the same, so we take the time to carry out an in-depth audit to gain valuable insight regarding the next steps.

There can be any number of reasons why your website may not currently be reaching its full potential. Slow loading pages can be caused by Javascript and CSS-related issues, while incorrect image size is a common issue that can easily be fixed. Slow server response times and scripts that visitor’s browsers cannot cache are other typical problems our audit can identify and correct.

Elenearsoft apply effective website optimisation strategies that can not only boost performance but also improve customer conversion rates – helping you realise the full power of your brand online.

Key Clients

Eleanorsoft work with a variety of companies operating in multiple sectors. We know that innovation is the key no matter the industry we are involved with, with every business facing their own unique challenges. From e-commerce and event management, to beauty services and photo and video services, we tailor our service to your needs. Below is a small selection of the industries we support, however, our services are not limited to any particular sector.

E-commerce: We’ve developed websites for a host of online retailers, from start-ups looking to attract a new customer base, to established businesses planning a brand refresh. This includes working with apparel, computer hardware, music product and beauty goods providers and much more.

Beauty services: From tanning companies and massage providers, to skincare treatment and aromatherapy providers, we have experience in helping firms to get the most of new and existing website builds in the beauty sector.

Event management: Working in events is all about projecting a professional image, and that starts with having a website that illustrates the ability to organise and plan effectively. Companies around the world working in the industry rely on us to design and optimise their websites so they make a lasting impression on their clients.

Photo/video services: Having strong video and photo content is more important than ever, which has created a boom in content providers looking to showcase their portfolio to clients. We continue to work with companies both large and small, ensuring their services standout out against the competition.

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