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About eSEOspace
eSEOspace is a full-service marketing firm based in San Diego, California offering services such as Design, Branding, Startup Acceleration, Web Development, Public Relations (PR), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), ...
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Web Design + Digital Marketing Solutions
5.00/5 (9 Reviews)
Irina Gedarevich
Irina Gedarevich
Founder & CEO
Irina Gedarevich
Founder & CEO, eSEOspace

Please introduce your company and give a brief about your role within the company?

eSEOspace was founded in 2019 with the mission to equip small businesses and entrepreneurs with affordable technology and marketing solutions needed to start or further their business goals. As the Founder and Lead Marketing Consultant, my role is to speak with clients who are starting or furthering their own business – and help them achieve those goals.

Mention the objectives or the parameters critical in determining the Digital Marketing Strategy for a client.

If the business has been around for more than a year, it is imperative to take a look at past marketing strategies to determine a strategy for moving forward. This begins with a discovery call – which allows us as a company learns more about the client’s background and needs.  After the discovery call, our team has a strategy session in which we determine a custom marketing strategy and route of action. Then we share this strategy and come up with a budget for ad spend, and services. We are happy to have a large list of recurring happy clients.

How does your company differentiate itself from the competition?

Our company has a heart and cares about each individual person and business. It is at our core to ensure we are a value-added service provider and are contributing to the end-goal of our clients. Our pricing structure is affordable and tailored to help the client and help them find solutions to achieve their dreams and goals.

What industries do you generally cater to? Are your customers repetitive? If yes, what ratio of clients has been repetitive to you?

We typically cater to small businesses, startups, health and wellness businesses, HR companies, and consultants. We do 50% of one-time projects, and 50% recurring. A lot of our work is designed to equip and train the client to take on the role themselves so they do not have to continue spending for a service they can do in-house.

Please share some of the services that you offer for which clients approach you the most for?

We offer a comprehensive Start-up Accelerator, which equips individuals with all the tools needed to start their business marketing-wise. This package is affordably priced and offered at different tier levels. We have a-la-carte service offerings as well, but we believe in a well-rounded marketing strategy which is why we offer these packages.

What do you find to be some of the most key factors for running a successful agency in the field of Digital Marketing?

Some key factors in running a successful agency are taking the time to appreciate and work with employees on their projects – while also trusting them to do their work. Once I was able to trust my team-mates, I felt confident in taking on more work. It is also important to stay educated and updated on all the latest trends, tips, and marketing insights to ensure we are bringing the latest to our clients. It is our responsibility to do so, and once a client stops trusting us to be one step ahead of the game, they take the job into their own hands or find a replacement.

What are the key factors that you consider before deciding the cost of a project?

There are a few key factors that I consider. The first is the client’s budget. The client knows their business better than we do, and we have to respect their budget. Then I take that budget along with the audits I run and find strategies to bring in more revenue so that there is more money to spend on marketing strategy.

What kind of payment structure do you follow to bill your clients?

If the project is a one-time project, we typically bill 50% upfront, and 50% upon satisfaction of project completion. If the client is a recurring client, we will bill monthly on their start date. We are very flexible with our clients and have a personal relationship with each one. We have found that is the only way to do business, as we are a company that does not put our clients into contracts.

What is the price range (min and max) of the projects that you catered to in 2020?

Our projects range from $100 - $20,000. This depends on the scope of the project, and timeline of projects.

Name a couple of activities that you think provide the best ROI in terms of benefit/impact when it comes to different areas of Digital Marketing.

SEO is a service that is undeniably the most lucrative and valuable for a client. Even though it takes a few months to really kick in, if it is done correctly – it can bring in revenue for years to come. If the service was halted, the client would still reap the benefits.
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