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5.0 (1 Reviews)
About First Bridge
First Bridge is a European-based R&D tech company. We are a goal-oriented and motivation-driven team providing you with IT services of any level of difficulty, whether your business is small, medium, or large scale. You can take advantage of a full range of end-to-end...
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$25 - $49/hr
10 - 49
First Bridge
R&D Tech Company
5.0 (1 Reviews)
1 Review
Client Reviews
Professional and driven
on 5/8/19
I'm part of the project Apollo Currency that they have helped grow with exceptional development and vision. Their development team is second to none in my eyes as I have witnessed them develop revolutionary tech never before seen in the blockchain industry. Words fall short to describe how talented and professional this company is upon delivery. Keep changing the world Forst Bridge!
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What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?

They work hard to deliver theoretical visions that have not been implimented before in their given field of blockchain technology. Very precise and motivating team of professionals.

What was it about the company that you didn't like which they should do better?

Getting some sleep. I see them feverishly coding on github to push and test their developments to perfection but I guess this is what it takes to be at their level.

Project Details
Project Name
Professional and driven
Blockchain Technology
Project Status:
In progress
  1. Web and Mobile Development
  2. Blockchain Development
  3. IoT
  4. SaaS
  5. Data Science
  6. Cryptography
  7. FinTech
  8. eGov
  9. eCommerce
Service Focus
4 Portfolios
VIMANA Global’s mission is to help launch Blockchain Airspace economy. Project's goal is to create a blockchain-based scheme for air transport infrastructure and cover a lot of urban mobility efforts, including self-navigation traffic control and payments for va...
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$500000+ 100 weeks Transportation & Logistics
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First Bridge
19/22 Nyzhniy Val street, Kiev, Kiev 04071