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Galicki Digital

Website Design, Online Marketing, Brand Image/

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About Galicki Digital
My name is Igor and I run Galicki Digital, an online marketing agency specialising in doing freelance work for the small businesses and startups in Dublin. I work closely with my clients to develop a unique brand identity that connects the business with the customer. I co...
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$25 - $49/hr
Galicki Digital
Website Design, Online Marketing, Brand Image/
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Design & Development

I offer a broad diversity of online services for small businesses and startups in Dublin. It's time to enhance your brand presence. I create and develop mobile-friendly, responsive and unique - fully customisable websites for all types of businesses.

Online Marketing

By using the right tools, I'm able to make your website rank high on Google and reach your potential customers.

Through the use of Google AdWords, I can help your business website reach your target audiences. The value, reputation and image of your brand would be greatly improved while your online presence would be outstanding compared to your competition.

I provide also:

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. SEO Audits

Brand Image

I offer a professional branding for small businesses and startups including – print design (flyers, brochures, posters) brand image (logo design, business card design).

You will get a scalable handcrafted art ready to be printed on your labels, shirts and even on a billboard. Three graphic formats (jpg,png,svg) in two graphic options (monochrome and colour).


Whether you require one on one, bespoke or open course training / I offer a variety of programme subjects to choose from. Training programs are delivered through reliable and professional educational sources.

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Galicki Digital
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