GDA Corporation

Consulting and Professional Services

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About GDA Corporation
GLOBAL DIGITAL ASSETS CORPORATION (GDAC) works with high growth economies and regions to enable innovation, boost economies and create new jobs. We help regulators and public sectors to experiment with emerging technologies and develop cross-industry technology use cases and...
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GDA Corporation
Consulting and Professional Services
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  • Service design & government service optimisation

  • Foresight Consulting 

  • Large scale use case & ecosystem development

  • Compliance and regulatory framework development

  • Innovation in the public and private sector

  • Risk advisory (Operational, strategic & reputational risks)

  • Open innovation infrastructure development

  • Enterprise Technology Evaluation and Industry Insights

  • Smart Contracts and security audit

  • Tech compliance and product testing

  • Blockchain native governance & token model development

  • System architecture design

  • Foresight scenario development 

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GDA Corporation
Level 45, George Street, Sydney, New South Wales 2000