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Translating ideas into high-quality products

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About Jimmy Technologies s.r.o.
We help our clients build superb digital products by sharing our development, product, and business expertise. When you choose us, you choose software engineers who know a lot more than just how to write lines of code. We employ only experienced seniors to meet the highes...
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Czech Republic
Jimmy Technologies s.r.o.
Translating ideas into high-quality products
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Web applications

Web app development is a difficult process. We can help you save money by choosing the right technology and by building high-performance machines. Whether you want a one-page app or complex e-commerce site, we will create the product you need for your business to succeed.

Mobile applications

Join the growing mobile market and make better user-experience for your users with a mobile app. We will build you fast and easy to use mobile apps for iOS and Android with the latest technologies such as Swift, Kotlin, React Native or Flutter. The technology and development approach will be tailor made to your needs to save your business money.

Backend applications

We are able to build a fast, scalable, and secured 'brain' which drives your web or mobile applications. Our backend apps run as smoothly as Swiss-made watches using Node.js, Typescript, PHP or Python, with integrated both external and custom-built APIs. We transform your needs into optimal solutions.

IT Staff Augmentation

Having the right team is critical for any project to succeed. Meet the deadlines and highest quality standards by hiring Jimmy’s nearshore development team. Our top-notch engineers and designers can collaborate with your in-house staff or serve as your on-demand development team. You’ll have access to our deep knowledge base without expensive overhead costs.

Product design

We believe in a user-centric approach. UX/UI is not about features but experience. Great UX/UI can increase your conversions by dozens of percent. The whole customer journey must be intuitive and good looking. We will help you with prototyping, UX/UI design, usability engineering, and even cool illustrations.

QA & testing

What's a horror scene? When an app crashes before its user makes a conversion. Our quality assurance engineers will detect all bugs before they get a chance to affect the users. Thanks to modern tools, optimized processes, we will craft your product to perfection.


Key Clients

SKODA AUTO (VW Group) - A Czech automobile manufacturer and the largest company of the Czech Republic with ‎€1.27 billion net income‎ in 2017.

FTMO - Deloitte Fast 50 CEE winner. The forex trading platform for traders around the world.

Carvago - The largest online car market in Europe

PwC - The Fortune 50 company and one of the biggest consulting companies in the world. 

Kelvion - Kelvion is a global producer of heat plate exchangers.

HomeCredit - HC is an international financial institution from the Czech Republic focusing on investing and money landing. Company has annual net income over 400 billions € and serves more than 135 millions of customers.



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Jimmy Technologies s.r.o.
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