#MakeIT #WebDevelopment #Wordpress #PHP #Android

5.0 (5 Reviews)
About MakeIT
The professional custom software development company with headquarters in Lviv, Ukraine, provides a skilled team for any customer requirements. Wide tech stacks and huge experience enable us to accomplish the projects of any complexity.  Individual approach for any c...
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$25 - $49/hr
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#MakeIT #WebDevelopment #Wordpress #PHP #Android
5.0 (5 Reviews)

Web Development
Website development of any level of complexity and in any industry. Creation of individually-tailored solutions for each business or non-profit.

Mobile Development
Development of mobile applications and APIs which transfer web functionality to mobile devices.

Corporate systems that automate accounting and management while paying special attention to the relationship with the customer.

Support + Maintenance
Always responsible for our job. We’ll offer you support for any of your projects made by us. Keep your project up-to-date easily!

Clean Design
We can create a truly modern and effective design with our UI/UX specialists. Don’t bother yourself in searching for a better solution of interface – we’ll do this for you.

Custom Clean Code
We’re thinking about the future. Clean, valid and nice-commented code will help us and any future developers to use any of our code conveniently.

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Ivana Rubchaka street, 23, Lviv, Lviv 79026