Ninja-level skilled team for enterprise dev

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About Microservices.Team
We develop enterprise software and business applications. Our primary goal is to fulfill the client's business tasks and achieve the requested result. We are entrepreneurs by our own, so that's the reason we focused on our client's aims with the highest business ...
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$50 - $99/hr
50 - 249
Ninja-level skilled team for enterprise dev
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We specialize in enterprise development and high-load products. Your legacy can't scare our team. We think only in the way of business problems and always try to find the best way to solve it. As you can see in our team name, we love microservice architecture, and we are good at that. 

Software Product Development:
1. Bloody enterprise
2. Business apps
3. Mobile applications
4. Web services
5. Big data
6. Cloud solutions
7. Desktop software
8. Industrial automation
9. Banking automation
10. Image&video recognition
11. Machine learning not only for services but also for hardware products
12. Bloody enterprise

Dedicated QA & Testing Centers
1. Automated testing 
2. Functional testing 
3. Regression testing 
4. Load testing 
5. Usability testing 
6. Security testing 

Key Clients
  • Gazprom (industrial automation)
  • 2 banks in CIS countries (NDA)
  • Oil company (top 10 in CIS countries) - an automated system for oil production management
  • Logistics company (top 10 in Russia)  - service, based on the microservice architecture to analyze driver's behavior on the road. 
  • Bank of Scotland
  • Real estate management company (NDA) - united platform for the whole building life cycle (from construction to maintenance), based on BIM-technology. Desktop version and mobile app (iOS & Android)


Contact information
Nikolaeva, Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk 630090