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Paradigma Development is a company that provides professional fullstack web development services using Symfony+Vue frameworks.

Our flexibility and responsiveness help our customers to grow in leadership and eliminates engineering and technology challenges. Our mission is to provide the best services for the ideas of our client’s business. Teamwork, experience and custom approach will help us to find a relevant solution for any task.

As for now, our company has clients all over the world providing high-quality services for various sectors of business including financial, retail, and hotel industries. Our customers are startups, marketing agencies, design studios, e-commerce companies, and other businesses.

We’re looking for people who can join Paradagma’s family and become a part of it introducing new ideas and suggestions. That’s why we’re ready to offer our employees excellent conditions and benefits including

< $25/hr
10 - 49
Mashynobudivna St, 35а, Kyiv, kyiv 01000

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • Web Development
  • Progressive Web App
  • Web Designing (UI/UX)
  • E-commerce Development

Client Focus

  • Small Business

Industry Focus

  • Information Technology
  • Business Services
  • Advertising & Marketing

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$10001 to $50000
25 weeks
Other Industries

GameCam is a web platform for automatic recording and livestreaming of amateur sports games on padel courts with social media elements.

Social platform where user can collect videos of your games, browse them, share them with friends on social media, get support from a virtual coaching.

Hooga Homes and Gardens
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Hooga Homes and Gardens
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$0 to $10000
20 weeks


Hooga Homes and Gardens is an online furniture store operating under the non-profit organization. The mission of the organization is to provide for a happy and healthy aging. Hooga Homes and Gardens offers a wide range of home decor items and furniture while all of its profits are spent on developing their social goals.

The client needed a simple and attractive ecommerce website that would be easy to use for end clients, easy to manage and would also address and propel the social mission of the organization.

About project

Hooga Homes and Gardens is a furniture and home decor store offering high quality, handcrafted and/or imported items. It is a non-profit business established to generate income to the Alama Foundation, which is dedicated to positive aging and healthy living for older adults and elders.  All profit from Hooga Homes and Gardens supports programs like The Infinite Mind - Dementia Project, and Local MP3s in Home Care Project. Along with the opportunity to find unique items that give Hooga clients’ homes that one-of-a-kind flare, Hooga Homes and Gardens gives senior citizens crucial mental and physical attention they need to survive and cherish seniority.

The goal of creating a website was to reach out to the broader audience all over the country rather than be limited to the physical store. The major requirements included creation of pleasant customer experience throughout the purchasing process, minimalistic design and simple user interface.

What we did

  • Prototyping

  • Responsive design

  • E-commerce development

  • Payment system integration

  • Authorization with Facebook and Google functionality

  • Content creation guidelines

  • Content Management System

  • Consistent technical support

  • Analytics and optimization


“They have been very precise and concise. They make sure that all the technical requirements and other things we have are perfect. Above all, they have always delivered ahead of the deadline.”

Rebekah DeMartino, Marketing Manager at Hooga Homes and Gardens

Major Insights

  • Creating positive shopping experience
    We strive to make our clients’ shopping experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible, encourage them to return and increase sales as a result. That is why we made the sign up process very simple and provided an option to login with Facebook or Google.

    Such notion of simplification can be found on other pages too. For example, the user can save his preferred mailing address and payment method so that the purchase can be made in two clicks. The one only adds the item to the cart, selects desired shipping and payment options and that is it. No need to enter address or card number all over again. The quicker the order can be made, the more purchases there will be.

    We could not go without Wishlist either. With such a great variety of products offered users will definitely want to save some items for later purchases.

  • Putting the right accents

    Hooga Homes and Gardens offers a wide range of items with creative unique designs. This led us to the conclusion that we needed to come up with a minimalistic website design in order to draw more attention to items themselves rather than to the website. We also added Featured categories section in order to suggest the most popular ones or the ones that the store owner would like to sell faster.

  • Let the clients find the best match

    The more items are added to the website the harder it is to find what you are looking for. Keeping this in mind we created an extended list of filters that would allow users find items that would meet their requirements in the best possible way. When the client can find the perfect match he is more likely to return again.

Client feedback
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The Infinite Mind - Dementia Project
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The Infinite Mind - Dementia Project
  • The Infinite Mind - Dementia Project screenshot 1
  • The Infinite Mind - Dementia Project screenshot 2
  • The Infinite Mind - Dementia Project screenshot 3
  • The Infinite Mind - Dementia Project screenshot 4
  • The Infinite Mind - Dementia Project screenshot 5
$0 to $10000
10 weeks


With the increasing number of people with dementia all over the world the need for information and help is growing too. The Infinite Mind mission is to raise public awareness, inform, educate, and improve the quality of life of those living with dementia, and of those affected worldwide.

With this high goal in mind we created an attractive yet very functional website that not only serves as a good information source and education platform for the end users but also helps The Infinite Mind team receive donations and develop their project all over the world.

About project

According to the World Health Organization there are around 50 million people suffering from dementia and nearly 10 million new cases each year. This results in the growing need for information about the syndrome, its treatment and care. The Infinite Mind is an educational project aimed at increasing awareness about dementia, empowering and encouraging those living with it and their families. Katya Deluisa (the founder) and her team offer innovative information and programs which generate a new understanding of the workings of the brain and human consciousness and how both are affected by dementia.

The goal of the project was to create a platform(space) where people suffering dementia or those taking care of them can find up-to-date information about the syndron, learn more about the treatment and therapy and find help within the community of people that face dementia and work with it. We also needed to include the option to donate for those willing to help in developing The Infinite Mind.

What we did

  • Responsive web development

  • PayPal integration

  • Automated translation

  • Analytics and optimization

  • Consistent technical support

  • Digital branding


"Potick has been something I don’t believe we could do our project without. They are easy to work with and very responsive to our needs."

Katya DeLuisa, founder of The Infinite Mind - Dementia Project

Major Insights

  • Make your website easy to use and the texts easy to read on all devices.
    More and more Internet users prefer using their phones to surf the web. The Infinite Mind website visitors are not the exception. Our analytics shows that currently nearly 60% of people use mobile devices to read our website. In order to make the user experience more pleasant and encourage visitors to come back we developed attractive responsive design.

  • Let your clients find what they need. 
    With more and more information being added to the website the need for an intuitive navigation and precize categorization became clear. When people come to our website they are more often interested in some particular topic. Whether it be senior care or spirituality of dementia or art therapy users want to find information quickly and easily. That is why we developed a list of categories for each resource type. No matter whether the user is looking for relevant blogs, wants to watch a video or read an article from the external source he can easily navigate throughout the website. We also added the search option in case the user doesn’t know where to start.

  • Use well-known interfaces and services
    A good fundraising strategy should definitely include simplifying donation making. If the process is complicated with millions of fields, unknown websites asking for bank account info - the user is very likely to quit. No one would risk having his money stolen as well as most users don’t like filling out endless forms. Our goal was to find the solution that would keep our donors safe and make the process more simple. PayPal turned out to be the best option. We integrated a special PayPal button that takes users to the well-known PayPal interface and does not require any unusual info. Those willing to donate can also use their PayPal account.

$2500+ raised since july 2020
2 interview invitations
3 new partners

Client feedback

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Jaden R. Smith

A very dynamic team to work with. We enjoyed it a lot.

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Review Summary

We were facing a staff shortage in the tech stack the client wanted their project in, thus we were looking to augment staff and choose Paradigma for it. The augmentation process went very smoothly and the team was very adaptable. They quickly picked up the client’s requirements and understood them well. During the development phase also, their inputs and suggestions helped us make the product better. The client was very happy.

What service was provided as part of the project?

Robotic Process Automation

Describe your project in brief

The client wanted a sports video streaming solution for their business. It must be equipped to handle many users at a time and must stream matches without any interruptions. It must cover constant score updates and many more exciting features.

What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?

The team went to great heights to gel with our team members.

We never thought it was an extended team.

What was it about the company that you didn't like which they should do better?

We are very happy they helped us out on that project.

Since then, we have worked together on numerous projects.