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"There is no compression algorithm for experience. You can’t learn certain lessons without going through the curve."

This quote from Andy Jassy (CEO of AWS) summarizes best the combined expertise of our seasoned and battle-tested engineers.

Our mission is to help companies build an efficient, reliable, and performant IT systems and organizations using our skills and experience. We are your trusted advisor for the whole lifecycle of the software delivery process.

$25 - $49/hr
10 - 49
Bogatki 3A/6, Gliwice, Slaskie 44-100

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • Cloud Computing Services
  • Software Development
  • DevOps

Client Focus

  • Small Business
  • Medium Business

Industry Focus

  • Travel & Lifestyle
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Transportation & Logistics

Pattern Match Clients & Portfolios

App performance consulting
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App performance consulting
  • App performance consulting screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
2 weeks

Advising growing startup with performance evaluation and testing approach for the release of new channels.

Extensive audit for a growing startup with perfrormance evaluation and testing approach for the release of new channels.

Blockchain-based calling platform to facilitate the knowledge exchange online (via video or audio call). Knowledge provider can set their rate per minute, which is paid by the knowledge seeker when they call. This exchange is settled seamlessly through the blockchain using an Ethereum smart contracts coupled with off-chain software. The payment is made exclusively by the utility tokens: EXY.


  • Quick onboarding and help - in a one day we have provided a list of actionable improvements related to the Software Architecture, AWS infrastructure (AWS CloudFormation and Terraform, performance, and WebRTC.
  • Providing expert knowledge related to instant messaging, videoconferencing, performance, and software architecture on AWS.

First phase: Evaluate the performance and security of the system and AWS infrastructure, provide actionable feedback and share insights which will help to improve platform efficiency and stability.

Second phase: code quality audit of the infrastructure as a code repository. The primary goal was to ensure that the release of the new channels will be smooth.

Pattern Match team revealed a room for the improvements in terms of availability and performance of the whole platform. Our team quickly on-boarded into the project. The main objective was to evaluate the performance of the whole system, provide actionable feedback, then gradually improve platform efficiency and stability.

Thanks to our extensive experience with application performance testing and monitoring, we were able to quickly measure, evaluate, and provide actionable in the form of a report and consultancy. Performed tests were done with emphasize on WebRTC standard, as it is a core technology.

Additional code quality, security and compliance audits of the AWS infrastructure revealed a room for the improvements in terms of availability and performance of the whole platform.

We have provided a report and consulting services allow our client to reduce latency and increase platform stability, and availability. Improvements allowed for a much smoother and controlled release of new channels (web and mobile applications). We have proposed next actions as a continuity that rapid platform development will be backed by a Pattern Match mentor team in next growth stages.

Serverless JVM Development
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Serverless JVM Development
  • Serverless JVM Development screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
100 weeks

Learn how we helped to achieve time to market and production cost effectiveness improvements in software development business value together with our client from the Travel and Hospitality domain by introducing senior software engineers, AWS knowledge, DevOps culture, and mentoring.

Key Figures:

  • Introducing 5 people to 3 teams consisting of Senior Software Engineers.
  • Our team covered architecture, development, testing, DevOps, monitoring and AWS infrastructure.
  • Stable progress for more than a year with constant improvements introduced to the whole SDLC.
  • Our engineers were responsible for cost-optimization of the AWS infrastructure, introducing monitoring, migrating JVM-based microservice architecture from Amazon ECS to Kubernetes managed on AWS.

Global market leader providing end-to-end tech and data-driven business travel solutions. It simplifies corporate business traveling for customers like Apple, Tesla, Volkswagen, Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Siemens, Worldbank to name a few.

Recruiting, on-boarding, and training adequate IT specialists was a hard to achieve, time-consuming and costly process, and our client needed a much faster solution to support their services with minimum disruption. Ambitious business goals required much more diversified skills (DevOps with battle-tested experience in (Cloud Computing*, in particular, Amazon Web Services), which makes recruitment and on-boarding even more difficult.

Pattern Match has provided specialists who knew each other and worked together well, and the team did not require training, since the provided candidates already had experience in the domain of both client’s business and the wider travel and hospitality industry, thanks to our other work in the sector.

We also possessed the technical knowledge required and knew the technical stack used at our client’s company. We were able to cooperate successfully with the client’s team, since we have been working on one backlog with their Berlin-based employees.

Our team has helped to maintain the continuity of the client’s services through the minimized impact of individual incidents thanks to fast response and resolution times. Since the beginning of our development service, the client has seen steady and stable progress of the delivered features and enhanced knowledge sharing across the teams.

Our expertise:

  • Design and architecting JVM-based systems in serverless approach from domains of Travel, Hospitality, eCommerce, and Public Transport.
  • Implementing back-end systems in Java 8 - 11 and Kotlin, with a strong emphasis on serverless environment,
  • Expertise in applying Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Axon, and Micronaut frameworks in alignment with the serverless approach,
  • Experience with performant and scalable integration with services available on the AWS platform,
  • Performance and Cost Optimization of existing and greenfield systems,
  • Security, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting.

All this meant that only a small effort from our client was needed to have the senior development team up and running.

Having an outsourced team means that our client has extended its capabilities as a company. They also can focus on their company growth and business development with no need to worry about scaling up or down resourcing (e.g., people leaving or being off), as this is dealt with by Pattern Match.

Dedicated Team with Public Transportation and Cloud Expertise
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Dedicated Team with Public Transportation and Cloud Expertise
  • Dedicated Team with Public Transportation and Cloud Expertise screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
74 weeks
Public Sector

Well-knit team of senior software engineers is helping to build highly-scalable and performance-critical public transportation serverless system from areas of ecology, green energy, emission and e-mobility.

Pattern Match has provided a specialized (AWS cloud and transportation domain) harmonious team.

Key Figures:
- Independent and self-organized team of size 5 people consisting only Senior Software Engineers
- Our team covered architecture, development, testing, and AWS infrastructure
- Quick onboarding and project kick-off - in less than one week our team started delivering business value

Thanks to our help, the development of a mission-critical system is racing forward. Pattern Match‘s team has started and helped to maintain the pace of the architecture and development of the critical components of the system.

Customer is willing to expand a team in the next years as project roadmap has an even more ambitious milestone ahead.

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