Platinum Q DAO Engineering

Platinum Q DAO Engineering

Legendary company with a legendary quality.

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Platinum Q DAO Engineering is a top custom software development company which provides unmatched solutions for our clients. We give real business value through engineering-based solutions model that offers innovative and cost-effective software development. Platinum QDAO ...
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$25 - $49/hr
50 - 249
Platinum Q DAO Engineering
Legendary company with a legendary quality.
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Mobile App Development 

iOS, Android, Cross-platform 

Improving an existing application

Trending technologies 


Accelerate Product Time to Market

Decrease Overall Project Costs

Quick Respond to Market Changes

Software Testing and QA
Wide range of testing tools

In-depth product analysis

The lowest level of risks 

IT Consulting

Digital transformation consulting

Optimization and digitalization

Customer loyalty and retention

Dedicated Development Teams

Scale your business

Fully configurable team

Proven specialists with strong skills

Enterprise Software Development

Fully-customized solutions

High-quality data governance

Catalyzing a business with indisputable software

UI and UX Services

Attractiveness for the clients

Functionality combined with utility

Experience and creativity in every interface

Blockchain Development

Consulting Enterprise Blockchain

 DApp Development

Custom Blockchain Development & Integration Blockchain  


Service Focus
Universal Tokensale Platform
Client The Q DAO digital assets project is an alternative financial ecosystem that contains stablecoins with values pegged to global currencies like USD, JPY, KRW, HKD, SGD, etc. These stablecoins offer traders multiple benefits such as a stable currency to trade in and a...
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$0 to $10000 12 weeks Business Services
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Platinum Q DAO Engineering
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