4.86/5 (5 Reviews)


4.86/5 (5 Reviews)

Custom Mobile & Web Engineering Firm

Our Mobile expertise includes iOS, Android App development using Native (Swift, Kotlin) App Development.  It is worth noting, our Web team has expertise in building responsive front-end using React JS, Angular JS, Javascript, Bootstrap in conjunction with PHP, .Net, Ro ...
  • Pricing: $25 - $49/hr
  • Location: Ukraine, United States
  • Employees: 250 - 999
  • Founded: 1999
Amount: $0 to $10000 Timeline: 11 weeks Healthcare & Medical

Depend on the capricious whims of nature no more with this application.

With the "Stop ALLERGY!" app, you canl live a full life.

The application is so handy, it helps you to take preventive and supportive action to manage your allergies. Stop Allergy alerts the user to potential allergens in their direct vicinity.

Stop Allergy alerts the user to potential allergens in their direct vicinity.Annex has collected the biggest base of allergens, including ragweed, sagebrush, sunflower, grasses, birch, fungal spores, rosaceous, lilac, and others.

You will learn more about unusual allergies, for example, cold and frost allergies, and will learn how to deal with your symptoms!

Download "Stop ALLERGY!", use it knowledgably, be informed, and share with friends.

Amount: $0 to $10000
Timeline: 17 Weeks
Amount: $0 to $10000
Timeline: 12 Weeks
Amount: $0 to $10000
Timeline: 5 Weeks
Other Industries
Amount: $0 to $10000
Timeline: 9 Weeks
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United States
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