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5.00/5 (3 Reviews)
Mobile App Development and Marketing
CS:GO Betts
Amount: $10001 to $50000 Timeline: 40 weeks Gambling

CS:GO is a Counter Strike betting application. The application is free, and monetization is planned through advertising. The customer wanted to make an application for the fast-growing field of cybersport. Initially, only the iOS application was planned, but during the development, the version for Android was also added.

The application requires the user to login through Facebook, receives the data through the server, and shows the current and upcoming matches. The data is entered by hand in the admin panel. Bets are made with virtual money but one can buy more of it with real money. The user can take a look at the large list of statistical data related to the bets and their results. The application has a scheme of the VIP-levels and achievements. While waiting for the match and also during the match, the users can discuss the match in the chat. The chat was made from scratch with Node. The application is using a complicated automated system of push notifications for key events.


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