4.91/5 (4 Reviews)


4.91/5 (4 Reviews)

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Devsar is a software services & consulting firm specialized in web & mobile app development. We use top-notch technologies that include: Android, Python, Django, Angular, Vuejs, and Nodejs. We offer dedicated resources and cost-effective solutions that create real va ...
  • Pricing: $25 - $49/hr
  • Location: Argentina, United States
  • Employees: 10 - 49
  • Founded: 2010
Amount: $50001 to $100000 Timeline: 70 weeks Financial & Payments


We were contracted to build the first MVP. It took about 3 months of development to have the first system fully working to be presented to angel investors. One of the biggest challenges was to build a real-time smart loan system based on user’s background and financial status.

Planned Solution and Innovation

Due to the success of the platform in Argentina, the product will be launched in many other South American countries like Mexico, Brasil and Chile. The team is currently working to enhance and improve the current system architecture to support the expansion of the product.


  • Frontend refactor for mobile API compatibility.
  • Development of new core features (phone credit and invoice payment).
  • Backend refactor for clearer separation of concerns between components.
  • Analysis of use metrics for assistance in business decisions making.
  • Integration with social media (Facebook, Google+).
Amount: $50001 to $100000
Timeline: 50 Weeks
Healthcare & Medical
Amount: $50001 to $100000
Timeline: 70 Weeks
Consumer Products
Amount: $50001 to $100000
Timeline: 50 Weeks
Contact information
43 915 , Buenos Aires , Buenos Aires 1900