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5.00/5 (9 Reviews)
Web Design & Web Development Agency, Nashville
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The project Autotrip was a great and meaningful experience for our web developers and designers’ team. We particularly appreciated the application’s great benefit for private drivers and businesses.

Autotrip was launched to help people to track their trips in a very simple way and to automate their mileage claims and make them accurate. Thus, this awesome tracking tool allows businesses and private drivers to save time and money.


An ambitious and innovative team in the UK had developed a technical solution for their clients. Autotrip offers a GPS mileage tracker, which any driver can easily install in his/her car. It captures all mileage automatically and accurately classifies them. The tool enables drivers with an easy to reimburse business mileage claim.

To get visibility and involve more customers, our client needed a well-organized, explicit and spectacular website.


For this project we had created a special design based on mock-ups, integrating forms and CTAs with Hubspot. The result is really cool – stylish site with simple and intuitive navigation that gives a full representation of the service. It’s fast-downloading, elegant enough to display the company’s style in the best manner.

Our team enjoyed the development of a unique, clean and user-friendly design where visitors can quickly see the app’s advantages and understand how it works. The video background helps visitors quickly identify what this project is about. The homepage presents a clear structure with sections that users need to get all the necessary information about the application.

The app presentation pictures help users see what it looks like already on the website. The work also features stylish “calls to action” with clear and meaningful messages. Just one click and you can start your free trial or switch to a video demo. Our web design guarantees an awesome user experience with cool and smooth CSS effects.


The client is totally satisfied with the website powered by our designers and coders. After the launch, they saw their customers number and leads generation to increase considerably.

View project on UPQODE website: Autotrip website development

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