4.96/5 (7 Reviews)


4.96/5 (7 Reviews)

We turn customer dreams into supreme IT products.

S-PRO provides end-to-end development solutions: from analytics and consulting to delivery and launch. We act as a technical partner for enterprises and startups and take the responsibility for the product development. Key S-PRO facts: 5-years end-to-end developm ...
  • Pricing: $25 - $49/hr
  • Location: Ukraine, United States
  • Employees: 50 - 249
  • Founded: 2013
Amount: $50001 to $100000 Timeline: 13 weeks Art, Entertainment & Music

Cross-platform app for photographers to help them capture the perfection.

PolarPro - must have tool in every photographer’s arsenal to capture a perfect shot. PolarPro is all-in-one solution that helps to set up a camera, choose an optimal filter, calculate the exposure time - all this based on your current location. The world is drowning in photos - today life is all about taking pictures of every single step you do. But quantity doesn’t improve quality. PolarPro team is a group of perfect-picture-seeking photographers. They explore, and travel, and capture all the beauty they see. And they want to help others to do the same. So they decided to create an app that helps to choose the most optimal filter for the camera or drone to capture the image in the way the user expects it to be.

Services provided: mobile app development, back-end development, testinf, maintenance. We aimed to create a tool to provide a seamless process of setting up the camera and capturing the shot, that would become a must-have in every photographer’s arsenal.

The app has a few narrowly focused functions to help users customize filters for a specific situation with specific conditions to take the picture they want. The user may want to take a photo of the fast-moving object, or capture sea splashes with every drop sparkling in the sun, or whatever else.

Thanks to close cooperation and clear understanding of what future product must do and how it must work we managed to create an app where every single element has its function and helps the user to achieve their goals.

Amount: $10001 to $50000
Timeline: 13 Weeks
Travel & Lifestyle
Amount: $0 to $10000
Timeline: 3 Weeks
Financial & Payments
Amount: $50001 to $100000
Timeline: 25 Weeks
Healthcare & Medical
Amount: $50001 to $100000
Timeline: 13 Weeks
Other Industries
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