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Holistic End-To-End Solutions For Startups

CML Team LTD is a global technology consultancy that builds holistic end-to-end solutions and platforms for startups and enterprises.  We have extensive experience working with startups who grew fast and succeed. We precisely know their needs, their problems.&nb ... Read more
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CML Team Ltd
5.00/5 (2 Reviews)
Holistic End-To-End Solutions For Startups
Cryptominer World - Gaming Distributed App
Amount: $100001 to $500000 Timeline: 50 weeks Gaming


● Sophophilia Studios strives to innovate in an ever-expanding sea of games.

● The most important aspect is the non-traditional background in the gaming world.

● They strive to evoke emotion in the player, let it be laughter or self-reflection. The worlds are visually appealing and complex, but simple to enter.



● Some of the very first games in this space were collectables, such as CryptoKitties. Those games utilize the ERC-721 non-fungible token protocol. This basically makes each ERC-721 token, unique, tradable and potentially very profitable.

● These games typically have a high barrier of entry due to expensive assets or have rules that mask the rarity and value to the player. Furthermore, despite the growing number of these games, many of them are cookie cutter versions of the original with little innovation or imagination.

● Idle games have developed systems where the player may start with a foundation of units that create more units over time. While these games are simple to understand, they generally lack depth and can quickly become dull.

● CryptoMiner World by Sophophilia Studios combines the best of both crypto games’ genres to make a unique and fun experience for all players.



● CML Team builds a blockchain protocol that handles all the complex game mechanic and supports country sale monetization model.

● On top of that protocol we’ve built an API that game front-end can seamlessly communicate with.

● Frontend was built using React and Redux with focus on great UX and responsive design.



● Once product released in gets a good traction between crypto-gamers and it allows us to build built a long-term relationship with Sophophilia Studios.



● Blockchain architecture and full cycle development from requirements specification and architecture to deployment, 3rd line support and maintenance


Team and Duration:

● Blockchain Solution Architect and Full-Stack Engineer in development team working for 13 months (ongoing)



● Entertainment, Gaming, Crypto


Crypto Country:

● United States


Technologies used:

● Ethereum ● Solidity ● Metamask ● ReactJS ● Firebase ● ERC20 ● ERC721 ● Truffle ● Web3


Financial & Payments
$100001 to $500000
100 Weeks
Art, Entertainment & Music
$10001 to $50000
100 Weeks
Financial & Payments
$0 to $10000
10 Weeks
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CML Team Ltd
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