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Holistic End-To-End Solutions For Startups

CML Team LTD is a global technology consultancy that builds holistic end-to-end solutions and platforms for startups and enterprises.  We have extensive experience working with startups who grew fast and succeed. We precisely know their needs, their problems.&nb ... Read more
$50 - $99/hr
United Kingdom, Ukraine
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CML Team Ltd
5.00/5 (2 Reviews)
Holistic End-To-End Solutions For Startups - Financial Reporting App
Amount: $0 to $10000 Timeline: 10 weeks Financial & Payments

About the project:

● LAYER - is a tool for managing and automating the spreadsheets.

● 99% of all companies worldwide use MS Excel or Google Sheets. Yet, managing spreadsheet processes is painful.

● Layer helps to build processes on top of existing spreadsheets: no more email ping pong, manual copy-pasting and manual backups


What have been done:

● Full Stack development with extensive usage of Google Drive API and Google Sheets Add-on development.

● Delivered a full-fledged Financial Tool for CFOs and managers from different verticals of the companies (HR, accounting, etc.).

● Using web-app with reach UI CFOs can easily adjust permission levels of various subordinate managers to different parts of the data. Each sub-manager can submit changes to the business case using Google Sheets Add-on. CFO can accept or reject the changes, and rollback to any revision of the business case in past.


Technologies used:

● Java ● Spring Boot ● ReactJS ● Google App Script ● ELK

Financial & Payments
$100001 to $500000
100 Weeks
$100001 to $500000
50 Weeks
Art, Entertainment & Music
$10001 to $50000
100 Weeks
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CML Team Ltd
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CML Team Ltd
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