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Romexsoft is a Ukrainian outsourcing provider of cloud and software engineering services with over 15 years of experience in the rapidly growing tech industry. During this time we've developed and successfully delivered more than 100 projects to our clients in Fintech, H ... Read more
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5.00/5 (2 Reviews)
Your end-to-end cloud solutions expert
SavvyMoney - Fintech Web Application Development
Amount: $100001 to $500000 Timeline: 100 weeks Financial & Payments

At the start of the assignment, Romexsoft provided Rescue Mission service and improved website performance from 80% up to 98% by using REST architecture. This gave an opportunity for the system to maintain more than 250k users without system crashes. At the moment application is running online 24/7.

The rapid traffic growth led to a need of adding resources on Amazon Web Services every time

 it happened and terminating such resources when the traffic falls in order to reduce costs. By adding an auto-scaling feature we created a cost-effective model reducing man-hours and 60k USD yearly of the total cost of Amazon Web Services resources.

Romexsoft team has helped SavvyMoney develop a new product such as SavvyMoney Credit Score which is designed to monitor financial health based on SSO solution for integration with financial business partner software systems. This solution allowed the transition into B2B model targeting on credit union users and creating co-branding pages.

Time: 3 years

Team: 10 people

Technologies:Java/Spring/MVC/JPA/Hibernate/JAX-RS, PHP/Laravel, JavaScript/AngularJS/Handlebars, MSSQL, Composer, Maven, SASS compiler, SonarQube

Business Services
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100 Weeks
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96 Weeks
Advertising & Marketing
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48 Weeks
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