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AdTech, FinTech, Healthcare and Music innovations

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About Postindustria LTD
Why Postindustria? A team of elite engineers and product designers who have been working together for over a decade. We have the technical capabilities you need to transform your business. 3 exits, 6 internal products, 0 ego, just execution.  How do...
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Postindustria LTD
AdTech, FinTech, Healthcare and Music innovations
5.0 (5 Reviews)

Specific industry experience and result-oriented delivery process are a solid foundation for everything we offer.

  • Mobile Apps Development

A great mobile app can help you expand and better understand your audience, increase customer loyalty, generate additional revenue, and set yourself apart from your competitors.

With 10 years of experience, our expertise covers the entire ecosystem. MVP development, performance or security audits, payment integrations or in-app purchases, re-engineering an ad stack, or adding augmented reality to your app. 

If your mobile solution will play an integral role in your business then choosing the right technical partner is essential. Our developers don’t just create great apps they design mobile solutions.

  • iOS

With over a decade of experience with iOS, there aren’t many developers out there that have done more than we have

  • Android

With 10 years of experience building Android apps as well – along the way we’ve nearly seen it all...

  • Web

We’ve often had to invent solutions that didn’t previously exist. Our true strength lies not in simply the invention – but in the fact that our customers never learned there was any challenge at all.

  • Mobile Ad Revenue Increase

We help increase your ad revenue through a comprehensive audit of your app.

  • Monetization SDK

End to end development for your SDK

  • Header Bidding

Whether it’s a custom solution or adding additional capabilities, our AdTech developers will help you plan, design, and build the right header bidding solution.

  • SSAI Platform

Boost reach and engagement with a monetized, TV-like experience across every screen. 

  • E-Banking

Fully functional payment systems and infrastructure development.

  • Know Your Client (KYC)

We help you choose and integrate the right solution for your business.

  • Security Audit

Finding vulnerabilities in your code is the first step in creating a secure application.

  • DevOps

Improve service quality and business productivity by bringing DevOps principles to your IT support team.


Key Clients


Internet of Things with a $250M exit

Postindustrial SWAT team delivered new functionality and fixed Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity between iOS/Android apps and those 100K cookers used monthly. Perfect execution and sales facilitated an acquisition by Electrolux in 2017.


We built and modernized OpenX’s mobile SDKs 

In 2013, Postindustria developed iOS and Android SDKs for OpenX, which they've been using ever since, maintaining the SDKs in-house. However, in 2018 OpenX had to implement several significant changes to the Mobile SDKs, and they came to Postindustria. They were so impressed with the results of our previous cooperation that they didn’t even consider other candidates for the job.


Playboy gets social (clothes: ON)

17 e-commerce brands on a custom engine that handles 1M users on an average day. 3 releases per week with a team of 25 engineers and regular on-site trips allowed quick expansion and experimentation. So 2017 revenue reached a whopping $300M


The first Golang marketplace

Giggster connects entertainment industry professionals with homeowners who want to host the next major production in their home or space. It’s remarkable for the performance, security and stability no matter what traffic volume is there.


The largest royalty-free music collection

261,572 royalty-free tracks, augmented with 425,255 sound effects is just one side of the business. AdRev, a solution for music labels, administers over 10 million copyrights and paid out over $20M to its client base in YouTube royalties in 2017.

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