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Rocksauce is your digital product design agency.

Charge-up your company's next industry changing Enterprise innovation. Strategize how your company should approach market fit. Build the next $100m digital start-up.

You're the hero on your product's journey. Rocksauce is your Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Our team dives in deep to become experts on your audience and their pain, then guide your team to align to a vision that results in building the right solution. We're experts on design thinking and digital transformation. 

With a headquarters in the tech-hub of the South, Austin, we have offices in LALimaNew DelhiSan Jose & Cancun, giving you global-problem solving skills from fresh ideation to multi-year staffing.

Bank of America, Dosh, Under Amour, Disney, Lennar Homes, Kimberly-Clark, Kubota, Don't Mess With Texas, and National Instruments are some of the 280+ brands who have relied on Rocksauce. 

Find us at [email protected] or at today!

$150 - $199/hr
50 - 249
United States
2700 W Anderson Lane, Suite 205, Austin, Texas 78757
(866) 981-6847

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  • App Designing (UI/UX)
  • Web Development
  • Software Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Designing (UI/UX)

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  • Large Business
  • Small Business
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  • Enterprise
  • Social
  • Startups

Rocksauce Studios Clients & Portfolios

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  • "Tech"Mech screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
22 weeks

A collectible action figure that we designed, spec'd, then had manufactured for one of top customers, as part of an ongoing Internal Marketing Campaign, helping showcase the innovative work being done by our direct customers. 

Sometimes you do great work, but you can't tell anyon who it was for. That was the case with one of our top clients, a Fortune 5 Global Construction company. 

We have built over 30 pieces of software for this client, across 12 different business units. Estimates show about a $90m savings - PER PROJECT - where our products are deployed. 

Gigbee, On-Demand Sales Platform
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Gigbee, On-Demand Sales Platform
  • Gigbee, On-Demand Sales Platform screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
48 weeks

Gigbee is the on-demand sales platform that lets people sign-up and set-up a digital storefront with thousands of products - isntantly! 

It's the gig economy at hyperspeed!

Initially created for an entrepreneur, the product was acquired by the telecommunications company enTrouch Wireless.

Good Earth Hemp Company
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Good Earth Hemp Company
  • Good Earth Hemp Company screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
8 weeks
Food & Beverages

Organic, natural brands are a lot of fun to do. For the Good Earth Hemp Company line of products, our goal was to convey a tie into nature through animal imagery. 

We tapped into the concept of constellations, while keeping the color palette browns and greens, to further reinforce the natural aspects. 

For our work, the logo was recognized and published as the year's best by LogoLounge.

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  • Baton screenshot 1
$50001 to $100000
52 weeks

Continuing education is a key part of most large organizations. Unfortunately, most internal CEU platforms are boring, difficult to navigate, and dense. 

Daily, employees have to deal with the whirlwind of their grind. Baton creates an engaging experience of progression, focusing on specific career tracks. 

Don't mess with Texas
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Don't mess with Texas
  • Don't mess with Texas screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
36 weeks

Rocksauce has been working with the Don't mess with Texas for years. Initially, our developers came on to support an existing product.

Now, we have built a cutting-edge, voice-driven interface that helps people report litterers in the Great State of Texas, while also being safe while they are driving. 

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  • Dosh screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
52 weeks
Financial & Payments

How do you put billions of dolalrs back into millions of pockets?

We started working with DOSH when it was nothing more than an idea in the founder's heads. We worked hand-in-hand with the company, from initial concepts and interactive prototypes to raise funds, all the way to product building, launching, and then marketing the final product. 

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Rick Heaston

"Next Level" Performance

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Project Detail

$50001 to $200000

Review Summary

Frustrated, confused and lost doesn’t begin to explain how I was feeling. I was in
the middle of an epic struggle to launch a new brand … but unable to express a
meaningful message for the audience I could best serve. Sure, I had plenty of good
ideas, but no clear focus. Enter Rock Sauce Studios.

It’s here were Q and his Rocksauce team took over and worked their magic. In an
uncanny way, they were able to help me understand my position in the market …
and succinctly articulate what I really wanted to say.

Rocksauce has a way about them … a way to help you take your best work and make
it better. It comes from how they seek to understand … challenge your assumptions
and cause you to break the bonds of traditional thinking. And because of this, it’s easy
to call them the “Thought Leaders” of their industry. But that’s just the beginning.

Not only has Rocksauce helped me with my story brand, Q and his team have
stepped up and and taken my product design from “Best in Class” to ‘World Class”.
Now because of Rocksauce Studios I’m swimming in the “Blue Ocean” … rather
than “Swimming With The Sharks”.

They’re smart … creative … and strategic. What more could you ask for?

Rick Heaston
Reimagine Selling

What service was provided as part of the project?

App Designing (UI/UX)

What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?

How the immerse themselves in my business