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We employ people who write software in technology Vue.js, React.js, Flutter, Symfony, Laravel. We are good at designing mobile and web applications, as well as e-commerce. We write ecommerce software based on the engine. We have worked for industries such as Av...
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Soft Gorillas
Discover The Soft Gorillas Difference.
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Flutter is a mobile UI framework from Google, designed to create high-quality native iOS and Android interfaces in a relatively short time. Using Flutter, we write native applications on both platforms with the same base code (in Dart).


Vue.js is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for building user interfaces. The framework allows you to create both simple components, as well as advanced and scalable SPA (Single-Page Application) applications.


it is a JavaScript library used to create a dynamic user interface. This open source is mainly expanded by Facebook and Instagram developers, as well as by the community. React.js is used by us to build the UI, i.e. it is the V (view) presentation layer in the MVC model.


Laravel is a framework built on Symfony components. Laravel uses Symfony as its framework, but complements it with its logic for writing PHP software. The primary domain for Laravel is the intuitiveness and the pace of writing software


Symfony is a model technology in php, which is mainly focused on creating advanced web applications. When I think about this framework, what mainly comes to my mind is its flexibility, thanks to a tool called Event Dispatcher

Digital Product Design

User Experience is designing user experiences, User experience is to evoke specific reactions...UI design, just like UX design is a multitasking approach to the interface problem.

Service Focus
5 Portfolios
We received a project from the Grocery sector. The main economic objective of the app was to be a community based on mutual trust that was subject to peer evaluation for the quality of the service provided. The core of the application is the implementation and making orde...
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$10001 to $50000 14 weeks Startups
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