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Grow Your Brand With Creative Video Marketing

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About StoryChef Media
StoryChef Media is a video production company in Austin, Texas that specializes in helping businesses and organizations tell their story using the power of creative video marketing. It can be really difficult to find a video production company that really understands your...
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StoryChef Media
Grow Your Brand With Creative Video Marketing
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We aren't like every other video production service that you might come across. We take the time to get to know you, your brand, and your marketing needs to ensure that the video content that we create will actually help you grow and reach your goals. That could look like spending time understanding who your customers are, seeking out the best stories within your organization, or coming up with innovative video delivery methods to make your brand stand out. Here are a few steps we take to make sure your messaging is heard: 

1. What’s your story? 

Everybody has a story to tell. Pull up a rocker, let us help you find/tell yours in the best way possible. Is it your personal story, the story of someone in your organization, or that of a customer

2. Who cares? 

Got your story? Super. Let that cook in the deep fryer for a bit. Now, pull up a chair next to us, crack a beer (or cold-brew coffee) and let’s talk about connecting your story with your target audience. Because who cares? No really, let’s figure out who cares about what you're offering and who we want to help connect to your story.

3. What’s the plan? 

Pass me another beer. Or a taco. They are both equal in my heart. Let’s talk strategy. We can explore options that make the most sense for you and your brand, whether it is creating one gorgeous, heartwarming or hilarious video, regular episodic content, or a practical e-course. We can also develop your website or help you start a podcast!

Key Clients
  • Dropbox
  • Michael and Susan Dell Foundation
  • Zilker Media
  • Business Insider
    • JDI
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StoryChef Media
500 E ST Johns Ave #2620, Austin, Texas 78752
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